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          Hey, what's up? I like watching pretty much any kind of anime, especially anime that invokes an emotional response from the viewer. I don't really mind ecchi content, but if it isn't accompanied with at least some vague semblence of a plot, then that's not cool with me.

          Also, I'm a huge fan of soundtracks. A couple of times I have liked an anime more for the soundscape it paints for me than the actual animation, and I like purchasing OST albums whenever I can. I am a musician myself, and I play trombone in an international-level jazz ensemble. My favorite kind of soundtrack is a soundtrack that makes use of interesting chord progressions or unique instrumentation. I'm also a fan of minimalist BGM (e.g. the Bakemonogatari OST), and I actually really love catchy J-pop or J-rock (such as the OP to Madoka Magica/OP to AnoHana).

          If I had to pick a least favorite genre of anime, it's probably sports anime. Not that I hate it or anything, but I find myself uninterested for the most part. I'm not super huge on sports in real life, so maybe I just can't relate. But to each their own, right?

         On the flipside, I love anime that can make you cry and laugh without resorting to ridiculous inconsistencies or plot deviations. And darker anime can be great too. Basically, if a series goes above and beyond in any particular aspect besides suck, I will be interested in it.

         Also, in case anybody is wondering how I'm rating the series I watch, I rate them based on how much I enjoyed watching the anime. If I got really into it and felt connected to the series on more than a superficial level, then I'll rate it higher. If I came out of it feeling kind of ambivalent, or if I wasn't able to enjoy the show, I will rate it appropriately. I personally couldn't care less about things like production values, or how a series compares to another series. I like to think most anime is produced for the sole intent of entertaining/communicating with the viewers, so I will rate the shows I watch in that manner.

          If you want to chat about anything, shoot me a comment. I'm always up for a good chat.

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roriconfan Oct 5, 2012

10th video added

ikkitheskyking9000 Sep 29, 2012

Its been a long time since I 've seen the series so I can't remember all that much about the show. Buy I did enjoyed Ergo Proxy when I first watched it.

I'll watch it again sometime so I can explain things better about my liking in Ergo Proxy.

ikkitheskyking9000 Sep 28, 2012

I recommend the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime over the original anime series. FMA Brotherhood has a great story about the uses of alchemy and very memorably characters, and the fight scenes are great.

Brotherhood also follows the manga more closely.

You should watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, it puts most anime to shame.

ikkitheskyking9000 Sep 28, 2012

Bleach, the series everyone loves to hate, it has turned into the punching bag in the anime fandon. Honestly there are times when I really enjoy the series, it does have cool fights, but I do get frustrated with the lack of background art and it's bad story.

I was a naruto fan, until it turned into a mess.

ikkitheskyking9000 Sep 27, 2012

Are there any shonen series that you like? My favorites are fullmetal alchemist and One Piece.