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about me

Happy Holidays! Eighteen and a snow-enjoyer! :0 I like anime, games like Fallout 3, indie music(probably), and I love meeting to new people!and old people! I aspire to be much, and have only extremely recently learned that hard work and determination are the things i need to invest in to get me there(drawing, guitar, japanese etc).

I live in the middle of Texas but hail originally from Scotland, and inbetween the two I spent a number of years in Massachusetts. My brother is MindlessHooligan! It's quite fun to talk about anything in particular, shows and characters and the like :) Sorry about my profile! Hope i'm not using tooo much bandwith hahha..







To Aru


For my 17th birthday, I had MAPO TOFU! :) It was pretty damn good, but very spicy.

I play super smash bros a ton

First anime I watched was School Days... so yeah

Was goooooing to put a list of top shows on here... but i'll just leave it on the lists section


Favourite Male Characters:

15. Ryuuji Takasu (Toradora!)

takasu spitting coffee

14. Shotaro Kaneda (Akira)


13. Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

kyon bike

12. Ataru Moroboshi (Urusei Yatsura)

11. Luffy (One Piece)

10. Araragi Koyomi (Bakemonogatari)


9. Keiichi Maebara (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

beat up higurashi

8. Okabe Rintarou (Steins;Gate)


7. Nagi Kengamine (Deadman Wonderland)

nagi (owl)

6. Kyousuke Kosaka (Oreimo)

5. Touma Kamijo (To Aru Majutsu no Index)


4. Ayumu Aikawa (Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?)

3. Hinata (Angel Beats!)


2. Yuuichi Aizawa (Kanon)


1. Otonashi (Angel Beats!)

Favourite female characters:

15. Yuki Nagato (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)


14. Tomoyo (Clannad)


13. Ayase Aragaki (Oreimo)


12. Misaka Mikoto (To Aru Majutsu no Index)

11. Korone (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimoau)

10. Ukyo Kuonji (Ranma 1/2)

9. Minori Kushieda (Toradora!)

8. Kanade (Angel Beats!)

7. Mio Isurugi (MM!)

mio taro

6. Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

5. Ayu (Kanon)

4. Iwasawa (Angel Beats!)

3. Kotonoha Katsura (School Days)

2. Kaoru Tanamachi (Amagami SS)

1. Yurippe (Angel Beats!)

"This is my life. I can't entrust it to someone, I can't steal a new one, I can't force it on others, I can't forget it or erase it. I can't stomp over it, laugh on it, or beautify it. I can't anything! I'd have to-I'd have to accept my one shot at life no matter how cruel, merciless, or unfair I thought it was! " - Yuri Nakamura


Quotes! yes!

"Such misfortune" - Kamijo Touma

"Slice up those cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich" - Battler Ushiromiya

"It's an intellectual drink, for the chosen ones" - Kyouma Hououin on Dr. Pepper


"Go out with me for a hump" - Kondo Isao

"Don't go following a stranger even if you're given taiyaki" - Yuuichi Aizawa



gray and natsu 


For my top anime list, a season of an anime there means the whole series :P






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ToastyGrim avatar ToastyGrim


Jan 4, 2013

Thank you very much for the welcome. c:

sannie52 avatar sannie52


Jan 2, 2013

haha it can never be too much :P

two gif's are from the game Kingdom Hearts and the other is from a youtuber, danisnotonfire :3

ooh and btw ..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

blackkaze avatar blackkaze


Jan 2, 2013

ItsumoHitori whats up i havent heard from you in a year.

eleniyo1992 avatar eleniyo1992


Jan 1, 2013

True, true...the last few months of 2012 were awful for me, so I'm just happy that this year is over. I will start working in a comic so that excites me a lot for the new year! :3I looove the eva movies and evangelion in general. My favourite is the End of Evangelion and Evangelion 2.0, I'm very excited about the the third movie as well, I sneak peak videos all the time and I spoil myself but I don't care as this movie will be the best.thing.ever. Also Akira is one of the best things I've ever seen. I didn't know how I even lived all these years without watching it. Is steins;gate any good? It's supposed to be very high in the ranks but I don't know if it's just another overrated show as Code Geass. haha flcl is always fun to watch! why did you think of me all the time? ^^tumblr is like Akira for me, I didn't believe how I was leaving without it all these years. Let me tell you something, you won't ever need to look in google for a picture, everything is in tumblr.  And also is lots of fun for ppl who like anime etc like us XDThe shows I watched the past few months and excited me were Shiki, Mardock Scramble movie series, Dead Leaves, Eden of the East, Eve no Jikan and the new Shinsekai Yori. This anime season was really bad as will be the next one too =.= Other than that, I recently reached  200 fully watched anime, so I might celebrate it with a little brake out of anime and focus in my comic =]

TheAngelofDeath avatar TheAngelofDeath


Jan 1, 2013


Whats up my friend? I see that you've spiced up your channel A LOT! I'm almost now at the point where I want to redo my entire channel just like you did for yours but I'm not sure if I will do a character thing just like yours or if I will do the same thing as before and just simply add new and different Anime to the list. Oh well I'm sure that I'll figure out something soon enough.

What have you been watching lately? I have been all up with Sword Art Online and the series finally finished before the year ended and damn was it an epic series. I also finished the Guardian of the sacred spirit. and I'm working on finishing "say I love you" and also "my little monster" all are amazing series that you should watch when you find the time to do so.

I will talk to you later, keep on watching Anime my friend! :)

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