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First impression: Unbalance x 2

30 JAN

Here is a summary of what I can tell about Unbalance x 2 based on the first 4 volumes (in case you don't want to read my whole post):

Lots of drama

Some romance

Preety good story and characters

Student x teacher relationship

Actually serious (the comedy aspect gets really overshadowed by drama)

It isn't really a harem series, but more of a love polygon one

More drama

Even more drama

Actual post starts here:

I started reading Unbalance x 2 with very little expectations, after all my previous experience with works by IM Dal-Young and LEE Soo Hyun (though the second guy draws really well). However I find myself totally blow away by this manhwa. Yeah, it's THAT good (at least the first 4 volumes).

The series is tagged harem and ecchi on a few manga sites, by the series is actually driven by drama, lots of drama and quite a bit of romance. I'm so sucked to the story, that I'm hardly noticing any of the ecchi (it seems that there wasn't much of that stuff to begin with*). As for the harem part, it's not there. Instead, there is a somewhat complicated love polygon.

*Unless, more ecchi content gets introduced in the later volumes, but that would suck.

Let's get back to the story. When I read that it is a student x teacher romance series, the first thing that came to my mind was that it was something cheesy like Onegai Teacher, but I was wrong. The male lead in Unbalance x 2 is nothing like Kei from Onegai Teacher. This guy has character and lots of it. In one chapter you want to prise him for showing some spine and manliness, but then you really feel like beating the s*** out of him in the next chapter for being a total douchebag. The good thing is, he does get what he deserves whenever he acts like a jerk. When he is introduced in the series, he returns a lost wallet and a cellphone to a certain beautiful lady in a shopping mall. How chivalrous of him, right? Wrong, as it happens some of the money in the wallet have mysteriously disappeared. The owner of said wallet isn't impressed, but that's not the last we see of her. Next day, when the young lad goes to school, guess who happens to be his new homeroom teacher. I don't need to add that they don't go along well. It really is far better than it sounds. The manhwa may seem to go in some dangerous/odd directions on a few occasions, but I recommend not dropping it. I really mean it (at least that how it was with the first 4 volumes). This said the author does like to hit the reader with something unexpected once in a while (like you're hit by a truck, kind of thing).

P.S. It's one of those manhwa you don't judge by the cover nor by those fanservice chapter title images.

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