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Hello, I'm the type that loves conversations, so leave a comment if you like!I take a few days to reply though :P  I'm a college student who lives in Austin, Texas and am originally from Scotland. I enjoy distance running, indie/alternative music, drawing, basketball and the NBA (my team is the Golden State Warriors) as well as talking with all sorts of people. I like all sorts of different anime, so let me know any recommendations you might have. I have smash brothers for the 3ds, and have been into the series since melee, so hmu for a match!

One of my favourite things about anime is the fact that 90% of the time I don't have high expectations, so I typically am surprised by how good most shows are. I'm also the sort who sees the positives in something, and give the benefit of the doubt. I may not enjoy everything, but if someone else found likeable aspects of a show, then I may take a second look. I believe talking about what you liked and enjoyed is better than talking about what you didn't, and is better for the human experience.

I see a lot of reviewers out there talking about how much they hate certain shows, characters, aspects, etc. Then they proceed to talk about why you shouldn't enjoy said series. The way I see it, if someone really liked/got a lot out of a certain series, then who are others to tell them they're wrong for doing so?

There's a lot of stuff on here, hope it doesn't slow your internet down!


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krukky Sep 7, 2014

hmm… symbolism in anime, eh? let me see… (wow, i will really have to think about it, as nothing comes to mind in a flash at the moment :)) it’s funny) help me out by giving me some of your examples, tanomu. thankyou ^_^

in truth, it actually is full of symbols for me (as is “ordinary” life itself ;)) but what comes to mind now is the apple in mawaru penguindrum. i recently was reminded of that upon hearing someone (on tv) speak about apples and how it was a good thing them apples (as a symbol, of course) being shared. (oh, and that brings me to the christianity creation myths and the snakey sharing that apple of wisdom with our gal eve ^^). well, now you see how scattered my thoughts may seem, especially when it comes to symbolism. :3 i’m sure i’ll come up with more examples, though (and more consistent ones at that ;)).

“That must have been an interesting trip onto that forum! “

hahaha, yep ;) my opinion for now is that this whole thing is needed for the imagination of man to be cleared out of any possible scenario it can come up with, and it’s just that - spilling it all out on paper, for others to be able to see. but for myself right now i believe there are other things i’d better fill my imaginary worlds with. how do i put it more accurately? the decoding of this phenomena (the sheer creation of those stuff) is far more intriguing to me right now, and i’ve been receiving clues to what it may be due to, merely by supporting my usual perspective on things, as well as following the line of “acceptance” and “positive focus”, so to speak. in other words i think those stuff are not all that horrific - not more so than many other things “out there” (or else “in humans’ heads”) anyways. so for now it’s not the cup of tea i need to be drinking of, as i have started drinking other poisonous substances, just to become immune to them ;)). that’s what i got from my hentai (and guru specifically) forum experience.

you’re from scotland then (oh, well, at least partly :)) that’s neat.

awwww ^_^ (i so much wanna read your review now :)) will do, for sure!)

yeah, their relationship was cool. childhood friends, and neighbours, and people who are more or less alike in spirit, make good coupling :)) natsu (<--- that was so sweet of you to say ^^) was a bold one, for sure - told him everything from the start :) and then she gave up her powers to save him and all, and afterwards she stood by his side, supporting him, the whole time he had a crush on another person. natsu is cool :))

to be honest, though, in a way, i myself was more moved by kyogoku and harukawa’s romance - it was so nice how little they revealed to each other, and yet when they did (upon parting, so to speak), it was so charged with emotion that... yeah made me melt quite a bit (possibly ‘cause i’m all girly when it comes to romance and stuff (it’s embarrassing), haha i don’t know :)) but i wouldn’t like picking one of those, though - the whole thing was good, and i like it when there is a variety of different couples, characters, attitudes and so on.

and then there’s kyogoku and kenji’s relationship :)) this male appreciation (instead of ”fighting”) was really pleasing to me. i have no idea why but the first time i saw it, when they met on the bridge, i had a feeling run through me that they were gonna become much closer somehow.. it’s funny. (it sort of did, though, not as i had pictured it then in that moment, but nevertheless (symbollically) it was more or less the same thing).

yeah, all of it was good. i enjoyed many different details about it too - like the student council guy who was getting concerned at what’s happening at one point (i guess that would be him?) - he was nice; the homeroom teacher was funny to me, too.

and overall the graphics and the visual style was really pretty. (oh, and the japanese people really must love that story, since it has been adapted into 4 movies, and then into this anime recently ^_^ they’re sweet.)

“then as we come to realise where he's coming from, both figuratively and literally, it fits perfectly, due to his mysterious nature.”

i just agree with this whole paragraph, and it’s making me smile and be happy ^^ and about that first portion of the video: oh, yeah, i thought about it too, while i was watching it recently. but, to me at the moment, the truth is that yeah, it all comes from within, so to speak :) not that each of us is “on their own” or anything :)) more like we’re actually so much more connected than we might normally think, that there is no big difference between “me”, or “him” or whoever - it’s just that we’re like portions of a bigger “whole” that is actually one and the same, and boy does it love itself ^^ but apart from my unreasonable thoughts right there, yes that was a good moment in the film, and truly people serve as mirrors to our own emotions (actually that is why they are there :), so you could say loving another is truly loving your true/own self :))

about the music: anime music is generally so cool! today i saw suzumiya haruhi no shoushitsu once more, and it struck me that i’ve been liking the music so much this whole time (i first saw it about 2 years ago, i think… yes.) this song you sent is by supercell as far as i see, and they’re really cool. i remember loving them as a part of the really cool ping pong (the movie) soundtrack (oh… wait - that wasn’t supercell, but supercar.. oh well, i’ve heard supercell before anyways, and they're nice as well ;)).

ahh, honestly, i’m so glad you enjoyed it :)

“Of course, this all leads back to you, so accept my thanks once again ^__^”

i gladly accept. though i don’t really see how it lead to me anyways :D but nevermind that, keep up the spirit ;)

"is this the next anime you'll suggest I watch that will affect me on such a deep, internal, emotional level?"

haha, well, i don’t know about that - i’m not sure how you’d wanna feel like next ;) for example for me today seemed like a berserk eclipse day, but i ended up with suzumiya haruhi's disappearance nevertheless (and it was good). buut, the place promised in our early days is a good one, i’d say. yes. especially the ending scene when they fly the plane to the tower (it’s not much of a spoiler, so i think i could say that ;).

this one is much more dramatic and with intense emotional charge then nerawareta gakuen. comix wave productions are generally like that - a bit (if not really…) tragic :) if you’re familiar with 5 centimeters per second you’ll see what i mean. (i loved the graphics of that movie, as it is the same as all those other comix wave productions, like the place promised in our early days, but that despair, that bitterness, that tragedy of the story really wasn’t to  my liking. it was too dramatic for my current taste. i mean, i used to be into drama movies a lot, and i tell you it was a grand obsession with this aesthetics for me, but anime has helped me get over the drama and simply enjoy living, so i prefer sticking to that for now ;) not that 5 cm p/s may not prove a fulfilling experience for yourself, let’s say.. but, no, if i had to choose, i’d tell ya go for the more optimistic ones ;) haha that’s so lame (:B) but i’m like that :))

the place promised.. is nice, i think you may as well enjoy it. it reminds me of another film that is somewhat in between nerawareta and it (the place…) - it’s called voices of a distant star or something.. oh no, that is another one (one i haven’t yet seen) - what i actually had in mind is children who chase voices from deep below, although it’s not so very much a romance one, but rather more like the fantasy/adventure type (oh, man, i’ve gotta make a list of those really alike anime movies that i’m talking about right now with you here - it would make things a lot more easier when trying to figure out their names :)) edit: haha, done that. here it is ;) so, in short, yeah, i think it’s safe to suggest you tried beyond the clouds, the promised place :)

but, oh, yet another thing that comes to mind discussing nw gakuen is another pure subtext movie i very, very much like - that is fuse teppou musume. it’s a bit historical as well (edo period, samurai and stuff like that, but from a girl’s perspective - the hunter girl hamaji). a really nice one. and a thrilling soundtrack. i really love that.

omg, look at that ^^ “i’m not alone anymore” it says in the end hu-hu that’s so nice :)) oh wow, there are so many fascinating (anime) things out there ^^ (and that thing here is a commercial for some education course. fascinating, don't you wish all of 'em commercials were like that ^^ haha)

“Now, onto Death Note. The ending? Very powerful.”

about near/mello: well, i must say i wasn’t impressed by those characters… i mean, not after having L in the picture - he was just.. another thing :)) but i never felt sorry they entered the story or how things developed after L’s demise. i mean, it all had to conclude in some way, right? (or at least i mean that i don’t mind the way in which the creators of death note decided for the story to end, how far for it to go).

"Matsuda's actions and speech was eloquently done, and his reasoning to do with Light's father, hit me hard."

well, matsuda was always a bit soft, so to speak, or shall i say much more positive or optimistic than the rest of ‘em, and he was really young (possibly that’s why he was depicted as such a character in the first place - being mostly optimistic and all). and he “grew” exactly at the ending scene when he was the one to act in a determined manner against lighto.

“I can't really say I picked a side for the duration of the series, did you?”

about that, well, i think i already said what i felt: i was fascinated with L (liked him the most, one could say), but as a person who generally refrains from “taking sides” now (especially in anime), i wasn’t comparing him to light, or the others. nevertheless i liked lighto’s way of thinking, how he seemed in control of that whole thing and managed to escape each new problematic situation. so to speak, i liked him, yeah. and i liked that stability he had, that control. that’s why i was internally disturbed when he lost it. it was like a hero getting suddenly… defeated

(because i’m not one to judge if one thing is "wrong" or "right" in anime, if death note had ended with light being in control, i would have enjoyed that. he would have been, to me, just a character who is a depiction (or "a symbol of", really) a certain line of thinking, and not a “real-life” character (person) who had to be compared to the rest of society in order for him to be justified as a “true” hero, or otherwise as a “villain”. for me none of them characters are simply one of those (and no person is either), so that’s my point.)

his downfall on screed felt to me like seeing a big dreamer who’s been condemned by society as being a “lunatic”, or worse “mentally-unhealthy” (i.e. crazy)... that is, for me, limiting, although now i clearly see why people generally tend to do it (or else tend to think in such a way)… in a sense i felt like my whole dream world was shattered by the ever intrusiveness of what we generally refer to as “reality” (which is no more real than any thought we may ever think, actually, but just many people agree upon it being “the real thing” rather than the other way around, so yeah - it’s just a prejudice, so to speak, it’s just an old line of thinking, and nothing else - it’s a cultural thing ;) i say that because i was into cultural studies at university and i like making fun of that experience of mine, always emphasizing that all that’s happening could be explained with culture :3 and it’s actually true though haha. anyways, enough with my lecturing… i went really off-topic here, possibly a little ahead of myself… :))

“it's much harder to take Light's position when real, possibly innocent, lives are put on the table.”

oh yeah, totally. but then, let us keep in mind that lighto wasn’t just killing people randomly (well, it happened a few times with those policemen that were in his way, and with some TV people), but generally he was after criminals - so those are people who aren’t exactly “innocent”, if we are to take that word literally. but surely, as my curious and funny real-life example asserts, no one is actually that guilty as to be murdered… i mean life for a person with guilty consciousness is as much repent as he needs, if you ask my personal opinion… possibly a form of torture could be devised where those people who committed crimes are made to watch confessions of their victims (or the victim’s family), or other such materials that would make them realize the emotional aspect of what they have inflicted upon others - that they’d done something someone else finds to cause them pain or grief. it could be heartbreaking, or maddening even, but it will surely lead to them repenting (in one way or another), which means that they’re already “saved” :)) haha, oookaaay, i started blabbering stupid stuff again. sumanai.

haha, about this politician: well, i’m not sure if his identity really matters - there are so many corrupt bastards in politics right now that you could just pick one out and, like, in your imagination, write their names in the death note :)) yeah, i’m kidding, but as.. (how to call it? indifferent will be not entirely true, but let’s say...) as peaceful and accepting as i may have become in recent years (and have mostly been throughout my entire life, so far… :)) i too sometimes do get infuriated or repulsed by certain people (characters). it’s their ways of thinking or acting that make me feel like i wanna blast them with some sort of laser eyes or somethin’, so that they could just stop what they’re doing. but those moments just show me what i still need to work on, so to speak “within myself” :) or, as i like to call it, what for i need to find the heart in myself to overcome in some way.

(haha, okay, here’s the guy. (just, if you’re in possession of the death note, please don’t dispose of him ^^ thanks))

“Vladimir Putin: It appears he is a "bad" man who is responsible for many deaths, and if this information is correct, I do not like this man as a person.”

hmmm, well… i am not the right person to discuss russia’s politics with, i guess. i mean in the summertime i was generally sort of “defending” putin’s character, because i felt like what is happening in the world (oh, and that way of thinking of mine was largely influenced by the academic literature on globalization i had been reading while writing my BA thesis) was "responsible", so to speak, for the emergance of characters such as his. today there is great inequality in the world, and, i don’t wish to offend or anything, but truly there are some “greater powers” (countries, let’s say) and those "others" who “do what the great ones say”... now that is going out of control completely. and, to me then, it seemed that russia’s actions were simply a sort of response to certain western countries' politics and ways of operating - one that some academics call “imperialism"… in that sense his actions were just counterreaction to something someone else was already doing, and in that sense they were, so to speak, “justified” (if we think of things a bit like in “the butterfly effect theory” where things cause other things to happen in time’s length, or either in a different location). having a monopolizing in many senses West (as a great power) inevitably leads to the need to counter that monopoly, and one uses the means he can think of.

for me, putin too, feels the need to play war, to, you know, feel himself being a great commander and leader. if he wasn’t so much into “reality”, and more into fiction (if he watched anime, for example), he may have been much more peaceful, living those battles, glories, losses and all alongside those anime characters, and not caring about the physical reality. but the truth is that many people still think that the imaginary is not so important, whereas the physical is all that counts. wouldn’t you agree? and putin is not at all the only one of them - that’s the mass consciousness, and the consciousness of US politicians and leaders, too, of our politicians here, as well..

so… yeah, our ways of thinking must change and then we could talk about real-life figures more accurately. for now most people are just stuck in that unsatisfying “reality” where they can be either winners, or losers, leaders or failures… and that is just sad :/ my goal in life is to counteract that, and anime propaganda aids me a great deal in that :3 (but it’s not the core of it, it’s just the medium that most accurately depicts the transitions of the physical reality into what i imagine (or feel, you could say) things to be - “in reality”, or “in the future”, or “in essence”, or whatever - just be :).

“But, as a character, he is a very good one. In the sense of well-done and striking, memorable, effective. He would certainly make a great fictional antagonist.”

i think i do know what you mean. to be more specific, to me in a sense all “real” people are characters, and that is how i perceive them on a daily basis - from myself, my family, my acquaintances, to people on the bus, in the shop, or on the street… this is what may make you think i’m crazy, but i’ll take that risk… and also, if people themselves saw themselves as such (characters), this whole world would’ve been a much more peaceful and cheerful place, gotta tell ya… and, well, people are working hard for that to happen, as far as i can tell :)) on many, many levels - with those anime creators doing a great part in it. but then there’s also the people who like that stuff and take time to interpret them (as we’ve started speaking about symbolism in anime just now - and that’s just one line of thought that could be followed through). i think that’s not what you meant, but you meant something more like that he acts as a real character, an antagonist. oh, yes, i see it that way too. but in that situation for me would be even more interesting to picture him as the lead, the protagonist, and not the antagonist. see, that is trying to accept the other’s perspective. and this usually leads to people accepting the “other” (or the “unknown”, the “freaky”, the “monstrous”, the “devious”) as something quite.. “normal” :)) not very far from their own selves actually.

okay, when it comes to real-life stuff, i can become rather harsh (unrefined, even), i think, but well.. it’s a world of survival, ain’t that right? ;)

(on that note, speaking about good examples of characters for anime, i always thought lord shiva would make a great male anime character - he is so exquisite and delicate, yet strong and stable - a beautiful balance between the masculine + feminine. :3 (oh, me and my imagination... haha))

about your tumblr blog: ohh, well that’s awesome. give me a link to it so i can follow you consciously ^^ i have many different tumblr blogs now, and this one here is only where i post comments about what i’d seen and has impressed me in one way or another. i have another one where i just store (collect) anything i like - and not only anime-related stuff, so i guess it’s a bit confusing for all those poor people who started following me when i began posting lots of anime pictures and gifs i had found on the web ^^ sorry, people. i have specifically started a few new anime-related blogs now - about couplings in anime (grouping of characters), and a pure subtext one too, as far as i can remember. but they’re still in progress, whereas this one here is largely comprised of my A-P blog posts that i just moved and made prettier when A-P said they were discarding the blog feature from this site, so i decided upon making an anime impressions tumblr blog for myself :)) (oh, wow, i’m being so wordy... i’d better stop already haha sorry.)

“how do you put links inside word?“

hmm, well i’m writing my replies in google docs so i just mark the text and put the url of the page i intend on linking to it. the same can be done using A-P’s posting manager here with the icon that looks like a chain: it’s that icon.

oh, and let me ask you something in return too ^^ do you watch subbed anime, or dubbed? :)) thanks. that topic is of interest to me ever since i did research about that academic text i’m always blabbering about :))

it’s a pleasure chatting with you too, as usual *polite bow* :)) take care! ^^

KuroBladez Sep 6, 2014

I think mine has more stuff on it though so don't worry about it! :D

Yep, No Game No Life is an amazing anime! I'm glad that you enjoyed it too! I actualyl loved all the characters! Especially Sora and Shiro because they are so damn strong, like the way the explain how they had won the game from the start is just amazing. I liked Steph and the rest of the cast too :D I'm hoping for a second season! :D 

NicoNicoDesu Sep 5, 2014

Haha, thanks.

I'm doing fine, but I haven't been on in a while because school started back up and it's been incredibly hectic.

XxZeroeZxX Sep 5, 2014

Well a few weeks ago I would've told u Zankyou no Terror, but honestly its turned Titan as of late -_-. I mean the atmosphere's good, but like the plot per ep is like rediculous( < 5-6 min per). I really like Glasslip, idk why the ratings r so low out there. It's the best f/ PA Works since Hanasaku Iroha. And that does hav good ratings out there so idk why Glasslip is so different. Nozaki-kun is a great comedy. Like seriously if u want a real real good laugh just watch ep 8 u don't even hav to watch the series lol. Ao Haru is a fairly strong true rom, at least its better than Sukitte so I can't complain lol. I think if nothing else there should end up being a handful of above average shows this season, which is more than we could say for the last couple seasons -_-. And hopefully, something will jump out and be a true #1.

Thats my analysis lol.

ImADarkwraith Sep 5, 2014

Hey there! thank you so much for checkin out my profile and sending me a message:D its always nice to talk to nice people lol About your recommendation i just looked into it and it looks beautiful animation wise so i will probably watch it later on tonight! Thanks a lot for letting me know about it and i will get back to you on what i think:)