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Kaibutsu Oujo rant part 2

22 JAN

Out of boredom I just watched the third Kaibutsu Oujo OVA and thus finished watching the OVA series (though I wouldn't be surprised if more of those OVAs were made in the future). I'm really disappointed with the OVAs. The TV series was bad enough, but the OVA series doesn't do Kaibutsu Oujo justice either. The first OVA had semi-decent animation and BGMs, but also crappy story, awful CGI and poor voice acting (though Hiro voice was improved in compare to the TV series). The second episode of the OVA follows a certain arc from the manga relatively close, but has some script and pacing issues. There were a few decently done action sequences here and it seems they gave up on the crappy CGI. The third episode had a few nice references to the original manga, but it ended up being lame anyway. Those references in this third episode were Sharewood's little adventures and Rotte's aftershow. I'm surprised how well they recreated Rote's show, when they couldn't really recreate the spirit of the original Kaibutsu Oujo manga. Anyway the story of the third episode isn't based on any chapter of the manga and I'm not entirely sure, if it could be even placed between any of them (due to characters and some events etc.). Even the second episode had some non-canon stuff in it (like blood warriors not being able to attack their own masters). The first OVA gives the impression that whoever wrote the script didn't consult it throughly with author of the manga. The most visible example of this would be the fact that Hime actually does a pantyshot here...

Last time I pitted TV series against the manga, but I haven't really stated what the differences are, so here they are:

- In the TV series Hiro's wimpiness is increased a lot, on the other hand in the manga he gets some developement and even steals the spot light once or twice.

- The manga has some ecchi which was censored in the anime adaptation, but it doesn't mean the anime has less ecchi. People responsible for the anime adaptation thought that the part were Hiro gets to drink (more like suck) Hime's blood of her finger must be too stimulating to be shown on TV, so they introduced lots of harem styled ecchi scenes and jokes instead (often verbal ones, but still really annoying). Just so you know, the manga has little to no harem content, the girls don't hit on Hiro (except the one chapter where Reiri appears for the first time).

- The pace of the anime is incredibly slow.

- They removed all the gore from the manga in the anime adaptation. Sure, the anime doesn't need to have blood everywhere, but how can you reomve blood entirely from a horror series?

- Sawawa is a really minor character in the manga and so there is far less emphasis on her (and her chest) in the manga.

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