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13th August 2010

12 AUG

Thanks to my friend that I able get to watch H.o.T.D (High School of the Dead) anime. I'm ontp 4th episode today!

Hoping today I get to read One Piece and Naruto manga!! :/

(OOC) Today when I couldn't sleep, I decided to read one of my favourite series, "Evernight". I've completed the 1st (Everynight) -switching on&off for few months til it done, few days ago- and 2nd series (Stargazer) - 2 days, half a book each day- and now onto the 3rd series, "Hourglass". I will get to read it~!  Nuuuuu! the 4th series, "Afterlife" won't be released til March 2011. -.-

*Quote of the Day* "When Fantasy Meets Reality."

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