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Hello, I'm the type that loves conversations, so leave a comment if you like!I take a few days to reply though :P  I'm a college student who lives in Austin, Texas and am originally from Scotland. I enjoy distance running, indie/alternative music, drawing, basketball and the NBA (my team is the Golden State Warriors) as well as talking with all sorts of people. I like all sorts of different anime, so let me know any recommendations you might have. I have smash brothers for the 3ds, and have been into the series since melee, so hmu for a match!

One of my favourite things about anime is the fact that 90% of the time I don't have high expectations, so I typically am surprised by how good most shows are. I'm also the sort who sees the positives in something, and give the benefit of the doubt. I may not enjoy everything, but if someone else found likeable aspects of a show, then I may take a second look. I believe talking about what you liked and enjoyed is better than talking about what you didn't, and is better for the human experience.

I see a lot of reviewers out there talking about how much they hate certain shows, characters, aspects, etc. Then they proceed to talk about why you shouldn't enjoy said series. The way I see it, if someone really liked/got a lot out of a certain series, then who are others to tell them they're wrong for doing so?

There's a lot of stuff on here, hope it doesn't slow your internet down!


How are you then? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------




I take forever to watch anything but;


Brynhildr in the Darkness


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Kill La Kill


Kuroko no Basket



My Neighbour Totoro

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Hotarubi no Mori e

Elfen Lied

White Album 2

To Aru Majutsu no Index II


No Game No Life


- - - - - -

Series will stay on this list until I've written a review on them, something I'm trying to make a habit out of now.

My ratings and my reviews of series may differ at times, this is because my ratings reflect how much I enjoyed a series, whereas my reviews will be more of a critical analysis of the aspects of said series


Ratings -

.5 -___-

1 - Didn't exactly enjoy it

2 - Wouldn't really recommend

2.5 - Average, would watch the sequel

3 - Good show, stood out in some manner

3.5 - Entertaining, strong show, got a lot right

4 - Fantastic, solid work

4.5 -  Stunning, significantly engaging piece of animation

5 - Absolute favourite, very compelling and/or powerful, fully enjoyed the series




Favourite Male Characters:

15. Ryuuji Takasu (Toradora!)

takasu spitting coffee

14. Shotaro Kaneda (Akira)


13. Kyon (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

kyon bike

12. Ataru Moroboshi (Urusei Yatsura)

11. Nagi Kengamine (Deadman Wonderland)

nagi (owl)

10. Kyousuke Kosaka (Oreimo)

9. Luffy (One Piece)


8. Ayumu Aikawa (Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?)

7. Keiichi Maebara (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)

beat up higurashi

6. Okabe Rintarou (Steins;Gate)


5. Touma Kamijo (To Aru Majutsu no Index)


4. Hinata (Angel Beats!)


3. Otonashi (Angel Beats!)

2. Yuuichi Aizawa (Kanon)


1. Araragi Koyomi (Bakemonogatari)






Favourite female characters:

14. Remon Yamano


13. Kurisu Makise


12. Mio Isurugi


11. Korone


10. Ukyo Kuonji

9. Chihiro Kosaka


8. Ayu Tsukimiya


7. Chitoge Kirisaki


6. Minori Kushieda

5. Kaoru Tanamachi


5. Hotaru Takegawa


4. Masami Iwasawa

3. Mikoto Misaka

2. Suruga Kanbaru


1. Yurippe Nakamura


"This is my life. I can't entrust it to someone, I can't steal a new one, I can't force it on others, I can't forget it or erase it. I can't stomp over it, laugh on it, or beautify it. I can't anything! I'd have to-I'd have to accept my one shot at life no matter how cruel, merciless, or unfair I thought it was! "


Quotes! yes!



"Such misfortune" - Kamijo Touma


"Slice up those cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich" - Battler Ushiromiya



"It's an intellectual drink, for the chosen ones" - Kyouma Hououin on Dr. Pepper


"Go out with me for a hump" - Kondo Isao


"Don't go following a stranger even if you're given taiyaki" - Yuuichi Aizawa










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Mog Aug 24, 2014

  • In the end, there's the Golden Law that says "Best girl never wins". Which means Chitoge will probably win the Raku Bowl. :((((((((((((
  • I reckon I could start it soon, mabey this week if I can get a chance between this seasons show's I'm following.
  • It's still awful. Though my opinion has changed, sinceit's one episode and only 20 minutes, I'd reccommend it to everyone for the experience.

krukky Aug 24, 2014

"I need to get on top of finishing Mirai Nikki so we can have a good conversation about it xP" oh yeah, me too - once again :))

hmm, i don't quite recall that eyepatch girl - gotta check her up... *after a while* ohh, riight - she was wild, yes, i'd have to agree to that  ^_^ anyways, i'm sure there's much more to those characters than i'd originally perceived.

for example i recently started viewingtokyo ghoul- a thing that was clearly not on my interests list, but nevertheless i felt like it two days ago, and i found it brought me much pleasure as i interpreted what i'd seen in a very, very positive way. so far i see it as humanity's compassionate reach towards deviation and "monstrous" behaviour (in a quite symbolic way, but symbols are always great because they can "speak" to so many different people at the same time - i enjoy symbolism ^^ enough about me though). so i have those warm memories oftokyo ghoul's first three episodes now and i'm really optimistic about it, so i'm very pleased with the thing. you see, it's not a matter of my preferences any longer, it's just finding treasures wherever one looks, and that's actually what (a favourite phrase:)beauty is in the eye of the beholdermeans to me. :))

yay, i'm glad both you and your siblings have enjoyedarakawa^^ it's the type of thing that just has it's own way of getting to you, i suppose, and i admire that about such productions :)) (though this last observation of mine is quite outdated, i guess, since in reality many people prove to be attracted to that type of humour and products (it may be considered "a trend" (or something? "a style"?) in it's own way), which is very refreshing :))

"You're very knowledgeable" haha, i feel embarassed now. i don't really remember what i was on about in my last comment, but must've been a huge list of things, i suppose haha sorry :)

and about romance, i clearly enjoy that, but then again who doesn't (to some extent), and i very much like the thing that a fellow manga reader has called "pure subtext" - here's my anime list of that, so you can get a general idea about it. so, in that sense, nerawareta gakuenis my number 1 "pure subtext" reference at this point, with it being a recent thing i'd seen and enjoyed, so, yeah, have you seen that/heard of it? :)

barakamonis pure comedy, no drama at all, at least no more than what it feels like to be a hard-working calligrapher, and a spoilt city-person living "in the middle of nowhere" haha :) i really like that genre, that type of comedy, and characters too. in this specific show you have lots'a "rustic", "robust", "unrefined" fellas who speak in a funny japanese dialect and are completely different (as a mindset) that those city folks, which is great - it helps one's expansion if he/she's utterly interested in different people's perspectives and ways of living, as i am myself :))

haha, never heard ofping pong club, butping pongitself is a manga by an author i very much respect - taiyo matsumoto. and it has a live action adaptation which is sooo good, and of course the really nice and cool anime now :)) so yeah, that's myping pongadvertisement for you, in a nutshell :D be sure to tell me if you try it out someday ;)) i'll be glad to share a passion about it with other people as it's very exciting a thing to read and watch :))

"I agree, some series can display some really particular and intriguing personalities in the characters, which can change my outlook on the show completely, if the main C's are interesting" oh yeah, yeah,deshou? :))

"One of the main characters is a very intelligent boy who is also extremely quirky and curious, and enriches the story so much. Then there's also the detective, who is a wonderfully charismatic, wise man." those two sound like pretty nice characters indeed.

"The appeal of these two has me split down the middle in terms of who I'm truly rooting for, and the compelling story is shipping me right along." oh man, that so much reminds me of mydeath noteexperience and my L/kira frustration. obviously L was the most cool character for me ever since i saw the live action (back in 2009), and was even cooler in the anime (almost god-like, seemed to me when i thought about it more carefully while writing my BA thesis in june), but in the anime (which i clearly like better than the live action movie, now that i've seen both) i was frustrated the whole time because i was rooting for kira in a way - i mean he seemed to be doing "the right thing" the whole time, 'caue it was all under his control, but then in the last scene when he got psychotic i was deeply disturbed and got to question my own perceptions about stuff in reality, and it was a really intriguing psychological experience for me, so i enjoy that :)) (the whole show was almost unbearable for me to see through, as i got headaches and troubles sleeping well after each episode, but i continued on with it nevertheless and it was really interesting in the end. i tend to do that quite purposefully now - seeingberserkin the same way, and planning onmirai nikkiround 2,watamotesecond attempt, and so on :)) it's good, i'm really fortunate to have the chance to switch perspectives and explore difference in such a way ^^)

"I think I might have to wait until all the episodes are out, so I can enjoy it all at once. Though spreading it out wouldn't be a bad thing, since this series makes my mind run quite a bit" i like those two styles of watching anime in their own way. it's cool to wait up before starting seeing something, so that you could watch a bunch of episodes at a time but it's also really pleasant and sweet having to "wait" for them to come out one by one, too ^^ there's no end to that bliss haha (sorry, i got in a funny mood (that is, when i enjoy everything and am utterly happy about life and stuff ^^) - which i very much enjoy doing all of the time, but it's a bit strange to observe from a distance, i suppose :)))

haha that's funny, and cool as i myself just finishednisekoias well :DD (i just forgot to mention it, as it'd slipped my mind). the truth is i am quite pleased with it myself. yep, it's a harem and has lots of "lacks", if we were to compare it to other plots, let's say, BUT it was good, really. i mean, it had a great feel to it, and it was a goodmonogatari"imitation" (hybrid), in my opinion, whereasmekaku city actors, for example, still doesn't seem that impressive to me, although i've come to appreciate it in it's own way now that i'm half-way through the whole show.nisekoihad that air of originality and freshness about it whichmekaku city actorslacked, and instead had obtained the general concepts of themonogatari-style without altering them, it seems, and for me just couldn't "live up to it", sincemonogatariin my views was very innovative and a masterful piece of work (that still continues with those new seasons being aired as we speak :))

so yeah, cool stuff.nisekoihad really good points in my opinion.

oh,another, i have that on my "want to watch" list. is it nice, how is it so far? seems like a fun experience watching that alongside another person :)) haha, cool, i now see that you're enjoying it (the anime itself) :)) i'll make sure to check it out someday.

and on that notezankyou no terroris of personal interest to me too, but i'm just waiting for myshishouin anime to give me an inspirational push to follow through her own experience of that thing. (i mean, there are certain types of shows that i'm interested in primarily because of that person and some people around her - i like to call her my animeshishou(master, teacher),since she aided my getting into watching anime series and things other thanghibliin general, and she has served me good in the expansion of my perspectives on things. the first thing (anime-wise) i ever so (in a non-ghiblisense) wasneon genesis evangelion, and i still cherish that feeling - it got me into anime :) so basically she provides me with this interesting insight in some shows and manga, such aslitchi hikari club, or those things likedurarara!!,tokyo ghoul,kamisama no memo-chou,berserk, etc. that i wouldn't have normally be interested in (or at least that was in the past), and now i've grown to like and enjoy, and find meaning in, in my own ways, and so i still do enjoy following myshishouwhen it comes to experiencing those things, as it's not still fully "my thing" to be into terror and stuff like that, and to me doing that is a bit like seeing those things with her and her circle of funny and weird (in a very positive way :3) otakus :)) i hope that makes sense).

one pieceis on my interests list, but i haven't heard much about it, so i'd be glad if you shared your experience with me :) i very much enjoy it when people give me their personal perspectives on shows that i then see for myself, and have both my own point of view, but also theirs as well, which is really enriching an experience ^^

"Every character, and I mean every character, has an individual personality." oh wow, i'm really into it now. i mean, i love that about anime - the sheer amount of different characters one can experience in a single production! i remember it first was very much thrilled about it while seeingdurarara!!i love that thing, and many of its characters as well. good stuff, i tell ya :)) have you seen that, by the way? :))

"Every story arc has thought and chekhov's guns galore." oh my god, i'd never fully understood that concept until now haha sorry, i just really hadn't know what that thing i'd heard in theatre plays means ("the rifle will shoot after the antract" - there is such a quote that is really famous around here), but i never realised it had anything to do with chechov, and what it actually means :)) so that's fascinating - for every element to be related to other things and for the story to be so full of details that "fall into place" one by one and "it all comes together" in the end. that also reminds me ofdeath noteand my utter astonishment with it, with the ways of thinking i encountered through that piece, which were so different from my own ways of thinking, and they were really interesting to me and i felt very much enriched (even smarter, i might say), after i'd seen it through. i really appreciate such experiences as they aid me in so many ways of becoming a much happier person, in a way :)) because they help me grow and that's always a good thing, if a steady growth pace is maintained :)))

"many of the most entertaining fight scenes I've ever had the pleasure of coming across." wow, thanks for that insight. i am very happy to hear that, andone piecehas now gained a much more prioritized place among the animes of interest to me.

and it also is really nice to be able to discuss anime in such a pleasant way with people demonstrating very good reasoning for the aesthetic qualities of those productions in mind. that is really neat. (i probably have that perspective since i got into the academic discourse on anime recently, and there were lots'a people who were "spitting" on it as some sort of "trash", which is too foolish of them, but still many tend to agree to their foolish perceptions to that day :)) nevertheless things are changing so that isn't of utmost importance hee-hee)

it was nice meeting you, lad, i hope you have a very pleasant week.matane! :))

frankstleBilly Aug 24, 2014

Wales is great ^_^ I'm pretty much surrounded by mountains and sheep, its all really nice to look at, and I've got a good house as well ^_^ and you live in the US? Did you live in Scotland and then move to the US?

Shivichan Aug 23, 2014

Hello! Sorry for the late comment, logged on after a long time! :D 

The gif is from Hyouka, and the girl is Eru chiitanda, one of the most adorable anime characters EVER. Judging from your choice of male characters, I'll say you'll love Hyouka's Houtarou Oreki( He's just a detective-ish Kyon xD) 

And your profile is one of the most awesome profiles ever, It makes me want to die of shame T^T

Please accept me as your fangirl :'3

GodzillaGus Aug 23, 2014

FMA:B is probably one of the best anime i've ever seen. for a while i thought i was losing interest in anime but that one really brought back the fire. solid story. so, i guess that's my suggestion for u lol.

as for the secret santa thing that this site does, here is the profile that runs it every year. follow it for the updates. it's a good way to make friends on this site. if u sign up, u get suggestions on what to watch from unknown people. in turn, u too will suggest anime for someone secretly and after christmas, u write a review and reveal urself to each other. 

that's cool that u got a job as a lifeguard. lot's of responsibility. since we last spoke, i've moved out of the U.S. and into Finland. life is good here.