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Hi everyone! I’m from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I’m just your typical anime junky. I have dressed up for one mini con so far (but I see many more to come). I usually prefer mangas to animes but whatever I can get my hands on. When not watching anime I am and av tech at a hotel as well as a full time student at a community college. I also like to draw and read in my spare time (go figure right?). Along with hanging out with friends and fellow anime fans.

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Artemis says...

MUHAHAHAHA!!!  I'M BEATING YOU!!!  Ok, so only by a couple of hours, oh well!  ^-^

Sep 10, 2007
AyameNatsuki says...

ahhh. I found a copy and it was jap with french subs.  :(  Oh well.  So how have you been? 

Sep 2, 2007
AyameNatsuki says...

IRIA!!!  I wanna see black cat!!!  I didn't know you have it!  :(  You should let me see it!  Well, i love you chica and i will *hopefully* see u soon!

Sep 2, 2007
Brank says...

I'm watching Gundam Wing for the second time these days, and reading Mobile Suit Gundam: Awakening, Escalation, Confrontation. It's very good.

By the way, Gundam 00 is coming in october, a brand new serie looks cool.

Aug 27, 2007
Brank says...

Great animes you got there. I see you are a fan of Gundam. Nice!!!

Aug 20, 2007