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Seitokai Yakuindomo

Mar 14, 2012

Story 3/10

It's kind of hard to comment on the story of an anime that has almost no story. Seitokai Yakuindomo is centered around a high school's school council and all the different things that happen there. There are a bunch of 1 episode stories like going on a school trip or even partial episode stories like the horror anime parody that last about half an episode or so. That said, there is almost no overarching plot. You can really just take each episode on its own.

So, with the no main plot to keep the viewers watching, there has to be something more interesting going on in the single episode stories, right? I wish that were the case. Most of what goes on I feel like I have already seen elsewhere (such is the dilemma of a lot of high school animes). Some of the episodes end up being more interesting than others, but overall we end up with a pretty sub par story.

The good news is that the story isn't really what is important to this anime, it is the humor. Since I don't think there is any better section to put it and it is such an integral part of this anime, I will put it here. What this anime has is sexual humor and lots of it. This is the entirely the appeal of this anime. Most of the female characters in this anime are constantly making sexual jokes or observations. You know that friend that constantly has their mind in the gutter? Yeah, they probably helped with the script for this anime. The problem here is that the writers just seemed to try so hard to put in so many jokes that the quality is so darn low and it makes it feel kind of lowbrow and immature. Maybe about one out of ever for or so (maybe less) I thought was funny and even less actually made me laugh out loud. I must admit though, I commend the writers for the almost complete lack of fan service, which I think saved it from feeling completely immature.

Animation 5/10

I think this category should be changed to art direction because animation really isn't the right word here XD.

Nothing is really bad about the animation in this show, but there really isn't anything great here either. What you will find here is fairly simple character animation. Expect to see up to a max of three colors for anything that is animated. Hair? One flat color and then another for shadows and highlights. Clothing? Flat color and shadow. Pretty much anything that is animated is down to mostly the essentials here. The backgrounds are reasonably detailed and very vibrant. All in all, the animation does what it should do for this show, blend in. This show isn't going to impress you with its visuals, but it isn't trying to. And it doesn't need to. You weren't interested in this show for the visuals now, were you?

Sound 7/10

The opening is so freaking sugar that I feel like my teeth are rotting out every time I watch it. Skip please.

The music for this show is pretty generic, though it isn't bad (the smooth jazz song still makes me kind of wtf though). Nothing to write home about but gets the job done. This anime succeeds where it is important, though..the voice work. The voice acting just seems to natural. I think it is harder to judge when I am reading subtitles, but all of the characters voices seemed to match up perfectly with their personalities. Delivery seemed to be spot on too.

Characters 8/10

If there is one area that this anime excels in, it is the characters. While the designs feel pretty stock, they did a great job of giving the characters personalities. I think the biggest area where is this is noticeable is with Taka, the lead male. So often the lead male in animes is left as kind of a "shell" character so that the viewer can "inject" themselves into his spot. That isn't really happening here. By giving him certain strengths and faults in his personality, he feels a lot less like the Lego brick male we often see. If only the rest of the anime lived up to this standard.

Overall 5/10

This anime came off as very average to me. But for whatever reason I kept watching (and I can't say I regret watching it either). It's lack of story really doesn't have a terrible impact on the show as a whole because it is the humor that is really important here.

So should YOU watch this show? Do you like you sexual humor? And I mean do you like it a lot (and sometimes really forced)? If your answer is yes, you should have already watched this! If your answer is no, avoid the hell out of this anime. If you are on the fence, try out the first episode. The series stays mostly the same throughout the entire show, so if you don't care for it then, you won't at the end either.

3/10 story
5/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
5/10 overall
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