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Watch Log of 2010 January, Part 2

18 JAN

This is the second part of my watch log for 2010 January. As always, comments are welcome, and will always be answered. Hopefully in a timely fashion. The reason why this month's watch log is in multiple parts is because the first part exceeded the 20,000 characters maximum.

Part TWO of TWO.



18th, Monday:

--> KARA NO KYOUKAI - THE GARDEN OF SINNERS, episode 3: For some reason, the opening credits sequence reminded me of the Metal Gear Solid games. Thankfully, this episode is set after episode 2, but just a few months before episode 1, meaning that Shiki's personality is how I like it. The action scenes aren't as good as the ones in episode 1, but the characters and plot are much better than episode 2, and I'm thankful that there's still great animation in the fight between Shiki and Fujino. And I appreciate the fact that this episode gives us the revelation of why Shiki has to have a prostetic arm. And I like how Kukutou smiles when told by Shiki that she wants to kill him... Has he forgotten that she used to be a serial killer? He shouldn't smile - he should run for his life!

--> NARUTO, episode 94: Kabuto kicks his enemy when they're down! It's ridicolously funny to see him give kick after kick, as if he's in some kind of children's comedy show beating up "the bad guy."

--> DURARARA, episode 2: I love the dark, mysterious, yet wise and charming personality of Nakura, and would like to see more of him in the next episodes. I'm glad to see that this episode is intertwined with the first episode at three points (when the girl walks past the two characters from episode one, we also see the reason why the vending machine was flying up in the air, and we get more explanation as to why the girl was waiting in that location).


19th, Tuesday:

--> KARA NO KYOUKAI - THE GARDEN OF SINNERS, episode 4: The scene where Shiki first see's supernatural stuff in her hospital room looked awesome. And Kokutou's singing was actually pretty good english, so praise to his voice actor for that. And I'm glad to see that in this episode we get to witness the 'birth' of the third Shiki personality, which is so much better a character than the first Shiki.

--> SO-RA-NO-WO-TO, episode 3: Is it really neccassary for us to constantly be reminded about the blonde woman in Kanata's flashback? We've saw here so many times, already! And I think that Rio also knowing 'Amazing Grace' means that the blonde woman (Rio's mother?) in Rio's flashback is the same women that Kanata was inspired from. Yay for character links! However, Rio's exposition of her past was kinda tacky in how it used Kanata's illness as a plot device :/


20th, Wednesday:

--> BLEACH, episode 254: Can't Muramasa just be killed already? Sheesh. At least Kouga's out of the way, at least. Oh well, next episode is the finale of this filler season. Yay! Hopefully the next filler season will be much better! And this episode's omake has actually shown that Kazeshini has potential as a comedic character, haha.


21st, Thursday:

--> READ OR DIE OVA, episodes 2 and 3: I've been meaning to watch this since early December, haha. There was a load of things about these two episodes I wanted to write down, but now I can't remember. However, from what I do remember; why have Nancy's clone infiltrate the base, when she isn't going to steal any intel or kill any people when she's there? Her purpose is pointless! Also, where did Beethoven come from? Did the lack of music cause his death? What!? And when the homicide/suicide song is broadcast, why did it only affect one room of people instead of the entire base? Maybe that dude's suicide was completely unrelated to the song!


22nd, Friday:

--> KARA NO KYOUKAI - THE GARDEN OF SINNERS, episode 5: I found a few inconsistances in Shiki's behaviour, given her personality. Or maybe it's just to show that the third personality is a merger of the first two? Meh. This episode is very different to the previous four episodes in terms of presentation; most noticable when the characters transition between scenes, and how the story can go back and forth. Maybe this episode has a different director? But anyways, this episode has good action, which lives up to the action teased in the first episode. The characters of Tomoe and the enemy mage are cool, so this is a good episode.

--> NARUTO, episodes 95 and 96: When you consider that Tsuande is bascially a medic, you would think she'd summon something more hygienic than a slug. :|

--> GINTAMA, episode 192: How did Gintoki know which room to break the wall into, eh? And Katsura pressing that button on the control panel seemed to do nothing, so that was pointless. I don't understand how Gintoki and Katsura can revert back to human form, yet the boss cat is still trapped. Ah, well, whatever. The ending was funny; good idea with what happened (or didn't) with Kondo.

--> BLEACH, chapter 389: Finally the fight begins. But where's Gin in all this? Is he just still standing in the distance? The last thing he did was split someone in two, but now he's just watching Aizen get battered?


23rd, Saturday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


24th, Sunday:

--> KARA NO KYOUKAI - THE GARDEN OF SINNERS, episode 6: Although it was a bit hard to follow at first, this episode is surprisingly good despite it's lack of focus on Shiki.


25th, Monday:

--> NARUTO, episodes 97 and 98:


26th, Tuesday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


27th, Wednesday:

--> BLEACH, episode 255: Finally, this season has ended! I must admit that this episode was actually okay. Not decent! But compared to the previous five episodes at least, this one has been the most okay.

--> SO-RA-NO-WO-TO, episode 4: In this episode, Rei Ayanami must fix Metal Gear Rex by stealing the Meteor Fragment from Hell's Gate!! No, wait, that's not right, haha. Nice subtle hint about the exctinction of dolphins, by the way. No, seriously, that wasn't sarcastic, haha. And for those who didn't get it, I was referencing Neon Genesis Evangelion, Metal Gear Solid, and Darker Than Black. I'm such a geek sometimes, haha!


28th, Thursday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


29th, Friday:

--> GINTAMA, episode 193: A good episode which reminds me of a similar one back in season one of Gintama. However, the first time this episode was done, in which it's set in the Yurozuya household, is much better than this episode. Still, this episode was okay. Thank god for Shinpachi - his straight man character is what makes most of the humour work. I didn't understand the potential Dragon Ball GT reference, though. O.o

--> BLEACH, chapter 390: Yay! Finally Gin is now back in the manga! I'm so happy! ...But all he did was big up Aizen. :| Ah, well, compared to the last few chapters, this one was pretty good! The fight against Aizen has begun! :D

--> DURARARA, episode 3: Although this Simon character seems boring by himself, he seems to give a decent narration throught the episode. I'm glad that this episode has a lot of that black-haired character I like the most. He's twenty-three? He looks like someone with the character design of someone only eighteen or something. I mean, Ichigo from Bleach looks older, and Ichigo's only fifteen. So why the girl bullies called him old is beyond me.


30th, Saturday:



31st, Sunday:


--> KARA NO KYOUKAI - THE GARDEN OF SINNERS, episode 7: Lio is the dude from episode two who talked to Shiki with the enigmatic words "Don't you think four times is enough?" And he also entered the spotlight at the end of episode five or six. But here, in this episode, he has blonde hair and weird eyes which makes it so very confusing as to who he is initially. Why change his appearance? It seems only counterproductive to the viewer's enjoyment of the episode. He used to look like Kira from Death Note. Now he looks like a male equivalent of Seras Victoria from the original Hellsing anime. O.o


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