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Thoughts on Medaka Box

26 NOV

Medaka Box, reminds me a lot of many decent manga\light novels which have I read. First of all Medaka Kurokami has a very similar personality to Suzymiya Haruhi. Zenkichi is a lot like Shinagawa from Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. The basic plot, a strong chick running a student council, reminds me of Maid Sama!

So what is this manga all about?

It goes like this:

Medaka Kurokami decides to become student council president of her high school. She declares that she'll help all students who will come to the student council asking for help. Like Haruhi, she prefers to do things in over-the-top style. I.E.:Why get rid of delinquents by beating them up, when you can turn them into decent people (for their own good)? That's how Medaka tends to solve problems. Accompanying her on the quest to make the world a better place is Zenkichi Hitoyoshi. A guy whom she keeps dragging into trouble ever since they were two years old. Although the guy keeps complaining most of the time, surprisingly enough he proves himself to be a competent person.

Thats the basic plot line. It may not look like it from my above description, but this manga was quite good so far. There is some ecchi present, but I was able to ignore most of it as there is much more in the manga than that.

I liked the pilot one-shot quite a bit, though I was a bit disappointed that they put more fanservice in the actual series than there was in the pilot.

Around chapter 16 the manga starts turning into a fighting series. I find it less entertaining than the chapters about student council work. I just hope it goes back to the student council work soon (I'm a bit worried that the manga will turn bad if the fighting plot goes on for too long).

Edit: Unfortunately the story turned into a complete bull crap during the "flask project" arc (the one that starts after chapter 16. Turning enemies into friends is something Medaka would do, however its extremely overdone during all the fighting chapters. It seems the general plot will continue with fighting :(

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