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Hi everyone! I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I’m just your typical anime junky. I have dressed up for one mini con so far (but I see many more to come). I usually prefer mangas to animes but whatever I can get my hands on. When not watching anime I am and av tech at a hotel as well as a full time student at a community college. I also like to draw and read in my spare time (go figure right?). Along with hanging out with friends and fellow anime fans.

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JokerJackKnife Jan 24, 2009

not working right now, actually I got an interview monday after school at 1:30. Ya, people in my Jap class have a hard time finding things so I get it for them. It doesn't bother me to much, though it does get anoying when they expect it from you. I want to take the JLPT in Decembe because it is the last time it is offered this year and starting next year it will be a 5 level class so If I take it this year some time I get to skip a level when they change it.and only have 3 left to go. And I'll be finishing Jap 3 and Jap Communications 3 so hopefully those will help me get through it with out a problem. ya, the Wii is addictive as all hell, I'm hooked on Mario Cart. lol. We will have to get together and do something on a sunday. My friend told me that there is an Anime in the IMAX for a one day only type thing but he doesn't remember the name or date, so guess I'll have to go see the new Underworld to find out, lol.

JokerJackKnife Jan 22, 2009

I hate being back at school, it means I have to study again, lol. but all in all I figure it's great, I have a new motivater in Japanese now and that is to take the JLPT's T4 and pass it in december. how have you been how are Lauren and Robin? have you seen anything new latelly? I haven't seen anything new in about a month now, I keep downloading things for other people in my japanese class and I still have a copy of them on my computer but I haven't actually watched them. though Angelic Layer seems cute.

JokerJackKnife Jan 10, 2009

hey, haven't heard from you in a while, are you looking forward to going back to school? I'm kinda nervous about it, I've been slacking off on Japanese and I feel kinda sluggish. So what have you been up to? I's seeing that you will never catch me in anime watched, lol. You should get on to your instant messanger and talk to me, I'm always on.

JokerJackKnife Dec 11, 2008

I should have some now, took my last Final today. and thank you the pic is Aishiteruze Baby. What are you doing now and what have you been up to? What did you have in mind?

JokerJackKnife Nov 25, 2008

School's fine, I've always got something to do. Right now I'm sitting at school writing my English Essay. It's due the monday we get back from break. I would love to watch anime with you and sure I'd love to share some but I need free time first. I see you have shuffle on your top five, have you also seen Shuffle! memories? it's alright, the story is a little slow but it's more indepth with the indivdual characters than anything else. I found two more you might like they are called "Ai Yori Aoshi" and "Aishiteru Ze baby". I think both of them are right up your ally. I like Aishiteru Ze Baby more but I think you will enjoy Ai Yori Aoshi the most.