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After accidently pressing the wrong link for the vampire diaries on the internet, my life was changed forever. Vampire knight popped up on my screen and from then on, i became the otaku i am today. I didn't even know what i was watching as it had no subtitles, i just knew it was not english. I later found that it was Japanese and decided to stick with it, eventually watching the whole 2 seasons and falling in love with the anime and manga world. Ever since then, i always have an anime to watch and enjoy.

But dont think of me as "the person who sits under the duvet, laptop in lap and bloodshot eyes with the curtains shut and the lights turned off" because i do have a life other than anime. I tend to keep my lives seperate, school and anime are completly different worlds and they don't mix. Not many people at school or at home know that i watch anime, and i feel kind of ashamed not to let others know a vital point about who i am. Even my own parents dont know where my love for the japanese language stemmed from...

I guess that on the internet, you can be the true person you are, have fun and be part of a great community that is anime-planet, but keep your identity hidden while doing it :)

My purpose on anime-planet is to hopefully give others information and lists of different animes that took me a loooooong time to find. But to also hopefully find friends that dont care about my name and my age, but just share my inerests :D

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Nesu says...

eh.... eeto..

I like your Anime taste too (:

Im actually an anti-social (kind of) person... somehow... 

But Anime is one of the only thing I can talk non-stop about ! >.<(My english skills are op btw.)Have a nice day ^_^

Aug 16, 2014
skyphoenix says...

It gets longer every time doesn't it?

Dec 26, 2013
skyphoenix says...

I was going to say I'm possibly moving schools so I don't need to do the homework from the old school

Dec 24, 2013
TheAngelofDeath says...

Glad I could help you once again! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to think that one of my most Serious comments is the one that made you laugh haha. 

When I first joined my MLG team my team leader said "First rule of Knight MLG. There is no such thing is luck, just skill and good timing. Anyone with the tenacity to use the excuse "That was just luck!" will be kicked off this team faster than you can scream LUCK!" It was a pretty awesome quote to me so I kind of took it to heart and started saying it in real life as well. Most don't wanna believe it but eh, haters am I right?

Oh just incase I'm not able to get on tomorrow. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you get lots and lots of presents! ^_^

Dec 24, 2013
skyphoenix says...

Haha well they're not really paragraphs since I was writing so much I didn't know when to start a new paragraph I just kept writing which normally I fuss about. 

Any survival game recommendations... well I gave a few before but I'll write them again: Mirai Nikki, Btooom!, Deadman Wonderland, Sword Art Online all have the survival type of genre and Steins;Gate, Angel Beats!, Code Geass are sort of similar in some ways.

And two highly recommended anime: Ano Hi Mita Hana No Namae Wo Bokutachi Wa Mada Shiranai - or Ano Hana for short (I memorised the whole thing) and also Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. I dare you to watch them blind as in don't read reviews or even what its about just watch them I assure you they are great.

Btw do you watch new season anime (ones that come out weekly)?

The legend of Basara... Wow its as old as I am... I'll give it a chance I guess. Though I don't think it would be anytime soon since I already have over 200 anime on my list though it's not like I'm going to watch them all.

Btw what anime are you currently watching? As in your most recent one... 

Dec 23, 2013