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Goodbye Gintama, Hello Awesome Bleach Episodes


They've joked about it for like two years now, but it's actually, finally, happened: my beloved anime Gintama has ended.

It's actually ended.

You know, two years of joking around.

Then the countdown in the title cards came up.

Slowly, with each passing episode, the countdown counted down (well of course it did).

And then,

At the end of last week's episode, there was no "haha! we fool you!" segment.

But rather, just a sign saying "END."

With no new episode this week, and Anime-Planet allowing the "Watched" option on Gintama, can it be true? :'(

Ah well. Can I get a "Hells yeah!" for the return of Bleach's awesomeness! This week saw the long-awaited end to TWO filler seasons, and so the upcoming week will have Bleach return to the main storyline!!! And it starts off with extreme goodness in the form of Ichigo versus Ulqquioer versus My Inability To Spell His Name Properly, haha. Seriously though, go youtube, "Soul Carnival Ichigo Preview" and it's like SUPER MEGA ULTIMATE FANTASTICAL!!! I could embed the video here, but ya know, that would take effort.

TL;DR - Gintama has ended, boo hoo. Bleach is finally awesome again.

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Sunagan avatar Sunagan
Apr 9, 2010

I'm currently around ep 15 with gintama so i have a lot more episodes to look forward to :D.

If you say they are finally starting the main storyline again with bleach, i must quickly catch up with the filler to be prepared for awesomeness again (at last xD)

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