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Manga I read recently

17 JAN

Here are some thoughts on manga I read recently:

Change 2!! and W Change!! - The story goes like this: Maki wants to be a normal girl, but there is a "tiny" problem with that, she is a heiress of a yakuza family. She also has another problem, a split personality. Her other personality is really that of fearful woman of yakuza. I don't really want to go into details (since I would end up spoiling Change 2!! this way), but its a pretty god manga with yakuza in it. The male lead is really cool here, though he seems to be right out of a shoujo manga. The manga begins with some fanservice on the very first page, but I advice to ignore it. This manga isn't really about ecchi and there really isn't much fanservice in the whole thing. There is even less of that in the sequel W Change!!

Natsu no Zenjitsu - The first chapter looked interesting, but things turned H in the second one. Permanently dropped.

Bride of the Water God- Personally, I found the art style unappealing and I wasn't really impressed with the first chapter. Dropped. It somehow reminded me of Saiunkoku Monogatari which I couldn't make myself to watch.

Natsu no Arashi! - Only read the first chapter, but it does look interesting.

Edit: I read a number of characters chapters (xD) and the manga got weird, but it's still interesting. I checked an episode of the anime and it's really Shaft-weird and it gives a different vibe from the manga. I dropped Bakemonogatari after an episode or two, but I wonder how much different is the original novel in compare to the anime. It might be worth checking out...

Rising Impact - This is a pretty good manga about bratty, but hard working, kid who wants to become a pro golf player, no he wants to become the best golf player there is. It's pretty good, I bet golf on TV isn't half as awesome as this. Too bad only the first 15 chapters are translated and no one works on this series anymore. I guess I Do need to learn Japanese...


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