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When I think of anime and manga I think of a colorful, interesting, and larger than life world I love diving into. Since I began to really love anime, it's been something that's almost constantly on my mind. The plots, the scenes, the possible romance, and most of all, the characters. Anime characters are the aspect of anime I enjoy the most. I prefer them over characters from any other media, maybe even real life.

I was an artist and writer long before anime, but I now use these passions to write fan fiction and original anime-isque stories. I also draw fanart and create my own manga. In the future I hope to pursue making manga-style graphic novels as my career. For now, I'm happy making lists of characters I love, watching my daily anime, and publishing to Deviant Art.

I have accounts on all these sites below:

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Favorite Characters:

Naruto: Kakashi Hatake, Tayuya, Temari, Pain/Nagato, Mei Terumi, Kimimaro, Minato, Ino, Konan, Madara

Bleach: Neliel Tu, Ichigo Kurosaki, Rukia Kuchiki, Kuukaku Shiba, Ulquiorra, Byakuya, As Nodt

FMA: Edward Elric, Lust, Roy Mustang, Lan Fan

Gintama: Okita Sougo, Matako Kijima, Kamui, Shinsuke Takasugi, Katsura, Rei, Kyuubei, Tama, Gintoki

Baccano: Claire Stanfield, Isaac and Miria, Chane, everyone else

Izumi Maki of Martian Successor Nadesico

Tear Grants of Tales of the Abyss

Quon Kisaragi of Rahxephon

Nagato Yuki and Kyon of Haruhi Suzumiya

Shishio Makoto and Himura Kenshin of Rurouni Kenshin

Tomoya, Akio and Sanae, and Ichinose of Clannad

Havoc, Hei, and Yin from Darker than Black

Simon and Nia of TTGL

C.C., Lelouch, Li Xingke, and Euphemia of Code Geass

Makoto, Yuichi, and Mai of Kanon

Suigentou of Rozen Maiden

Favorite Pairings:

Naruto: Neji x Tenten, Mizukage x Gaara, Chojuro, Sasuke, Naruto, or Kakashi, Tsunade x Jiraiya, Anko x Kakashi, Shikamaru x Temari, Ino, or Tayuya, Tayuya x Kimimaro, Sakon/Ukon, or Naruto, Naruto x Female Chikushodo, Animal path x Female Animal Path, Pain x Konan, Gaara x Matsuri, Minato x Kushina

Bleach: Ichigo x Rukia or Neliel, Hinamori x Hitsuguya, Byakuya x Shiba Kuukaku, Renji x Rukia, Orihime x Ishida or Ulquiorra

Gintama: Gintoki x Rei, Tsukuyo, Otae, Tama, or Ketsuna, Kagura x Okita, Shinpachi x Otsuu, Katsura x Ikumatsu, Sakamoto x Mutsu, Hjiktata x Mitsuba, Matako x Takasugi or Bansai

FMA: Edward x Winry, Lust x Scar, Mustang x Riza, and Lan Fan x Ling Yao of FMA and FMA Brotherhood

Baccano!: Claire x Chane, Isaac x Miria, Jacuzzi x Nice, and Ennis x Firo

Quon x Ayato or Itsuki of Rahxephon. Tear x Luke of TOA. Simon x Nia and Yoko x Kamina of TTGL. Akio x Sanae and Nagisa x Tomoya of Clannad. Kenshin x Shura, Tomoe, or Kaoru and Megumi x Sanosuke and Shishio x Yumi of Rurouni Kenshin. Hei x Havoc or Yin of Darker than Black. Yuki x Kyon of Haruhi Suzumiya

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DrFrankenStein Oct 7, 2015

I apreciate it! Love me some time-killers! School is out all week because of a crazy flood we are having so I'm just chillin on anime planet! There are certainly better uses of my time, but whatever. Currently at a loss for good anime to watch. Have any ideas? Nothing longterm, just something to keep me occupied for a few.

Cool, Thnx!

Oh, This is my Zombie Survival Squad btw. You should make one too!

DrFrankenStein Sep 27, 2015

Thank you! But Rest in pieces, have a spanish project due teusday, an english essay due tomorrow, and TWO Calculus tests this week......Well, whatevr. procrastination station.

DrFrankenStein Sep 26, 2015

Ha, what is my life: I just speant 3 hours working on my profile for Anime Planet instead of doing homework.....

Crap, I need a life. ;)

DrFrankenStein Sep 18, 2015

Thank you so much, you have no idea how happy that makes me! You are truly an amazing person if you love Esdeath and hate Kirito. #KillKirito, #NotEvenABetterLoveStoryThanTwilight? #EsdeathIsLove #EsdeathIsLife

DrFrankenStein Sep 16, 2015

Dang, Love your list too. i'll show you my abridged hate list as well.(You don't really have to agree, but it would be cool if u did ;})

I. Kirito





Always into talking with a fellow anime lover ;}