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Irukandji, otherwise known as Saint Arctica, is a rising force in ranting reviews worldwide. Millions laud him as he plows through the bullshit that the mainstream generates, and billions more cower in fear through the horrific aura he spreads across the world. Or so he likes to think.

His mother is also very proud of him.

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vivafruit says...

Haha, oops. I actually thought it was pretty good as a whole, which I guess is why I forgot to e-mail. Anyhow, even if it's a bit late, congrats on a nice review. :P

Nov 26, 2007
sothis says...

Woo hoo! PS: I had viva do the initial feedback check on the review, as I've been busy. ^_^ As a note though, we usually disagree on synopses... I tend to think it's ok to put the story in your own brief words while he thinks it should be totally omitted.

Nov 11, 2007
1010rikku says...

OMG! I had to stop by and congradulate you on your Bio! You definitly have a writer hidden there inside you! If you let him out...beware to the world!!

I loved the last part the best though. You are conquring the world, one anime review at the time...and yet, still able to keep the respect of your mom. Not mayne rock stars today are able to boast about that :P

Nov 9, 2007
tetra says...

*covers in fear*

But I must say that it feel strange to be scared of a supercute cat-chibi. Maybe it is about the element of surprise? 

Nov 8, 2007
sothis says...

I'll go ahead and welcome you here, too. ;) Some helpful tips for how to get started:

-Click "my profile" on the left to add your bio, avatar, top 5 anime, and various other things

-Not sure if you've seen the custom sigs, but they are awesome!! You can click "my signature" to create one, and there's a link during the process that takes you to the forum section, where you can choose from a ton of anime backgrounds people have made for the sigs.

-The anime list is much easier to make than I think you've been using it... isntead of going to each entry, go to the alphabetical list of the anirec and select a status for each title, with # of episodes if needed and rating. ^_^ In the next few days we'll have a better design up for each entry, as well.

Ttys! :D

Nov 8, 2007