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After accidently pressing the wrong link for the vampire diaries on the internet, my life was changed forever. Vampire knight popped up on my screen and from then on, i became the otaku i am today. I didn't even know what i was watching as it had no subtitles, i just knew it was not english. I later found that it was Japanese and decided to stick with it, eventually watching the whole 2 seasons and falling in love with the anime and manga world. Ever since then, i always have an anime to watch and enjoy.

But dont think of me as "the person who sits under the duvet, laptop in lap and bloodshot eyes with the curtains shut and the lights turned off" because i do have a life other than anime. I tend to keep my lives seperate, school and anime are completly different worlds and they don't mix. Not many people at school or at home know that i watch anime, and i feel kind of ashamed not to let others know a vital point about who i am. Even my own parents dont know where my love for the japanese language stemmed from...

I guess that on the internet, you can be the true person you are, have fun and be part of a great community that is anime-planet, but keep your identity hidden while doing it :)

My purpose on anime-planet is to hopefully give others information and lists of different animes that took me a loooooong time to find. But to also hopefully find friends that dont care about my name and my age, but just share my inerests :D

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Nesu says...

eh.... eeto..

I like your Anime taste too (:

Im actually an anti-social (kind of) person... somehow... 

But Anime is one of the only thing I can talk non-stop about ! >.<(My english skills are op btw.)Have a nice day ^_^

Aug 16, 2014
skyphoenix says...

Haha... I left a sandwich in my bag over the holidays once... I never used my lunchbox again... 

I've never heard of Annabel, can you give me a song of hers?

Haha I always watch anime scenes on youtube and sometimes while I'm watching something I read massive spoilers :S I can't help myself... But I always regret it but never learn.

I hated the Momo after she cheated on my favourite guy, Okayasu. I never really liked Toji. And I liked Sae after she changed... Without her Okayasu and Momo wouldn't have gotten together. Though I absolutely hated her until she changed.

Haha... On the side; Compliment... I didn't notice it sounded like you were talking about food... I was just desperately trying to read quickly and write the shortest reply I could...

I haven't noticed bad music to go with the scene though I never really look into things because I realised reading into what you read or watch takes out the enjoyment... For instance, the movie White Chicks was enjoyable when I was younger but now it seems really stupid.

I heard in Europe, besides England, you have to learn a minimum of 5 languages or so and also that knowing so many languages is advantageous... I don't know about that though...

Haha yeah the starting song is catchy and gets you motivated and then the ending song is like a sad slow song... It especially matches when something sad happens at the end of the episode.

Haha UtaPrince is one of the reasons I hate reverse harems. They are all so similar and the girls are so desperate... ugh. Then again the girls in harems can be worse.

The manga on my profile is a harem but it's written by a woman which is why the girls are not clingy unlike regular harems, I think. And it was a pretty good story... The authour doesn't write shoujo but her shounen romance mangas are amazing... They made me feel so many emotions: excitement, sadness, happiness.

Haha, They had to make a point that Sunako was prettier than she thought herself to be... 

To be honest Peach Girls plot wasn't anything special... But I was really hooked... I hated Toji though...

Haha... I've never had a boyfriend but I have a girlfriend, she was my friend for a while and we just hooked up.

Haha I'm kidding I don't roll that way. I just wanted to surprise you. I haven't really been interested in dating I've had plenty of crushes though... Like the guy in my music class and the guy in my art class...

Haha nah I'm joking... To be honest I've never been interested in romance... However watching it is a different matter. I get so emotional and excited its not funny... I've had guy friends though guys in general make me nervous. I swear I have a phobia of guys around my age... 

She gets gets unadopted? OK. That's just weird. What's also weird is that only until they adopted her did they think of adopting a girl. 

Males who are indifferent are jerks... The only example of one I like is Kyo from Fruits Basket but he was just shy... which is why he was so cute... Ahhh... *Fangirling over Kyo*. Misaki was pretty cool and badass and I really liked her...

Haha all the advice you gave is exactly what I think to myself... We are fairly alike. I actually have a hate journal where I write things when I'm mad or sad (haha it rhymed) and sometimes I read over and think "haha, I actually thought that" or "so true"

Haha yeah seriously no need for all that make-up... It's a waste of money really. 

I had a friend born in July the same year as me (she skipped a grade) and she she looked older than me.

I've always wanted an older brother who I can talk to and is slightly protective of me but my sisters are pretty good... sometimes. I've pretty much said everything I need to about Peach Girl, it wasn't amazing but I was definitely hooked.

I'll probably never write my book but I will share the basic outline of the story whenever I finish that. I ended up deleting a few thinking "this will never get anywhere" I also ended up merging a few but I am happy with my merge...

I realised only the supernatural themes seem to be popular so I had to add it in... 

Haha and I understand about the whole email thing. My sister is very protective... It was just a way to give you the word document to read the stories... since it's a little more private and I don't really want anyone to see them. My sister doesn't let me talk to strangers either but I do anyway. However I would never do so on an open account like facebook because everything can be seen on it... I hide behind my avatar and I don't really talk about my private life... You're one of the only people I've told my name to online... But a first name isn't much of a big deal. And I have two seperate emails, one I use privately and has my name in the address. 

Right now I'm watching season animes which are all pretty much finished and some are halfway... And I watched the ending of Little Busters! which was amazing and I also downloaded heaps of its songs and am pretty much addicted. I know I hear a great song when I get this really happy and warm feeling... I'm trying to finish my stalled anime so I can start something new. I watched one episode of Tsubasa Chronicles, and am trying to finish Fullmetal Alchemist, Black Butler, Seitokai Yakiundomo and Shakugan no Shana... All good enough not to be dropped but not enough for me to be hooked on except Fullmetal Alchemist which I watched the original series so I'm leaving that for a little later since I've pretty much seen it. What are you watching right now?

Dec 29, 2013
skyphoenix says...

It gets longer every time doesn't it?

Dec 26, 2013
skyphoenix says...

Haha, its only natural to want to know everything about a friend and I would love to know more about you as well. I'm not a stalker either though.

Yeah I've heard that Fungi joke as well. I think it's American because of the pronunciation. Speaking of fungi, yesterday I discovered fungi growing in the bottom of our bin... it what disgusting.

Yeah my phone has anime songs as well... Unfortunately Marina is not really well known so she doesn't have many songs but her songs are pretty good and her voice is just beautiful. I was going to tell you not to watch the scene or I did and you completely ignored me -_-... jokes but that is my favourite scene so...

I started watching Peach Girl and I have to say I really hate Sae but I felt sorry for her when she was forced into a Porno video.

I will check out Hakuouki when I can. Haha. A reverse harem huh? I'll still give it a try since you say so. Haha and Angel Beats! is awesome even though the romance is weak, each individual story is absolutely beautiful, same with Clannad and Little Busters!.

Haha I know Japanese... a bit. And when I said I knew 5 languages I meant I know 2 fluently - English and Sinhalese and I can understand, partly, 3 languages without subtitles - Hindi, Japanese and German. It's suprising how much you can understand sometimes. Have you ever tried watching something without subs... Once I translated a scene without subtitles, I mean if you know what's happening you can kind of understand... I don't teach myself Japanese though I just learn off anime.

Haha, anime songs are so catchy... Do you ever realise that that starting song is normally fast and catchy and the ending song is slow... sometimes... Peach Girl's a perfect example.

Haha yeah I saw her on your hate list... but basically all reverse harem leads are like that... Btw don't you think her eyes are a little creepy... I mean atleast put a proper black pupil instead of a green one. Haha utaprince is all for the fanservice and I don't think I've payed attention to many second seasons to agree... I mean I just think of it as a continuation of what I was watching. But still it is true that things change a lot in the second season...

Well the main character is the player and they normally don't have any personality at all, or a complicated character design sometimes no character at all. You see in visual novels, you choose what your character is going to say because essentially you are the main character. Yeah Amnesia was quite dull though I watched it once a week so I didn't really get into it.

Yeah I loved Sunako when she wasn't a Chibi she was so pretty at times... Yeah, I saw it in Peach Girl... They were thinking about doing it a few times... like seriously kids these days... Btw have you had a boyfriend before? Yes, originality always wins with me... Haha. That is why I love the whole survival game plot, it just seems so interesting. Haha... Clannad and Angel Beats!... Clannad has 52 episodes whereas Angel Beats! has 13... Tell me which you like better. I have a hard time choosing.

Haha... yeah. They make all the characters pretty likable so there isn't really a bad choice... I bet you Brothers Conflict will have an open end though I haven't seen enough to say for sure... Though if anyone it would be that guy she was friends with before... possibly. As I said I haven't seen much and I don't plan to either.

Haha I love easygoing characters because they seem so cool and it's not like they're heartless plus I hate anyone who is clingy which is why I hate it when they change... I just don't like it when they're so interested in the guy that they do anything for them.  Also what I meant by easygoing was that they aren't clingy type of person... I can't think of any examples... And I mean girls not guys... Indifferent guys are just plain jerks. Great examples: Misaki - Maid-sama!, Sawako - Kimi ni Todoke, Haruhi - Ouran, Kyoko - Skip Beat!... all of them aren't clingy as apposed to girls from harems... I guess the misunderstanding was that I was talking about harems... whoops, sorry. Haha... I can't remember any tsunderes from shoujo animes except Misaki from Maid-sama although she's a cool tsundere.

Haha a change of environment is what I need not want... I don't want to run away, I already know that but I just can't stand it anymore nor can anyone else. Haha and I have already accepted everything and to be honest I'm glad things turned out this way because these hardships made me a stronger person. I may not seem like it but I am very sensitive... I used to cry a lot. It made me get bullied even more... Haha and we definitely think alike. I thought that myself as well... And thanks for your advice it really helped reassure me. I really wanted to talk to someone about it  but I drowned myself in anime instead because I didn't know who to tell.

Haha and I'm so glad you seem like not the type to tryhard... I really do dislike kids these day who try so hard and wear makeup... I never wear makeup at school or at all to be honest. I'm going to school not to a photo shoot or a circus in some cases... I mean people sometimes really wear heaps of makeup...

In Australia you start school when you're 6 but if you were born before May you can start a year earlier... Btw when's your birthday?

Haha my younger sister is so annoying but since she's a year younger I can get her in  trouble just as much. hehe. I just have to play the deer, whoever cries first wins... haha I'm joking, I just wanted to quote Peach Girl.

Yeah, I've heard it was good... and I have read something else by the same authour, btw the authour is Australian... Btw I've never had to read such a long book for school before... interesting.

Haha I'm flattered. My sisters think I act like a guy... TT_TT. Haha funny when I heard you're name I was thinking of naming one of my book characters that as well. And I would love to read your book when it's done... mine is just ideas I haven't started yet but I always brainstorm ideas for it... I always have story ideas so I have around 20 different stories to write but I incorperated a few to make a huge one with 5 parts to it so I'm excited to start writing some...

Haha I was thinking that I would never have children if I can help it but if I do I would name it as fancy as I can...

They probably have asian shops in the city that sell dango but the extent of asian shops I've seen just sell lunch like I go to this Japanese restaurant that sells soba and udon and rice...

Haha yes google is useful but it is definitely a double-edged sword... Ceylon is what they used to call Sri Lanka back before who knows when... I think it was when the British occupied or something like that... Haha... the irony talking to you about it...

Haha I wouldn't necessarily call it a mix because I was born here but I don't necessarily have it in my blood... But then again to be truly Australian I'd have to been Aboriginal... Haha. I have been to Sri Lanka a few times and Singapore (which is beautiful)... But not often, last time I went was 2009.

Same I feel rude not replying to everything you've said... I tried condensing as much as I could but this message is still pretty long... Btw do you use your email? It seems easier to reply to then this...

Dec 26, 2013
skyphoenix says...

Whoops it didn't paragraph properly...

I just wrote a few paragraphs and accidentally got out of my tab, again... This time it didn't save... FML!!! Take Two# It doesn't really matter that your messages are really long I mean mine are too... There is just so much to talk about... And it takes about an hour to reply, atleast for me it does...

Okay... trying to remember what I wrote... ummmmm... Fun guy huh? well it really depends on how you pronounce it because I pronounce it fun-gee. I listen to any song that I think sounds good but I don't go out of my way to search for songs, I just hear them and download them. I really like meaningful song like My Song by Marina which is an insert song from Angel Beats!, it is such a beautiful song... If you do check it out, watch Angel Beats! first because the scene that the song is in is awesome...

Anime songs in general are beautiful and I agree the Japanese language is pretty nice... Japanese is my fifth language so I sometimes get my languages mixed up but now I can really tell a Japanese person from they're name. I normally skip opening and ending songs after listening to it the first or second time (and download if I like it), though sometimes I can't help but listen, because I have the mentality that I save 2 minutes every episode and therefore I could have watched an episode of something else after watching a 13 episode anime in the time I was wasting listen to the same song 13 times... Don't judge me #_#. I normally just listen to my Japanese music I only have 14 English songs and I have around 60 songs...

I agree, both seasons of UtaPri was pretty boring, but I actually found myself skipping though the second season because the second season was too... rounded, it focused on every guy and was too reverse harem-ish and they added that extra and unnecessary guy. Btw I heard that a younger version of the principal was included in the harem of the game, something to do with time travel... like what?! Holy... I just found out that the principal is the father of Otoya, who was one of my personal favourites and that Cecil is Otoya's half-brother. Strange. Very Strange.

Whenever I get a message I jump straight onto the laptop because typing on the phone is really annoying and dodgy. Btw my last message was typed on the phone...

According to gameplay you are the main character and therefore they cannot create some outrageous personality they have to have a plain boring character to respond to the other characters and sometimes they make up the names for the anime as well. If you have seen Amnesia you would realise that the main character does not have a name. They refer to her as Heroine. Even the characters don't call her by her name... And yep that is exactly it, people have different tastes so they have a lot of routes that one can follow.

I really liked Yamato Nadeshiko because the romantic scenes were that much better because they were rare which made it cuter. And yes Sunako was badass at times so I found her really cool. Though I disliked her being a chibi half the time. I prefer a little bit of romance sometimes because otherwise its all just about how they want to hold hands, kiss and get into each others pants... okay that was a little inappropriate but that is basically everything that happens in a shoujo manga... Clannad is also a little slow in the romantic department but that is what made the moments so special... it really gives a great feeling when they finally get together and the first season is basically random story arcs the romantic development doesn't start until later but it is still an awesome show nevertheless.

Both types are pretty much the same but I believe that harems (That are not fanservice) are more centered than most reverse harems and I normally always only like the main love interest... You have to give me some examples of reverse harems where the main character ends up with an unsatisfying person.

Haha I have my opinions everything including gender quality but harems don't really bother me... I just think that the characters are really annoying and that is all. I don't really care if a girl uses other methods to get the guy it just makes me happier when the guy ends up with the girl who was just being herself instead of trying to impress the guy... But something that I really dislike in harems is that they'll have this cool main female lead who is easygoing and couldn't care less about the guy and then she falls in love and becomes some overly jealous, annoying person (tsundere). I kind of dislike tsunderes because they really annoy me.

I am moving schools because my parents got divorced so we decided we would move closer to the city just for a change and to escape... everyone pretty much. I'm excited but I'm also anxious because we've had almost little to no progress in finding a house or a school. I would want to move schools even if I'm unhappy to because I really want to leave the house I'm in and just live peacefully with my mum and sisters without worrying about my dad. And also it would be a bother to my studies having to travel from the city to school...

Haha my friends are pretty immature sometimes too, the more older you get, the more you miss being younger. I am a year younger than my friends because I went to school a year earlier... Haha yeah, when smelling things you tend to try everything you see... Btw have you heard of the shop T2 if so, have ever smelt the tea in there... some are so amazing. I believe I am a little unfit because of various reasons... I'm pretty weak. I am vitamin D deficient so I have weak bones and they ache in pain sometimes, right now my arm is killing me... Btw I think I've been typing non-stop for 2 hours. lol. I also am an asthmetic so I get worn out quickly and have to take brakes to catch my breath... Although strangely enough, despite all that I was pretty fit in year 8, I was in the top 12 in sports for the girls in our year level which I am very proud of.

Haha just a little brother, how old?... And my sisters always loves to pick a fight with me. I am the middle child of three girls... And very much different to everyone else in my family... The odd one out.

Haha, childhood heroes... yeah I was the type to just watch and not really care about anything else.

I got the Book Thief which is very good because I have been wanting to read it for a while.

Well my name is unisex but I am a girl in case you didn't know that already. Haha. And I really love your name. It is awesome and I admit I thought it was pronounced ee-yo-lan-ta... but yeah I don't really care how people pronouce my name as long as the h is silent. Btw I really love names that are uniquely spelt. Haha I have a friend who hates her name because it sounds like gum nut... I feel sorry for her.

I dislike some people from my dad's side but there are some who are really nice and I also have a niece who is older than me... how embarrassing. I only get presents from my mum, sister and aunt but I'm not really materialistic so I don't really care.

I love fingergloves, they are awesome. And maybe your aunt assumed you liked manga or something... And btw if you type in dango in google you'll come up with Clannad... haha. And I so want to try dango...

I totally agree my first name is as far as I'll go as well... It is possible to change your username but you have to meet the terms like you have to have had the account for more than 6 months or something like that. Just google it. Well it was from my email which is ceylonesephoenix but it seemed too long so I shortened it. Ceylon is pretty much my nationality but no one really calls it that anymore and the phoenix was random but I searched it up and apparently phoenixes symbolise rebirth so lets stick with that.

Yeah Australia is awesome I don't think I want to live anywhere else though I do want to travel. Umm... right now it is boiling hot but my particular city has unpredictable weather. My teacher once said that it was known for having four seasons in one day and that they used to sell t-shirts like that. If you search it up you'll probably find it. It was cold a few days ago though. I pretty stayed in doors as always for Christmas

Haha that is an awesome mix. By blood I am Sri Lankan but I was born here. Oh and I have heaps of relatives just not many that live here. My mum is the second oldest of five and my dad is the youngest of eight... I think. His oldest brother was old enough to be his dad and my oldest cousins is only a few years younger than him. Lets see I have 15 or more cousins from my dads side and 15 from my mums (30 cousins...) and also 10-ish nieces and nephews...

Wow I think I spent nearly 3 hours to reply... We might need to shorten our messages a bit or I need to type faster.

Dec 25, 2013