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Alright no more procrastination...on 53 counting animes as of now.....edit this later

My Top Animes Shows:


2. Blue Exorcist

3. Inuyasha

4.  Soul Eater

5. Fairy Tail

6. Hakuoki Shinsengumi

7. K Project

8. Hell Girl

9. ???

10. ???

(any horror/DEMON anime)

My Least Favorite Anime Shows:

1. Rosario to Vampire

2. The Familiar of Zero

3. Fruits Basket

Overrated Animes: ( sorry all you fans )

1.Death Note

2. One Piece

3. Fruits Basket

My Top Anime Goodguys:( no order )

1. Edward Elric

2. Rin and Yukio Okumura

3. Gray Fullbuster

4. Lyon Vastia

5. Alphonse Elric

6. Roy Mustang

7. Soul Evans

8. Koga

9. Death the Kid

10. Susumu Yamazaki

11. Toshiro Hitsugaya

12. Ichigo Kurosaki

13. Black Star

14. Tsubaki

15. Liz and Patty

16. Maka Albarn

17. Crona and Ragnarok

18. Black Rock Shooter

19. Soushi Miketsukami

20. Yuno Gasai

21. Ai Enma

22. Winry Rockbell

23. Lucy Heartfillia

24. Erza Scarlet

25. Riza Hawkeye

26. Trisha Elric

27. Ling Yao

28. May Chang

29. Zero Kiryu

30. Yuki Cross/Kuran

My Top Anime Badguys: ( no order)

1. Lust

2. Envy

3. Greed

4. Gluttony

5. Pride

6. Sloth

7. Wrath

8. Ai Enma

9. Midnight

10. Sesshomaru

11. Naraku

12. Satan ( blue exorcist)

13. Bankotsu

14. Byakuya of the Dreams

15. Father

16. Medusa

17. Arachne

18. Zeref




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inthenameofsatan says...

Hey, thanks for the comment. I'm glad that you love my user name:p yours interesting too:]

See you.

Sep 18, 2014
tsumiki says...

I miss you so much too but my parents aren't giving me internet back and the tech people at school are gonna have my computer for a 10000 years because I have so many viruses and we're going on holiday soon so it'll be 2 weeks (at least) until I'll be back, I'll try and keep in contact somehow, I'm not sure how yet... but it will happen! :)

Sep 14, 2014
Sianeka says...

Oh, I didn't really expect you to come up with a definitive answer. My question about which wind farm it is representing is more rhetorical than anything else. *grin*

Definitely going to be checking out Phi Star more in future ... it does seem to be an interesting site!

Sep 11, 2014
tsumiki says...

Hey Yami-chan! I am so so so so sorry I have been away, I don't know if you'll get this or not! But I love you I really do! I've just been super busy and some things slip my my (I'm actually kind of an airhead if I'm quite honest T^T) But I just wanted you to know that I am really missing you and that I still love you and want to talk with you! (though my computer is on a one way trip to crazy land... I probably should get it fixed xD )

Also just a little side note, I'm wearing a maid uniform at school today :o I will send you some pictures as soon as my computer has stopped being horribly selfish! (or maybe sooner we'll see if my phone allows me to send pictures!)

I gotta jet, I'm still in class (crying so hard right now) love you lots and lots my little (not so little) cutie ;)

Sep 10, 2014
Sianeka says...

I googled Phi Star as I wasn't familiar with it. *smile*

Wonder whether the scene is Indio or Livermore????  (I've seen both of those.) Or a Japanese wind farming facility like those we have here.

Sep 10, 2014