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HikaruTenshi Dec 29, 2010

I do not attend school at the moment so I am always on break except for when I volunteer. ^_^

How was your holiday?


HikaruTenshi Dec 18, 2010

I are sick. ^_^ But I am glad that you are fine.

I am a bit tired too.. but that's mostly cause I am sick.

Haha. It's okay. You are not alone. Since Math hates me too. ^_^

Are you on break now?

Keep warm!


HikaruTenshi Dec 7, 2010

Hi hi! How are you?

I didn't go to the hospital for anything serious. ^_^

What have you been up to?

How did that math thing go?


HikaruTenshi Nov 30, 2010

I HATE math.. x.x Math and I don't get along at all.

OoOoOo lucky.. we haven't had snow yet... x.x It's cold enough.... but it's just too sunny and cloudless.

Sleep! I <3 sleep!

Hmmm... today I woke up, cleaned up my house a bit.... texted people... went to this thing at my hospital... went to the store... decided that for once I won't bake for tomorrow.... and I am making pizza right now because I am starving.......


HikaruTenshi Nov 29, 2010

You are very welcome. ^_^

What are you confused about?

I am okay. It's cold outside. I no wanna go outside. x.x

What did you do today?