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Watch Log of 2009 December, Part 2

26 DEC

This is the second part of my watch log for 2009 December. As always, comments are welcome, and will always be answered. Hopefully in a timely fashion. The reason why this month's watch log is in multiple parts is because the first part exceeded the 20,000 characters maximum.

Part TWO of TWO.



27th, Sunday:

--> DOGS - BULLETS AND CARNAGE, episode 4: I take it back, episode 3 is not the best so far; episode 4 has completely surpassed it. Heine is a character I want to see more of! He kinda freaked out a little too much when the 'Angel' touched him, but obviously he has issues, haha. From the moment he died to the moment he read the match box was the highlight of this episode. I laughed so much when he became resurrected, picked up the matches, and just casually utters "fuck off." This episode confirms my desire to eventually read the manga, even more so upon seeing that the character's plots are indeed interwined at times.

--> NARUTO, episodes 48 to 57: Compared to the previous episodes... this episode has the best animation so far. The fight between Lee and Gaara has FINALLY confirmed that Naruto may in fact be worth watching for the fight sequences. Ironic thing is, I've come to realise this, in a scene which involves Lee... Naruto's most annoying character. On the other hand, Gaara is always interesting. And for the life of me, I can't remember when this Ebisu person first shown up. Also, I liked how Lee went Super Sajin 5... Erm, I mean, opened his Fifth Gate. And thanks to the help of Naruto Wikia, I've finally come to understand the Kage system and the political side of Naruto. And why are there no ANBU standing guard at Sasuke's hospital room!? And the anime has just blantantly made it obvious on two occasions who Naruto's father is! Is it this blatant in the manga, I wonder?

--> EXCEL SAGA, episode 13: The scene of the sim dating game gave me the overwhelming urge to re-watch Welcome To The NHK, haha. Loved the Engrish scene.


28th, Monday:

--> KYO KARA MAOH, episode 17 and 18: Awww, the young version of Raven is so cute ^^ Why does Stoffel always seem to be suspected as being evil, when he seems perfectly harmless? And the previous Maoh doesn't know that a civil war is happening? I know she's not always with it, but she must realise something of that level of importance! And for #18, if Wolfram knew all about the bee's once they hatched, surely he would know what their cocoon and egg-layers must look like? Also, if they'll return in exactly one year, why can't Wolfram stay in the Reception House for 11 months? Seems like a waste of space by leaving it empty...

--> HELLSING OVA, episode 7: It's one big blood orgy by this point. Sera's past is truly messed up. And, regarding the criminal who killed her parents, who the hell gets stabbed in the eye and thinks "I'll rape this dead body" INSTEAD OF "Gee, ya know what? I should go hospital." I should hate this episode for it's extreme lack of Alucard. He isn't in it. At ANY time. Heck, his name only gets mentioned ONCE, by a background character. Seras can FLY to London, covering miles at a time, but Alucard is stuck on a fucking boat, which he has only just recently been able to move at just a few knots of speed? :|


29th, Tuesday:

--> JIN-ROH - THE WOLF BRIGADE, the movie: After the incident in the underground system, the move becomes incredibly slow-paced and seems to be more of a slice-of-life military movie instead of a thriller, like Anime Planet claims it to be.

--> KYO KARA MAOH, episode 19: Must say that the Dragon looked better than expected. I was expecting a chibi version to turn up... which eventually did; a Dragon which looks like the one from the Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-a-Move) game series, but blue instead of green.

--> MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM, episode 3: Ryu turning his radio off is just utterly stupid in a battle situation ¬¬


30th, Wednesday:

--> GHOST IN THE SHELL 2.0, the movie: The Major's iconic thermo-optic camouflage scene does indeed equal the original version, however, I remember it being a lot more swifter in the original. The only significance difference to the plot is that the Puppetmaster is now a brunette female, instead of a blonde male. It's been a while since I watched the original Ghost in the Shell film, so I didn't really notice any sound/music changes.


31th, Thursday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


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