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From watching Power Rangers to Dubbed Gundam to Pokemon to Naruto to Hentai to Ecchi and so on, Overall these were the stuff that brought me to anime as of today. Anime has never lefted my life, but increased my love for it everyday 2 times a week, From this pattern I had encouraged a friend to watch more than me, and might have watched more hours. Even though I'm slow in Anime for this year, I will increase the hours i have watched during my break times, learning more Japanese and learn more parts of Japanese's past and present. I don't have much grudges on some anime(only some with a bad ending). As of now I tend to be more gaming than watching. Getting ready for some unreleased Japanese Games to Order :P, As they say in Japan よろしく おねがいします(Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu) :)

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