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Ahoy there, this is 'Insanity'... a hardcore Gintamard
I'm basically a manga person. so don't prefer watching long running series, my favorites would be : NGE movies, Beck Mongolian Chop Squad, Gintama, Berserk, One Piece, Rainbow, Vagabond, 20th Century boys...

other interests - I waste most of my time on Youtube digging sorts of stuff, anything interesting which would keep me occupied...
PS-ing... and of course Socializing..

preferred Music genre - thrash metal and Rock let's see...

what i like doing the most - wasting time on watching an anime series and reading mangas, marathoning
anime and manga series, reviewing an anime/ manga series, discussing about an anime/ manga series, having virtual crushes on anime/ manga girls like dorks, going hyper about some same old anime/ manga series...
'Photoshop' and 'Cookery' are the only two things which i suppose i like other than anime/ manga shit.... ah no.. wait.... i like Simpsons, Family Guy, Friends, Two n a Half Men, How i met your mother shits too..


Q. What is 'Jump-tard' ?

Ans. the term Jump-tard is derived from the name of a weekly published
Japanese manga magazine : 'Shounen Jump'.... The Shounen Jump universe or so
called Jumpverse is equivalent to Marvel or DC universe of the US comics... Series constituting the Jump verse should be familiar to any regular anime/manga fan.... yes Dragonball, Naruto, Bleach, YuYu hakusho, One Piece, Death
Note, Kochikame, Black Cat, Gintama, Toriko, Fairy Tail, Hunter x Hunter, Katekyo
Hitman Reborn, D.Gray man etc are a part of it... and thus any regular manga fan
always getting hyped about the Jump verse is regarded as a 'Jump-tard'..

current top three series on my list -

1. One Piece

2. Gintama

2. Berserk

.. 'nuff with personal shits :P

Favorite Quote : "You think you can just escape? Walk out of this world like it's some bad movie? It's too easy to make like a bird. To flap your wings as you chicken out after causing all these problems. The tough part's walking. Taking what comes along and walking right through it. That's what real people do."

P.S : Eikichi Onizuka FTW \m/

and dat's 'bout enough eyesores i suppose.... and in case u din read any of the shits above, just know dat imma average average Internet addict like u guys...'Arigatou' for visiting :D~


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NoCheerios Jun 13, 2011

Yeah, that'd be sothis, creator of the site.

NoCheerios Jun 7, 2011

Well, as sothis nicely put it down there, it should be finished soon enough. Sooo.... no worries? :p

sothis Jun 3, 2011

Trust me that we definitely want to fix it in the future! The problem is the forum is a separate system - most websites either are JUST a forum, or have done a lot of work to make the two accounts linked (thus, to users, they seem like 'one' account). We do have plans to do this linking in the future, but have prioritized other way more important features first like the upcoming super user activity feed ^_^

NoCheerios Jun 2, 2011

Lol, I hate it when crap makes you register. It should just let you log in with your AP account.

NoCheerios May 31, 2011

Haha, I myself have yet to join the forums, and I've been around for a few months. Lemme know how that works out, will ya?