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Hi hi, ppl call me Ito or Yoma.

I'm new here and looking forward to talking to ppl with the same interests as myself.

I'm a pervert and excel in all prevertness. Even though I'm secretly scared of perverts, so no touching on my no-no spots!!!!

I do read fanfiction, i mainly stick to Naruto.

I like action and violence. And everything else. EXCEPT Mecha and furry. Sorry, just cant connect. I can sit thru mushy and extreme romantic fluff, but i do try to avoid at all costs.

My weakness...omg share pics or vids and i'll love/lurk u 4eva. I love tentacles, but ewww not the maggot kind and nothing with bugs. I also love yaoi, my god wuts up with the girly yaoi? Doesnt mean I want bara, but jeesh.


Little more TMI

I do read manga when i get the chance

Current reading when I can is :

Battle Royal 2

Her Majesty's Pet

Under Grand Hotel

Unbalanced Heat


I used to game alot as well. Too busy now.

I computer game: WOW, Sims

Lol if you play wow hit me up. I'm horde. Echo Isles and Ysondre

Um...i listen to world music..I'm into anything except country..Um damn. Must i type more?? U stalkers!!!

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wanryavka Jun 15, 2008

They thought since I'm leaving to africa they might as well shut down. Specially since I was 50% of the traffic to that site. Sent was the other 50 and I think he said he recently got addicted to mmorgs and wasn't lurkering the forums anymore or something. RIP

Almost as sad as I was when renchan died.

Why aren't you in our ISSUP channel yet?

skye456 May 19, 2008

Random person says hi to a fellow yaoi fan. Yo.

I read your profile, and I read Under Grand Hotel, it was really good.

Yeah, overall I'll just stick with saying I like your entire profile xD. Mostly so I don't sound like a total weirdo naming off why I like everything, =/.

Nukekubi May 12, 2008

Thanks for the tip, I checked Vampire knight out, and it seems quite interesting.

 Is FLCL really that good? I never bought into it because the beginning seemed rather stupid (no offence, curious as to whether I should consider taking it up again).

Also, it was rather interesting to read your profile, female pervs are fun because they scare me.

argona May 11, 2008

Thank u very much!Actually its not from anime!Its a beautiful art work from devian art community!But hey u are A Naruto fan!And u are into fanfictions of Naruto?I'm sooo adding u to my friends!u don't mind,do u?!

I love Naruto and recently I'm just drowning myself in fanfictions!what's your account in,I'm getting overexcited,dont be scared now!