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Kurohime afterthoughts


Reading this was a waste of time. The first 3 volumes were ok, but the series got worse from volume 4 onwards (there were some exceptions sometimes). Things got even worse around chapter 48. In fact chapters 48-56 were really sick (and also had some plot holes). I didn't even bother to read chapter 56 (and almost dropped the manga) after stuff that appeared in chapters 48-55. However a new story arc started in chapter 57 and they toned down the extensive ecchi which was featured in the previous arc. The story was a real mess to the end. What kept me reading were the plot twists* which appeared occasionally and I wanted to make sure the manga had a happy ending (this is related to the plot twists in a way). There was a happy ending, but by the time I got to the ending I was dissatisfied with the manga enough to be unable to enjoy it.

Edit: On the second thought the ending wasn't great.

*That's a cheap trick. They did that in Code Geass R2. Fill your story with crap, but add some plot twist here and there to keep people watching it.

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