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First impression: Baketeriya

19 OCT

I was slightly reluctant to pick Baketeriya because the cover made it look like another crappy ecchi\harem series, but I'm glad I did pick it up. It's totally awesome (so far at least) and very trippy.

It starts with some worthless guy being admitted to top notch university only to find that he was allowed to get there, because he is going to be a human sacrafice to a band of youkai. The youkai don't find him tasty enough, so they start to turn him into a better person. The point is, if he becomes a better person they're going to have a feast (apparently souls of good people taste the best to the youkai). The band of youkai reminded me of the band of ghosts from Renai Kaidan Sayoko-san, on the other hand the male lead somewhat like Jacuzzi Splot from Baccano (cries one moment and then does something unexpectedly cool).

Edit: Had to lower the score. Chapter 13 was slightly too over the top for my taste.

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