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Some 20 years ago, Manga was almost unknown here in Sweden. Then all of a sudden they publish Akira in a comic-magazine, (from left to right but anyway). It came in episodes once every month and I followed it with great anticipation. When the final episode was due I was unable to get the magazine.....

It wasn't the end of the world as we know it, it was worse!!

Some years later I got my hands on Akira the anime and I finally got my salvation, and what's more I got a new addiction.

I'm kinda picky with my flavoure, since I've been around for a while I think that Pokemon, Sailor Moon etc. is a waste of my time. I prefer anime that isn't just a way to sell the dolls, candy and t-shirts.

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Dammtuss Mar 22, 2009

Nu börjar jag tycka att du borde fylla i din senaste anime-aktivitet.Du kan ju inte mena att du bara sett två veckor?

Ururu Nov 25, 2007

Måste fylla i mer anime!