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I'm an evil phycomaniac who is currently obsessed with tootsie rolles. I'm eating one right now :3 I go to high school, I'll be 18 next year, wooters!, and I'm the the radest person you'll ever meet and I'm too lazy to type anything else xP Btw I'm Inverted Strawberry on gaia ;D

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What?! No anime ratings?

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ambitiousflame01 Jul 13, 2008

So did I //.T

Maybe we just haven't found them yet, lol

ambitiousflame01 Jul 12, 2008

I love death note :3

You're the first person I met here that's actually in High school lol

Reawen Jul 12, 2008

*trying to picture an inverted strawberry*

Does that mean you're covered in that fuzzy white stuff they have inside? O_o

 By the way, I can't believe you dropped Kenshin at 41! If you made it that far, you should finish off the Shishio arc (around ep 62). I could understand dropping after that... I actually didn't watch the 3rd season until years after I had watched the first 2.  But, since you did watch all of Ouran Host Club (my favorite), I'll forgive you ^_^