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Bleach Suggested Viewing Order

15 JUL

So I got curious as to what chronological order the Bleach episodes come in, and seeing as I'm bored and an otaku, with the only thing to do being watch Gintama (which I'm taking a break from at the moment), I thought I'd write up this timeline, so newcomers to Bleach can see what order the episodes come in, and when to watch the Bleach Movies and Specials at a time when they'll make most sense and canon in the timeline. This is also helpful in understanding when filler episodes take place. Welcome, to my perspective on the viewing order of the Bleach anime...

--> Episode 227

--> Episodes 1 to 14 (Special 1 is a retelling of Episodes 8 and 9)

--> Episode 33

--> Episode 50

--> Episodes 15 to 32

--> Episodes 34 to 49

--> Episodes 50 to 63

--> Movie 1 (aka "Memories of Nobody")

--> Episodes 64 to 109

--> Special 2 (aka "Sealed Sword Frenzy")

--> Episode 228

--> Episodes 110 to 135

--> Episode 229

--> Episodes 136 to 137

--> Movie 2 (aka "DiamondDust Rebellion")

--> Episodes 230 to 255

--> Episodes 256 to CURRENT

--> Movie 3 (aka "Fade to Black")

--> Episodes 138 to 167

--> Episodes 190 to 203

--> Episodes 206 to 226

--> Episodes 168 to 189

--> Episodes 204 to 205

It should be noted that there two gaps of peaceful time: between Season 3 to Season 4, and between Season 5 to Season 6. These two ranges of time are ideal for fitting in movies and specials into the story canon. This is a list of how the seasons of Bleach exist, and the name of each season...

Season 01: Episodes 001 to 020 (aka "Agent of the Shinigami")

Season 02: Episodes 021 to 041 (aka "Sneaky Entry Into Soul Society")

Season 03: Episodes 042 to 063 (aka "Rescue From Soul Society")

Season 04: Episodes 064 to 091 (aka "The Bount")*

Season 05: Episodes 092 to 109 (aka "Assault on Soul Society")*

Season 06: Episodes 110 to 131 (aka "Arrancar Arrival")

Season 07: Episodes 132 to 151 (aka "Invasion Of Hueco Mundo")

Season 08: Episodes 152 to 167 (aka "The Fierce Fight")

Season 09: Episodes 168 to 189 (aka "New Captain Shusuke Amagai")*

Season 10: Episodes 190 to 214 (aka "Arrancar Versus Shinigami")

Season 11: Episodes 215 to 229 (aka "Battle Of Fake Karakura Town")

Season 12: Episodes 230 to 255 (aka "Zanpakuto Unknown Tales")*

Season 13: Episodes 256 to CURRENT (aka "The Beast Swords")*

*The seasons marked with an asterix show that they are 'Filler' arcs (meaning they are stories exclusive to the anime, and not included in the manga).

~Version 1.5~


default avatar apolloxiii
Apr 13, 2012

makes no sense to watch the captain amage arc after the karakura town arc, there is another arc that follows karakura town directly..

Innocency avatar Innocency
Nov 8, 2009

If you want it to fit within the canon story (in other words, being able to watch it in order so it all makes best sense), then sure. Though of course, you can still watch it whenever you want haha :)

Anifan avatar Anifan
Nov 4, 2009

hii.. :)

i´m not sure i total understand (sorry)

du you mean the first movie can be watch after episode 63????????

Innocency avatar Innocency
Aug 25, 2009

Yeah, it's just as good watching in the order the episodes the series was aired; this is just a suggested viewing order for people who want a more straight-forward plot, instead of going back and forth in the timeline due to all the filler arcs. If anything, what I've wrote is more of a plot timeline than anything else. :)

badazz5001 avatar badazz5001
Aug 24, 2009

i dont know if i agree im doing fine waching it in the order they premeired

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