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Weird manga part two

13 JAN

Some thoughts on other manga I read recently:

Midnight Secretary - And again I regret not reading manga description on Anime Planet. Midnight Secretary is certainly not my kind of manga. I was picking semi randomly vampire themed manga and that's how I came across this one. I had a vague idea what this manga might be like (in terms of bad), but it was actually worse than what I expected. The male lead reminded me of Ren from Kirin, whom I really hated. I dropped this manga after just one chapter. BTW I didn't like the art style at all.

P.S. I read a review of this manga after dropping it, so I know more or less how the story follows, but I still don't feel like picking this manga ever again.

Fujimura-kun Mates - Oh, the punchlines... The humor in this manga is crud, but it's extremly funny. However, the harem part really turned me off. I dropped it in the middle of first volume, but I might be picking it up later on. LOL Eri you're so hilarious...

Watashi no Ookami-san - I finished this manga and I liked it a lot. It was really funny and Komomo was soooooo adorable (Purino as well, but not as much as Komomo). No wonder Subaru preferred goofing off with her rather than taking over the world.

Dear - It's the continuation of Watashi no Ookami-san. I didn't like it as much as it's prequel though (the whole thing isn't translated yet so my opinion might change). First of all there is this darker feel to it. Characters make those unhappy faces way too many times here, I mean it's such a mood killer. Furthermore there is plenty content which has shoujo written all over it. On the other hand there is also overkill of moe and a small bit of fansrvice as well. When I was reading Watashi no Ookami-san I was worried I started to like moe, after all I found Komomo to be very adorable. However in Dear I no longer thought that Komomo (nor Purino) were adorable and since it has lots of moe, I geuss that means moe isn't my thing after all.

Dorohedoro - It has unique art style and is generally interesting, but it's so disturbing (and not only because of gore). I dropped it in the middle of second volume and most likely I won't be picking it up again. I don't know what evils Ebisu had committed, but I started feeling bad for her, because she is getting the short end of the stick all the time...

Blood Alone - This an very interesting manga, but it's also somewhat disturbing. What's disturbing about it? Rather than content, it's the themes included in it. There is a 15-17 year old girl who is in love with a man somewhere in his 20s, but the girl is bound to look like she is 15 (or even less) forever (because she is a vampire and she does not age). The guy, who is this girl's guardian, and who would consider himself more of a father figure (he is not her father though), doesn't seem to notice her affection. However this guy has (or at least had) a very strong sister complex (though his sister is yet to appear). Weirdness doesn't end there. The protagonist is such a chick magnet, that nearly every woman he meets falls in love with him (did Chole really did THAT to him?), so yeah Misaki the vampire isn't the only one. Thee is also this old vampire who has the looks of a shota and who is gay (not to mention he took a liking to the protagonist *cough*). The manga is quite episodic, some arcs are action packed and some are slice off life like and slow. Aside from the pool chapter (and maybe one or two exceptions) there isn't any fanservice here. The art stye is quite good. The growing relationship between Misaki and the protagonist would be a nice thing to watch if not for the fact that their age difference is extremely visible.

Oresama Teacher - This one is a nice surprise. It's a shoujo manga about a female delinquent. So far it was really funny and there wasn't a lot of shoujo cliche stuff (if there was any such stuff at all). The ex-delinquent teacher is such an a******, but it's working quite well for this manga. The art style is quite good. I hope this one will continue to be good in further chapters.

Edit: I read till chapter 27. It's quite good delinquent manga (even though it's shoujo), but I need to take a break for now.


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