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Hi hi, ppl call me Ito or Yoma.

I'm new here and looking forward to talking to ppl with the same interests as myself.

I'm a pervert and excel in all prevertness. Even though I'm secretly scared of perverts, so no touching on my no-no spots!!!!

I do read fanfiction, i mainly stick to Naruto.

I like action and violence. And everything else. EXCEPT Mecha and furry. Sorry, just cant connect. I can sit thru mushy and extreme romantic fluff, but i do try to avoid at all costs.

My weakness...omg share pics or vids and i'll love/lurk u 4eva. I love tentacles, but ewww not the maggot kind and nothing with bugs. I also love yaoi, my god wuts up with the girly yaoi? Doesnt mean I want bara, but jeesh.


Little more TMI

I do read manga when i get the chance

Current reading when I can is :

Battle Royal 2

Her Majesty's Pet

Under Grand Hotel

Unbalanced Heat


I used to game alot as well. Too busy now.

I computer game: WOW, Sims

Lol if you play wow hit me up. I'm horde. Echo Isles and Ysondre

Um...i listen to world music..I'm into anything except country..Um damn. Must i type more?? U stalkers!!!

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bngeek says...

Love your avatar she is great!

May 2, 2008
wanryavka says...

:crying:  (too bad those smileys don't work here)  Anway!  Why do you have to have a life?  Why can't you stay on the computer forever?  I miss you in ISSUP.

Apr 28, 2008
Animedreamer240 says...

Okay I'll add Rose of Versailles to the list..that just made me cry my eyes out. Haven't cried this hard since..Last Exile, maybe...It's about time though. XD I like it when anime draw the emotion out of me.  Just makes me love it more.

Apr 21, 2008
Otaku108 says...

lmao, are you saying you only read 2 lines of the bio? :P

Your's is quite good by the way. I think you have to be a little perverted to watch anime... but maybe that's just me *shrugs*

Anyway, thx for the comment ;)

Apr 21, 2008
mastersam says...

thank you for am not saying what you should or not do, but it just suprise me that is all....vampire night as you said is just coming out... i knew about it, those are my type of anime of course i would know. i  am waiting for more episode...

Apr 21, 2008