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RyanGirl23 says...

Hello Hello Hello!

Its getting hot!! O_O

I indeed got to see my Godzilla movie ~ it was really cool, I can't wait to see it a second time on DVD.  I dont really name my things, it was more of a joke that my best friend's stepdad made one day because my laptop is so big that he said, "Get your NASA out of my way." so it was named NASA.  I got a new laptop and so I kept the "space" theme going and named my new laptop Apollo 13 lol

I finished Xiliia!!! Woooh!!!! Annnnnd not wanting to play FF13 at the moment (cause I have this awful feeling that I'm going to have to start over) so I started playiing Xillia again!!! This time I'm playing as Milla (played as Jude last time) because I dont want some of the scenes to leave my memory.


Selective OCD indeed (that ryhmed)

~ I love Haikyuu!! ~ is pretty much all I can say, I'm glad it got picked up for 25 episodes!

ANNNNDDD Kuroko no Basket got picked up for a 3rd season!!! I'm super excited, I just finished watching the 1st season this morning so I can't wait.

Genshiken 2 (1-6) <-- watching half (if it's 12 episodes) is actually a smart idea (why didnt we do this sooner? lol)

Oh geez, Oguire was such a pervert but I felt so sorry for her - I was like "oh girl..." she kept getting caught! She should just admit it! OMG the episode with her fantasies on Sasahara and Madarame was hilarious.  Disturbing.  But hilarious!

I'm glad Ohno and Tanaka got together, I (also thought, like you) that they were just going to leave the relationship unresolved (I hate that in anime) - I wonder if they'll have future episodes of the two (like dates or something), I can't imagine anyone else getting together though....unless a new female enters the picture (which I thought i saw pictures for...??)

The new opening...I laughed at the Gundam parody at first but then after awhile I wished it was a different OP.  It reminded me of that one random ass Minami-ke OP (remember that one?).  I like the ED a lot though, I always sing the "Bye Bye!" part when it plays.

I'm glad their selling of their Dojushi (pretty sure I spelt that wrong...badly), I was afraid it was gonna go horribly wrong.

I've never seen any of them, although I did started to watch Kuroko no Basket because I couldnt help myself (I read all the chapters lol).  I'm thinking K-ON! next, I've been wanting to watch that since forever, plus I could use a music anime in my life at the moment ^^ so I guess K-ON! (notice that we mostly watch comedies lol)

Anime News:

Finished Watching: Another (for the 2nd time - just as beautifully gory as I remember), Naruto Shippuden the Movie 5 (it was pretty awesome!), Shakugan no Shana (it was suuuuppper boring at first but it picked up and I ended up liking it), Grave of the Fireflies (I cried hardcore), Kuroko no Basket (!!! love), Ghost in the Shell, Valvrave the Liberator (I'm depressed it's over)

Started Watching: Attack on Titan (a 2nd time), Hakkenden (I'm in love), Black Lagoon, Pokemon XY (yup), Hanasaku Iroha (for a 2nd time - so many memories), Blade of the Immortal (I kind of hate it), Gasaraki (hmmm not sure yet)

Still Watching: Blue Exorcist, BLEACH (new and from beginning), Naruto (from beginning), Daphne in the Brillant Blue (kill me I just wanna finish this anime), selector infected WIXOSS (OMG!!!!!!!!!), Haikyuu! (~~~~), Prince of Tennis, Case Closed, Digimon Fusion, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal 2, Nisemonogatari (well I got to episode 8), Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z (almost done!!!), One Piece

Thinking of Watching: Night Head Genesis, Buddy Complex, Ano Hana movie, A Certain Magical Index movie, Pretty Cure! (don't ask me why, I just really want to), Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig, Sword Art Online Extra Editon, Glasslip (when it comes out in July), Evangelion 3.0 (saw the other two)

The only two new anime that came out this spring that I'm watching is Haikyuu - which I love with all my heart and soul and selector infected WIXOSS (and just so you know, I totally guessed the whole switch-a-roo thing and was shocked that thats what happened!!!!) I'm also excited that SIW got picked up for 25 episodes as well (thought it was only going to be 12).

I wanna see Mekakucity Actors, Soul Eater Not!, No Game No Life, and M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane but as you can see, I have a lot on my plate at the moment.


Oh and also I'm still playing Bravely Default (Chapter 2) how far are you? I just entered the floral looking town.


Ja nai!

May 31, 2014
RyanGirl23 says...

Hello Hello Hello!!

I wrote stuff...and IT GOT DELETED so x2 round here we go...

SO you decided to take the job huh? Good ^^ I'm happy for you

My mom's surgery went well so I'm relieved.  STRESS FREE!!!

Lately, it's been getting hotter and hotter where I've been and I'm not a fan of summer but I'm glad to take out the shorts and tank tops!! ^^ but I'm already missing winter.

I totally did the mystery trade thing in Pokemon but I havent played in a while, if Pokemon were real I'd totally be a female version of Broc and go on a journey with you lol

I'm glad you LIKE CORNBEEF!!! Its delicious ~ I'm not a fan of spicy food in general so I don't see myself trying curry for a while, I have such a wimpy mouth - I freak out when pepper gets in my food (yuck) lol

Random tangent -> I want to see the new Godzilla movie badly!!!

Well I hope you get used to your keyboard lol, maybe naming it will help? Lol give yourself a bond with your keyboard ^^

Sadly I could not even play 10 minutes of Tales of the Abyss, maybe it's because I'm too entranced with another Tales game? (Xillia) so I started playing Bravely Default and I like it alot but I keep getting distracted with the side quests so I haven't gotten that far in terms of storyline.

I finished Magical Starsign, the ending kind of felt too rushed for and ending...

Let me know if you play Xillia, I have the beat the final boss and then I beat the game but he creamed me so I have to do some serious level uping if I'm gonna beat him.  After that I'll probably try to finish Final Fantasy XIII since I have the 2 sequels too...

Watch the Minami-ke OVA? lol I'm gonna keep asking you till you do as a reminder ^^

I'm definitley OCD (you should see my closet).

I'm into more sports anime, as you know I'm currently watching Prince of Tennis.  But then I heard of this other anime called Haikyuu!! that was airing soon so out of curiousity I read the entire 102 chapters currently out (volleyball btw) and I'm now obsessed with Haikyuu!! so I started watching the anime a few weeks ago (only 3 episodes aired right now).  Because of that I decided to give Kuroko no Basket a try and read all 258 chapters of the manga lol but I have yet to watch the anime yet (though I want to).

In terms of sports, volleyball and tennis are my favorite so maybe that's why I connect well to the manga?? If I were taller I would've played volleyball but I'm not athletic in genral

Ghilbi films I've seen: Howl's Moving Castle, Spiritied Away, Ponyo, Arriety, The Wind of the Heart, Castle in the Sky, The Cat Returns, Porco Ross, Princess Mononoke, Nausica of the Wind, Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, and I think that's it....I love those movies.

Thank you for the compliment *bows back*

Lately my dad's been having a major life crisis and has decided on these hobbies.

Buying a telescope, raising bees, learning chinese, opening a flower shop, making honey...

I dont know what to do with him...

Genshiken (11-13) & Genshiken OVA (13-15)

I love the OVA a lot more than I did, the art is so much better and smoother (if that makes sense) and each OVA episode made me laugh.

I love the new female character Oguire? She's so easy to manipulate.  The new guy annoys me though lol

I love how Ohno and Oguire fude and I hope Ohno and Tanaka get together.

Madarame's journey to buy clothes was hilarious ^^ I still can't believe Saki cosplayed!?

Lets continue with Genshiken (like how we did with Minami-ke) so next is Genshiken 2 episodes 1-5! ~ then we'll watch the final season, I forgot what it's called...

In terms of next anime to watch, (it's my turn right?) I'll give you a list of options you can pick and we can watch it after watching all of Genshiken.

Soooo here you go:





Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei

Kuroko no Basket



Witch Hunter Robin



Usagi Drop

Let me know ~

Anime News:

Finished watching: Kill la Kill (so sad it's over!!), Nagi no Asukara (ALSO SAD IT's OVER!!), Genshiken (obviouly), Genshiken OVA (this too), R.O.D. (4th time watched)

Started watching: Haikyuu!! (^^), selector infected WIXOSS (it's freaky), Valvrave the Liberator (also obsessed)

Still watching: BLEACH (new and old), Blue Exorcist (2nd time), Naruto (old school), Tokyo Majin (confusing as hell...but good), Space Dandy, One Piece, Case Closed, Prince of Tennis, Daphne in the Brilliant (ugh), Demashita! (double ugh), Nisemonogatari (can't get passed episode 2)

Heard a rumor that they're making a season 2 of Space Dandy.  Still can't wait for Sword Art Online 2!!!!!!!!

^^ Sayonara! (since you're older should I call you Sempai? lol)

Apr 21, 2014
RyanGirl23 says...

This time I was late....oops lol


I have a stash full of sketch pads, I even found a few from the "olden days" and I laughed at how much I sucked lol.  I'm taking an art class because I want to do more realistic stuff (so far it hasnt been good - I think the art teacher is just being nice...) I haven't drawn anything on the side in awhile though.

Well I haven't heard anything from my job...I haven't worked in two months now.  It's pretty depressing, I wish they would have the guts to just tell me straight if I've been laid off or not.  It's a little annoying that I'm more professional and I'm only 19!!  I won't know if I'll get a new job until the end of March which I guess is coming closer now...

Whenever I get a car I'll definitley need a GPS, I have a horrible sense of direction.  I've been living in my town for 16 years and I still don't know how to get anywhere (lol).

Well in more medical news.  The beginning of this month I was diagnosed with Shingles.  It was a huge shocker to me but I'm glad that it's gone now - but I honestly never thought that someone my age could get it so young! (Those commercials always say older people get it...not 19 year olds).  Unfortatley it's uncurable so I'll have to deal with it from here on out, the doctors made me take 5 pills a day for a week (they werent small pills either lol).  For right now I'm healthy (good for me!)

Another thing that happened THIS month was they found a tumor in my mom's stomach.  Luckily, it's a non-cancerous tumor but she'll have to go under the knife because it's so big (oer 7 inches) so I'm a little freaked out by that cause anything can happen during surgery.  Right now we're scheduling the surgery date.

So it hasnt been a good year so far for my family medical wise but luckily nothing life-threatening.

I'll never trade my Pokemon! I'm a little weird, I seriously get attached to every Pokemon I catch.  I'm pretty sure if Pokemon were real I'd be an awesome breeder.

I've never had any form of curry...but I dont know if I'd try fishhead...

That time of year is coming soon, and that means CORNBEEF!!!! mouth is already watering, you should try a little bit - maybe you'll like it lol.

I'm sorry about your keyboard, get a new one lol - hopefully you didn't pay a shitload of money to buy it.  (Did I jinx you there?)

Ahh I'm jealous! I haven't beaten a game in awhile... OH wait, I beat Fire Emblem but I feel that was a long time ago.  I stopped playing Tales of the Abyss (couldnt get into it) so I started playing "Magical Starsign" instead.  It's a game I've had for years for the original DS, but I never beated it and for whatever reason I was like "I think I'm gonna play Magical Starsign" and FINALLY beat it once and for all.  Funny enough when I got to the part where I quit I thought I was close to the ending back then but as it turns out I wasnt even CLOSE!!! lol

Yesterday I continued playing Tales of Xillia and damn I got to some major plot twists! I never saw any of what happened coming.

I tried playing Etrian Odyssey but the map drawing thing just frustrates me so I gave up.

Did you ever watch the new Minami-ke OVA?

Even I admit that my anime watching skills are...skilled.  I dont know how I do it.

(Here I go trying to explain)

I have four methods and a tight schedule that I keep to.

  1. Netflix anime (theres a lot of options surprsingly)
  2. Online anime
  3. Anime I own (this doesnt always apply)
  4. TV anime

Anime I watch on Netflix (currently)

  1. One Piece
  2. BLEACH (from beginning)
  3. Case Closed
  4. Daphne of the Brilliant Blue
  5. Prince of Tennis


Anime I watch Online (currently):

  1. Nagi no Asukara
  2. Kill la Kill
  3. Demashita!
  4. Genshiken
  5. Nisemonogatari


Anime I own (that I'm watching currently):

  1. Digimon Adventures 02
  2. (future) Digimon: The Movie
  3. (future)Naruto Box Sets 4-6


TV anime (currently):

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh!
  2. Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
  3. Digimon Fusion
  4. BLEACH (new)
  5. Space Dandy
  6. Blue Exorcist


2 and Prince of Tennis Part 2 Disc 1) and watch one disc one day and the other disc the other day.

I watch 3 episodes of an anime I watch online every day.  For instance I watched: Nagi no Asukara (19-20) and Demashita! (33) today and tomorow I'll watch Demashita! (34) and Kill la Kill (13-14) and so on.  I usually watch 2 episodes of something I'm really into and then a single episode of something I keep putting off (if I'm just not that into it - as I don't really want to stall on it and certantley I wont drop it)

Is thismaking sense so far?

Well then after that, I watch a disc of something I already own (or borrowing).  In this case today (probably after I'm done typing this message) I'll watch Disc 4 of Digimon Adventures 02.  And I'll watch Disc 5 tomorrow.

So now I've accomplished watching 3 episodes online and then how ever how many episodes are on the disc of the anime I own (in this case 7 episodes) so now I've watched a total of 10 episodes today.

Now for TV anime, after watching a disc of any anime I own (btw this only applies if I just happened to want to watch an anime I own - I went through several months of not watching anything that I owned.  I just bought Digimon 02 so I want to watch it and I'm borrowing Naruto box sets from a friend) this sounds confusing to me and I'm the one explaining it.

Anyway, I have DVR so I record everything in advance and sometimes I let it build up so I'll have multiple episodes to watch if I want.  Yesterday I watch 3 episodes of BLEACH (331-333), but I have other shows I recorded (non-anime) so sometimes I'll skip watching anime and watch a regular TV show on the DVR (like today for instance - I'm gonna watch the new episode of "Face Off").

The rest of the day after that I spend Mondays and Wednesdays writing, and Tuesdays and Thursdays playing video games (Tales of Xillia) then on Fri-Sun I give myself a break and don't do any of this (However, I do take this time to play a video game on a handheld).  It's usually here that I watch the Netflix anime that have come in the mail by now.  So on Sat I'll watch Prince of Tennis and on Sun. I'll watch Daphne in the Brilliant Blue.

So in total so far I've watched (as of Wednesday):  33 episodes of anime as of today.

...Damn even I didnt realize I watch that much within a week.  This week I watched a little more than I should so I actually watched: 36 episodes.

Does this make sense? Anyway I'm pretty sure this confirms that I'm OCD but if I skip a day it doesnt bother me.  So not THAT OCD lol

I still need to watch the new Ghost in the Shell but I'm almost hesitatant....

Sports anime always make me laugh at the awesome almost magical ass moves they do, like is that even possible in real life.  "SNAKE SERVE!!!" "TWIST DOUBLE JUMP BALL!"

Blood-C was amazing!! The movie sucked.  Which is disappointing.  They each had a totally different feel than the other which is what I think the problem was, if the movie had the same feel as the series it wouldve been great!  I liked Saya's personality in the series than I did the movie.  Ugh that Sakura Wars movie sucked as well....the singing in the beginning just gives me shudders.  It sucks cause I bought it for nothing...

I like the First Strike movie (but I havent played the game so this could be the reasoning).  I want to play the game SO BAD but I don't have and Xbox and I'm not buying one just to play the game lol - this situation makes me mad because THEY RELEASED A PLAYSTATION3 VERSION IN JAPAN BUT NOT IN AMERICA!!!! WHYYYYYYYY!

Thats my new tumblr blog lol which is just daily processing of writing a book.  I finally got to writing out the whole plot so now I'm actually writing the book lol

Anime News:I bought: Digimon Adventures, Digimon Adventures 02, Digimon Tamers, Digimon Frontier, and Digimon: The Movie.  (Oh my childhood is restored!! I just had to, I found the complete seasons of each for only 20 bucks each! I was so happy!! Of course it's in english cause it's what I grew up with and the dubbed isnt bad at all!!)

I finished: Digimon Adventures (2nd time), Sword Art Online (2nd time), Puella Magi Madoka Magica the movie: Eternal (1st time), Case Closed (oddly enough I love it, season 1-2)

I started: Digimon Fusion (1st time), Digimon Adventures 02 (2nd time), Blue Exorcist (2nd time, it started airing on TV), Case Closed (season 3, I feel accomplished)

Still watching: Space Dandy (funny but random), One Piece (finished Nami's arc), BLEACH (from beginning and new), Prince of Tennis (1st time), Kill la Kill, Nagi no Asukara (LOVE!), Genshiken (obviously), Demashita! (trying to power through it), Nisemonogatari (hard to find good quality videos).

Genshiken 5-10:

The episode where Madarame and Kasukabe are alone in the club room together is hiliarous, he couldnt find what he needed to say.  So did he fall for her? O_O

Where they are building Gundams was funny too.  They did a quote from Akira and I was like "AHHHHH!!!! THAT'S FROM AKIRA!!!" The sister is funny but she's not my favorite but still a funny character.  NHK was definitly a bit more active but I like it a lot better that NHK - its pretty hard for a show to make me laugh and Genshiken is making me laugh!

Try watching Chihayafuru - seems cliche but it's acutally a very "beautiful" anime.  I keep hoping and praying for a season 3!!! (PLLEASE ANIME GODS!)

It'll be impossible for me to watch every anime in the world.



Sayonara! ~

Feb 26, 2014
RyanGirl23 says...

There should be a "Sorry for the late reply" option lol but for now "Konnichiwa!"

I got out of school awhile ago but I'm taking an art class on the 27th lol ^^

As for work - I'm sad to report that I've been laied off, well at least i think I did anyway... I haven't worked in three weeks straight now and yesterday I was asked to turn in my keys, but they told me that I haven't been fired so I really don't know what's going on right now...

Oh well haha - in other "better" news, theres a job opening at my friend's work starting at the end of March so I'm thinking of taking it.

CONGRATULATIONS on your GPA :) (typed GPS just now but I erased it lol)

I feel Nodame Cantabile did need a final EPIC kiss, I hate when that shit doesnt happen...Oh well I was satisfied til the end I suppose.

As for Pokemon, I'm waiting for the damn Pokedex to come out so I can GO CATCH THEM ALL!!!!!! I'm angry it won't come out til next month.

And YOU DID JINX ME! But I worked the day after Christmas lol

My dad can be an ultimate jerk at time...on a more personal note - things have been crazy at my house, my parents are thinking of divorcing which sounds depressing but honestly nothing has been going well at our house for about ten years...I wished they just get a divorce already and put ME out of my misery...truth be told I haven't gotten along with my dad in many years so its extremely awkward between us (like walking on eggshells awkward)

Dude, Cornbeef is the bomb - You have to try it at least once ^^

I'm glad you had a good Christmas I did too ^^ I got a lot of games I wanted:Fire Emblem: Awakening

Tales of Graces f

Tales of the Abyss

Etrian Odyssey: Milenim Girl

And I got the Eden of the East series and movies, as well as Part 2 of A Certain Magical Index ^^

I went to a Christmas Party with my friend to her work and met her co-workers (this is partially why now I might get the job at her work cause I already met her boss - I'm crafty without even knowing it!) and they did a Secret Santa but me and my friend didnt participate for the sake of that most of the gifts in the gift exchange were loads of alcohol.  We got yelled at by a boss's wife saying that we didnt have the "Christmas spirit..." lol

We should do some sort of anime gift exchange this year for Christmas - that'd be cool ^^ Hopefully we don't send each other an anime we already own...that would suck...we should send each other a list of what we own in advance when the time gets near so that doesnt happen lol

Anime News:Minami-ke has a new OVA and I already watched it, it was cute.  I think it's called: Minami-ke: Natsuyami.

LOL I do tend to watch a lot of anime, I try to make a schedule on what I watch so I don't lose track.

So I started Sword Art Online again (did I mention this already?) cause it's airing on TV.  AND SWORD ART ONLINE II HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED I"M SO EXCITED!!!!

I also started watching: Space Dandy, Ghost in the Shell (for like the 5th time lol), Save Me! Lollipop (bored with it though), Prince of Tennis (in Japanese), Blood-C (because I accidentally bought the movie instead of the series so now I feel obligated to watch the series since I own the movie), and Death Note (for the 2nd time)

I'm also STILL watching: Case Closed (on the 2nd season), One Piece, BLEACH (from beginning and new), Nagi no Asukara (a favorite of mine for sure), K (2nd time), Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z (I really need to finish this), Nisemonogatari (sequel to Bakemonogatari), and Kill la Kill.  Oh! and obviously Genshiken.

I also FINISHED watching: Ouran High School Host Club (2nd time), Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom (the ending was sad), Nabari no Ou (2nd time), Summer Wars (I watched it with my mom but I don't think she liked it lol - 2nd time), A Certain Magical Index (2nd time), Welcome to the NHK (I didnt really like it), Eden of the East (2nd time - watching movies now), Eden of the East the Movie I: King of Eden (today in fact - 2nd time). Eden of the East: Air Communication (1st time), Kyoukai no Kanata (i loved it!!!!), and Bakemonogatari.

I also went on a shopping spree and bought and Watched: Garden of Words (short but good), .hack//Quantum (really good!), Sakura Wars: The Movie (it kind of sucked) and I also bought Paprika and Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike (but I havent watched these two yet as I havent gotten them from the mail yet...)

Wow when I look back....this is a

Chihayafuru is amazing and I highly suggest it, as for Ghost Hunt...well I was alittle bored.  Legend of Korra 2nd season was a little boring at first but it got amazing toward the middle and end - I just recently bought the 1st season ^^.  I haven't seen Legend of Galatic Heroes yet.


I try to change my avatar every three months (so the start of each season - next will be March lol) I'm a little OCD that way, I change my Facebook avatar at that time as well.  I still need to watch Steins; Gate.

Well thank you but I don't really do much on my tumblr lol - I actually created a new tumblr blog called "Ry-ter's block" (haha get it? I made a funny - cause I'm Ryan "writer" Ry-ter haha never mind lol) anyway it's a blog where I post daily on the process of me writing my first book ^^ it's a little embarrassing and I only have 4 followers but it makes me happy.

Genshiken (1-5)

A typical otaku anime lol it's hilarious at moments though.  I wasnt a fan of Welcome to the NHK (as seen above) as I couldnt quite get into it lol but I do like the characters in Genshiken (I feel their more believable).  Yeah, the main character is pretty passive, sometimes I forget about him unless he's centered in the episode.

I feel sorry for Saki - her relationship with Kohsaku is complicated indeed...

Haha that "mushroom show" is an anime in the anime called "Kujibiki Unbalance" and the creator of Genshiken even created a manga after the show he created in the show and it's pretty good (I actually read Kujibiki Unbalance on accident before watching Genshiken some odd years ago).  The art in Kuji is weird though lol (like why mushrooms?)

I think the characters are weird and the Chairman is creepy lol, it was funny when he warned Saki about the "cameras" and I think it's funny that the other girl's name is "Ohno" like Oh No!!!! lol

Well on to the next 5.

Talk to ya laters!

Jan 21, 2014
RyanGirl23 says...



I'm currenly working on my Final Essay for my english class but kept procrastinating the entire day...and now it's almost 5 and I have to work at 6 so looks like I'll pull an all nighter.... (oops).

I finished Nodame Cantabile: Finale a few minutes ago.  My favorite season is a mixture between the first and the last - I like the cast in the first like you do and I miss them but I like the flow of the story in the last season.  I hear that the manga and anime follow exactly together so I guess that's where the manga also leaves off.  I for one wasnt THAT sastified with the ending of the seires (at least kiss or SOMETHING jeez...).

I always get excited whenever I start a new anime - like I get goosebumps and chills and my tummy feels butterfly-y (lol) but I guess that's just me XD

I'm excited about Genshiken but I still dont know WHETHER TO WATCH IT IN ENGLISH OR JAPANESE!!! - I think I'll start in English and if I hate the voice cast I'll switch over (like I did with Nodame) but the dilema of that is still the fact that the last season isnt dubbed yet...but once again I'm going through the issue that the last season has different Japanese voice actors anyway.... GAHHHH!!! I dont know, I'll figure it out once the time comes.

No I havent had my nails ripped off O_O hopefully it'll never happen.  O_O

The graphics in Pokemon X & Y are amazing!! It blew my mind when I first started playing it.  BTW I finished it a few days ago AND I WAS FREAKING EXCITED BECAUSE I'VE NEVER FINISHED A POKEMON GAME BEFORE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!! I was super happy :D But I guess theres features after you beat the game (like catching one of the three legendary birds - Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres) but what bird you catch depends on what starter Pokemon you picked....and with mine I get to capture Zapdos....OUT OF THREE THAT ONE IS MY LEAST FAVORITE!!!!

Damn it! Why couldnt I get Articuno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I pretty much stalled on God Eater....but since I finished Pokemon, I'll probably try again.

My total hours on Pokemon I think was around 116 lol

Looking back on your last message....YOU JINXED ME!!!! I have to work Black Friday....sighMy dad's being a jerk and this Thanksgiving may be my first Thanksgiving without a turkey (cause he doesnt want to cook one.... :(  THanksgiving is my one ULTIMATE holiday!! (That and St. Patricks Day <-- but only because Corn Beef goes on sale that time of year LOL)


I finished Ghost Hunt (it was boring at times but one case really scared the shit out of me X(

I also finished Chihayafuru and started Chihayafuru 2 - and I finished IGPX and the 2nd season of The Legend of Korra.

I also am watching Kill la Kill and Kyoukai no Kanata (two anime that I have to wait weekly for new episodes KlK on Friday and KnK on Wednesday).  My bosses want me to watch Hunter x Hunter but it's so hard for me to handle right now since I for whatever reason decided to tackle watching BLEACH (From the beginning), One Piece, and Case Closed all at once (with One Piece and Case Closed I have never seen before)...

My friend started watching this bitchin anime called "Valvrave the Liberator" and I REALLY want to watch that too but I'm watching like 15 anime at once right now....and we're adding Genshiken to the list too lol  I also started watching "K" again (this time in English) and I forgot how much I love it!!! also latley I've been wanting to watch "Shugo Chara!" again (I only watched the first season and half of the second) that anime brings back memories as it was the first anime I've ever watched on the internet lol.

Wow I managed to write long paragraphs this time.



Nov 26, 2013