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Hello~ I'm Iyuna, Just call me Iyu though.

I'm from and live in Japan,Osaka,Suita-shi. I just started my 1 year of uni, I'm going for my phd. Hehe~, since I don't know what to do with my life yet ~.~ I'm so hopeless -Falls on her knees-

I'm 19 and currently working at a Private School as a sub-teacher, yeeees, I know, 1st year can't have this sort of job yet. Since my uncle owns it, he hired me, just to help me figure out what I'm going to do for my life ahead.

I teach a bunch of highschoolers. Is a nice atmostphere being in a highschool classroom again, I must say, Some of my students are a bit....snobby? But I believe they are good inside.

I have a boyfriend whom I call 'Ren-Kun' he going to be a doctor. I go to Osaka Uni and stay in a dorm.

I make friends easy, and accept many people, So don't be afraid to talk to me~ I don't bite. I nibble a bit though x3

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