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Hi everyone! I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I’m just your typical anime junky. I have dressed up for one mini con so far (but I see many more to come). I usually prefer mangas to animes but whatever I can get my hands on. When not watching anime I am and av tech at a hotel as well as a full time student at a community college. I also like to draw and read in my spare time (go figure right?). Along with hanging out with friends and fellow anime fans.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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sothis Oct 15, 2007

Iria, your recent recs are great :) good job!

Brank Oct 9, 2007

I know you are getting tired of me talking about Gundam, but I just wanted you to know that Gundam 00's first episode is out if you are interested.

Don't be mad at me for that info.

Harbin Oct 2, 2007

Your watched list is great so far.  If you want another mecha rec, i'll probablly go with Soukyuu no Fafner.  That series is pretty decent, with some drama, and pretty good mecha action.  Its pretty deep, so i think you might like it.  I don't really know what else you are intrested to watch, but if you want comedy, i'll go for GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka).

Harbin Sep 30, 2007

Amazing, you actually like Gundam Wing.  Its getting harder to find gundam fans who is female.  May I recommend Gundam X, it is a pretty gundam series if you have time to check it out.  Enjoy the site!

bellatrix4574 Sep 28, 2007

I will never watch gundam!!!!!1 NEVER!!!!!!!!! (This from the girl who said she'd never watch anime like this....) Where did u get ur avitar pic and what is it from?