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Sep 29, 2012

First: I enjoy both versions, i think they did a great job with the dub. Wonderful scripts.

If you are a plot enthusiast, do yourself a favor and ignore all the people that write this one off. Yes, it can be a little confusing at first because there are several different groups of characters exacting agency and they all want different things. What joins the characters together isn't so much a cause as a place—Treasure Town. Not everyone in the movie has a clear or easy to understand goal, they all just want to exist in different ways and cannot do so without infringing on each other's happiness.

This is not a movie with a simple or nonsensical plot that acts as an excuse to show off the artwork (though the scenery and "costumes" are absolutely incredible). It is a movie that forces you to think a lot harder about what is going on in order to get something meaningful out of it. You might have to watch it more than once before you start to understand the clashing agendas of each character. But the cool thing is, it holds up each time. You can watch this movie over and over and get more out of it instead of less. None of the characters are one-dimensional, and there are a lot of them. 

This movie provides great commentary on contemporary politics. It explores the relationships between the government, corporations, and organized vs. unorganized crime. It poses a lot of questions about what it means to grow up fending for yourself in an urban environment, and what each generation is and isn't entitled to upon being born. It also has a really neat, escapist, Peter-Pan sort of theme about the child's imagination (note which characters can "fly" and which can't, who manages to break into the childrens' world and how) coupled with brutal violence. It's more than just fun. It's beautiful, complicated... quite brilliant actually.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
?/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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