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Back from a long hiatus ----------------------------------


UNDER CONSTRUCTION - need to change this all up


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Favourite Male Characters:

15. Ryuuji Takasu (Toradora!)

takasu spitting coffee

14. Shotaro Kaneda (Akira)


13. Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

kyon bike

12. Ataru Moroboshi (Urusei Yatsura)

11. Luffy (One Piece)


10. Araragi Koyomi (Bakemonogatari)


9. Keiichi Maebara (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

beat up higurashi

8. Okabe Rintarou (Steins;Gate)


7. Nagi Kengamine (Deadman Wonderland)

nagi (owl)

6. Kyousuke Kosaka (Oreimo)

5. Touma Kamijo (To Aru Majutsu no Index)


4. Ayumu Aikawa (Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?)

3. Hinata (Angel Beats!)


2. Yuuichi Aizawa (Kanon)


1. Otonashi (Angel Beats!)





Favourite female characters:

15. Kotonoha Katsura

14. Remon Yamano


13. Kurisu Makise


12. Mio Isurugi


11. Korone


10. Ukyo Kuonji

9. Chihiro Kosaka


8. Ayu Tsukimiya


7. Chitoge Kirisaki


6. Minori Kushieda

5. Kaoru Tanamachi


4. Masami Iwasawa

3. Suruga Kanbaru


2. Mikoto Misaka

1. Yurippe Nakamura

"This is my life. I can't entrust it to someone, I can't steal a new one, I can't force it on others, I can't forget it or erase it. I can't stomp over it, laugh on it, or beautify it. I can't anything! I'd have to-I'd have to accept my one shot at life no matter how cruel, merciless, or unfair I thought it was! "


Quotes! yes!

"Such misfortune" - Kamijo Touma

"Slice up those cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich" - Battler Ushiromiya


"It's an intellectual drink, for the chosen ones" - Kyouma Hououin on Dr. Pepper


"Go out with me for a hump" - Kondo Isao

"Don't go following a stranger even if you're given taiyaki" - Yuuichi Aizawa

I like cross country, quite a bit.







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Nanikagaarimasuka says...

Who the hell are you. I don't remember meeting you. You're not asleep on my bed right now at all.

Aug 14, 2011
AyuChan says...

Yepp, it took awhile to pick up, but once you get into them they were really good!


Ahh, that's pretty soon. I was expecting something super far from now. I kinda hope the series will be 24-26 episodes, but I doubt it. It'll probably be the usual 12-15 But hey, I can dream. I don't expect a Bakemono sequel anytime soon (within the next 1-2 years) , but like you said, since they're making light novels, so it's def. up for grabs.

Aug 14, 2011
HiroRyusaki says...

Lol I watch them on my 42'' Tv via HDMI connection with my computer.


Supporting them is good IF you have the money.


Entering college, I have a lot of negative money atm (debt)

Aug 7, 2011
ScreamingMustard says...

Thank you.

No worries, I reply pretty late too, being lazy an' all when it comes to replying.

Hm, Fairy Tail I've only watched at least 24 episodes of it but I have to say, it does do well in the running of the episodes and the length of the series. They have a lot of things they can include in the episodes and generally it's pretty imaginitive of them what they include. They could most likely add anything and it'd seem right somehow. I would agree with the Eve No Jikan statement there you put, it's quality based, graphics to sounds.

Recently I've been watching Prince of Tennis and of course loving it just because it's a step out of my normal genre I watch, afterall I didn't want to watch sport because it sounded 'boring'. Girly, eh? After it I'll be moving onto the sequels and such for it, then really, I'll be back to watching my old stuff. Whatever that is...

How about you? Anything new on your side?

Aug 6, 2011
UltimateShock says...

hey, how are you going to learn your Kanji? And what guides are you using for learning Japanese?I am using the guides by Tae Kim and Ixrec (founder of Amaterasu translations, and translator of Cross Channel and the muv-luv series). But I guess you may already know them, if you didn't then here are the links.

Believe me, Ixrec's guide will be immensely helpful to you.

Aug 5, 2011