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Watch Log of 2009 December, Part 1


Hello, and welcome to a log of everything I've watched this December 2009. In addition to listing what I've watched (for my own self-reference), I've included little mini-reviews of the things I've watched should anyone be interested of my opinion, or the opinion of anyone in general. Be warned though, there may be spoilers here, there, and everywhere. Comment if you wish, I'll always reply. :)

Part ONE of TWO.



01st, Tuesday:

--> GINTAMA, episode 166: Was good up until the crude toilet humour. But despite its crudness, the 'solution diagrams' to the toilet problem was actually quite funny.

--> WEISS SURVIVE, episodes 14 to 16: Still lovingly short, but very confusing. Probably because I don't care of this series' lame excuse of a plot, simply to serve as advertising the sellling of the card game. I mean, come on, at least be the old Pokemon standard. Or be as "good" as Yu-Gi-Oh for goodness sake! The ending to this series would have ticked most people off, including myself, but I didn't seem too bothered as I haven't much love for this series anyway.


02nd, Wednesday:

--> COMEDY, the ova: Very surprised at how good this 10minute little anime ova is, actually. Love the action, the animation and visuals, even though the style that it's done seems rather old. Loved the subtleness of the mysterious man's nature, and who and what he is. I perfer to think that he's a vampire who longs for the simple times of years gone by, memories of which he can recall through the stories he reads from ancient times. Tell me what you think about it? :)

--> GINTAMA, episodes 167 to 169: I laughed my arse off at the sight of Tama being in 3D and then pixelated. Not too keen on all the Dragon Quest references, but maybe that's because I've only played DQ8 and am yet to finish it. And I positively loved the idea of Gin's "clone" and the humour between him and the real Gin. Tama's virtual "death" would have been more touching if she didn't look so pixelated - it was simply distracting.


03rd, Thursday:

--> GINTAMA, episodes 170 and 171: Very clever use of modifying the opening sequence when the characters begin to lose hair, very much the reason why I love Gintama's intelligent gags. The Gundam anniversary episode... wasn't as good as standard "whole-episode gag" episodes of Gintama. The constant reference to Gundam characters was ridiculous, and much annoying. However, Sa-chan's constant cameo was hilarious, and her first (and only words) of this episode were the highlights of the whole episode. Oh, actually, that rivals Katsura's impression of a Disney character. That was comedy gold.


04th, Friday:

--> GINTAMA, episodes 172 to 175: Episodes 172 and 173 were awesome. The plot twist at the end of episode 172 had me in stitches, but not as much as the ending to 173 :D I love the idea of Shinpachi's glasses being a character. Episode 174 was lame, though, and episode 175 just dragged on and on. :S

--> NARUTO, episode 45: I'm returning to Naruto so I can finally catch up, even if it'll take me a few good months at this speed, haha. I've noticed that Sakura is drawn insanely cross-eyed in this episode, and Akamaru's animation is just a copy and paste of his owner's animation. And the scene of the double whirlwind attack was used multiple times and looped. Lazy animation isn't hard to spot when there are two counts of it in just one episode.


05th, Saturday:

--> GINTAMA, episodes 176: A silly recap episode, but its very rare that Gintama has one, so I didn't mind so much, especially due to the special CGI versions of Gin, Kagura, Shinpachi, and Hata hosting the show. The countdown selection was lame, and made even more unfunny by Hata's recital of it. Good special ending, though.

--> NARUTO, episode 46: A whole episode to simply say "Hinata wants to change?" Really? I mean, thanks for the background story and all, but it could all be summarised in like 3 minutes and the plot could have advanced quicker.

--> KYO KARA MAOH, episode 16: I don't understand how a diagonal strike of a sword could inflict a horizontal line of damange, but meh. The way that the main characters met Rose reminds me of the setup for almost every typical character meeting scene in the original Fullmetal Alchemist... And wasn't there a girl in need of help called Rose in Fullmetal Alchemist as well? Not to mention that the setting of the episode is similar to FMA's Loire City, where the other Rose lives... Coincidence?


06th, Sunday:

--> GENSHIKEN, episode 1: Okay, I'll admit it. The opening really did confuse me. It tricked me into thinking I had accidentally started to watch a different anime called "Kujibiki Unbalance" and I came back to Anime-Planet bewildered and trying to find if such an anime exists. When I found that it did, I was confused as to which show I was watching... Until one of the characters said 'Genshiken', and I finally got my answer.

--> GINTAMA, episode 177: I feel sorry for the old man on the Red Spiders' drug team.


07th, Monday:

--> GINTAMA, episodes 178 to 182: I'm just glad that this second Yoshiwara arc isn't as long as the last one, which seemed to go on forever. For #182, I loved the floating numbers and the way they changed so suddenly after Yamazaki fell unconscious. But the whole general plot of this arc seems stupid, really.


08th, Tuesday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


09th, Wednesday:

--> GINTAMA, episodes 183 to 186: The fight between Sadaharu and Elizabeth could have been used to make such a good episode idea. The opening for #183 was also very clever, but glad it wasn't used for more than one episode.


10th, Thursday:

--> GINTAMA, episode 187: I've done it! I've finally catched up to the latest Gintama episode!

--> POKEMON MOVIE 3: SPELL OF THE UNOWN, the movie: This movie is the second-most inadvertably funniest anime I've ever seen in my life xD Every scene allows a joke to be made at the movie's expense haha. If I ever get some good video editing software or use Sony Vegas enough to get a good hand in it, I'll compile a video showing why. For the record, the first-most inadvertably funniest anime is Armaggedeon. It's a ripoff of Dragonball Z and Star Wars, but it's hilariously bad.


11th, Friday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


12th, Saturday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


13th, Sunday:

--> POKEMON MOVIE 4: POKEMON 4EVER, the movie: Even though it contained a fair bit of CGI imagery and animation, it didn't seem to be as bad as that displayed in the third Pokemon movie.

--> DARKER THAN BLACK - RYUUSEI NO GEMINI, episode 7: For some reason, because this episode is highly centered around July (it's a character's name), it reminded me of the Ghost in the Shell episode about the Tachikoma's. I guess it's because July and the Tachikoma's have the same kind of supporting role to the main characters.


14th, Monday:

--> DARKER THAN BLACK - RYUUSEI NO GEMINI, episode 8: Not sure about what to think about Tanya's fate, but meh, it seemed inevitable. Now the setting finally moves back to Tokyo, so hopefully we can resume more plot development on Hell's Gate? :P


15th, Tuesday:

--> BLEACH, episodes 243 to 249: To be honest, I can easily cope and endure filler seasons. Heck, the two Bount seasons of Bleach were just as good, if not better, than the first season of Bleach. The Captain Amagai season was mediocre, but the plot twist about Amagai did take me by surprise and ended the season the best way it could have possibly ended. However, this new filler season, called the Untold Zanpakuto Tales, far outstretches it's margin for keeping in canon with the manga storyline, and even the same anime storyline, as it's hard to fit these events into the overall timeline. But worse than this is the fact that this season is just plain awful, with very slow pacing and no development, in addition to Byakuya acting totally out of character. That's why I've been holding off watching Bleach for at least four weeks.

--> DARKER THAN BLACK - RYUUSEI NO GEMINI, episode 9 and 10: It seems that one second, Suou knows her dad has been killed by Hei, and the next second, she talks about him still being alive. I mean, sure, he was killed and yet he's still alive, but... what!? Damn, with Shion's Contractor powers, anyone could be a damn copy now.

--> EXCEL SAGA, episode 11: "Excel IS a girl, you know." ... "Rub hard enough and mysterious fluids come out." Like, woah.


16th, Wednesday:

--> BLEACH, episode 250: I literally played this episode in fast-motion, just because I'm sick and tired of the current Bleach season. On the plus side, this has thus been the best episode of this season, as details about a Soul Society Civil War I found intruiging... This Koga guy aint too bad, either. But his name is the same as the Bount character, from season 4. Which was also a filler season. The people in charge of filler episodes needs to be more creative with names.


17th, Thursday:

--> GINTAMA, episode 188: Awww, the first set of illustrations was cute, but I didn't now how to react to the Morning Glory story, haha. Surely Daigoro has seen someone cry before and realised that Hasegawa isn't "spilling sake" out of his eyes?


18th, Friday:

--> BLEACH, chapter 386: Decided to include manga in my "Watch Logs" from now on, because I don't read much manga anyway. I'm kinda annoyed that Tosen has been killed in the same manner that Barragan was killed: we saw extensive backstory, and we were led to believe that both Barragan and Tosen were really important characters. Heck, Tosen's been in Bleach since season 2 in the anime, so he has some significance. But for him to reveal his super-duper captain-killing power at a time we're led to believe he's vastly powerful... He gets killed by one hit from Hisagi. Like, what the fuck. I know that Komomura was hesistant to kill Tosen, but he was Captain level, and he was unable to attack him anyway... So when one hit from someone below Captain level is show to be more powerful, and in just one hit can kill the most advanced Vizard form... It shows inconsitancy. I mean, Tosen had just unlocked the same Vizard level that Ichigo has, who just struggled to kill Ulqoirra. So, if Hisagi can kill Tosen, who is equal to Ichigo, does that mean that Hisagi is more powerful than Ichigo and Ulqoirra too!? Tite Kubo better not kill Gin in this way!

--> DARKER THAN BLACK - RYUUSEI NO GEMINI, episode 11: I just realised that this season of Darker Than Black is only 12 episodes long. It's half the length of the original season! Whhhyyyy!? :'(

--> GENSHIKEN, episode 2: First time I've ever seen Genshiken's opening, due to their trickery in episode 1, and it was pretty decent compared to my mental image of what it would be.

--> WOLF'S RAIN, episode 29: It's the second-to-last episode, and it's only taken me a whole year of watching Wolf's Rain to get to this point, haha. Unfortunately, the deaths of Toboe, the old man, and the other human guy who lost his wife... all of no significance to my enjoyment to the series, because a friend had already spoilt the ending >.< And if you're reading this now without noticing the spoiler warning at the top of the blog, I'm sorry for you too.


19th, Saturday:

--> MILLENNIUM ACTRESS, the movie: This movie sure has a unique way of telling it's story; by blurring the line between reality and film-making. Chiyoko's flashbacks are told as integretated parts of the film's she's made, which is a very interesting idea. I actually found the first half the film boring, or slow enough to be kinda dull at times - however, around the halfway point, in which Eiko offers some plot twist revelations, the film instantly becomes interesting, and I became less fixated on how much time was left until the movie finished, to becoming more fixated on how it would finish. And it had a marvelous ending. I mean, I almost - just almost - cried at the final plot twist about the painter's fate. A great film, and the only anime piece in existence to almost make me cry. I think it would have been more powerful if Chiyoko's final line of dialogue was removed. In fact, I think the final scene would have had more dramatic effect if Chiyoko was silent and sheds a single tear, as if secretly, some deep part of her already knew of the painter's fate. That suggested change, in my opinion, is the only thing that could have perfected this movie. Oh, and the explanation behind the "ghost" (or hallucination) was actually very ingenious.


20th, Sunday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


21st, Monday:

--> 5 CENTIMETERS PER SECOND, the movie: A very slow-paced movie indeed. It seems like this movie should have the alternate title of "A Slice of Life." It is good, don't get me wrong, but the plot for each three segments didn't go anywhere. Out of the three segments that this movie is split up into, the best is probably the third segment. I thought the second segment was boring, but it did give some, if little, character development to the main male character.


22nd, Tuesday:

--> NARUTO, episode 47: The Neji versus Hinata scene was an improvement over the last battle, due to better animation. The part where Lee stopped Naruto, then turned to give a thumbs-up to Gai... I cringed. I hate these moments that Lee does.

--> WOLF'S RAIN, episode 30: At soon as the episode starts off, two more are added to the list of fatalities. Interesting to see that this anime used the "Eternal Return" theory as part of it's ending, much like the re-imagined BattleStar Galactica TV series did.

--> EXCEL SAGA, episode 12: Suiting that I should co-incidentally watch this episode which has Excel sing "Jingle Bells," at a time that's it's only a few days until Christmas. This episode had a good ending, but I hope the "Warriors of Light" comment was not a Final Fantasy reference. ¬¬

--> DOGS - BULLETS AND CARNAGE, episode 3: This episode in particular makes it all the more obvious that this 4-episode OVA was commissioned to be a sort of advertisement for the manga, by using each episode to introduce the four main characters. But at 15 minutes long, with good action from each episode, it's easy to look past this and just enjoy watching. :)

--> PERFECT BLUE, the movie: The stalker dude's eyes are FREAKY. The twist of who the Other Mima was and why they want the Real Mima dead did actually take me by surprise, but looking back, if the story was told in a conventional way, I could have easily guessed how the story would pan out. It's the fact that Mima is losing her grip on reality, and the plot is interwoven with TV/film scenes that Mima as an actor goes through, that gives the plot its ability to be unpredictable.


23rd, Wednesday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


24th, Thursday:

--> GINTAMA, episode 189: I love being up to date with Gintama. Although Bleach used to be my favourite long-running series, Gintama has easily become my new favourite. I love the exercises that Katsura and Hasegawa offer, but I couldn't stop laughing when Sarutobi offered her version of exercise, haha.

--> BLEACH, episode 251: Another episode that I've watched in fast-motion, simply because I do not care about Koga's past. He was loyal, but got screwed. We get it. It could have all been easily summarised in half of just one episode, but no, we get 'treated' to two episodes worth of flashback. Such joy.

--> SHAKUGAN NO SHANA, episode 1: "Why do you want to know if he has a girlfriend? ...................................Oh." haha, as if it wasn't obvious the moment she asked. Seriously nice animation. Then again, Soul Eater pulled the same trick in the first episode of having very smooth animation... that wasn't seen again until a few episodes until the finale. Talking of Soul Eater, both of these anime have the same visualisation of how the soul looks like.


25th, Friday:

--> No anime watched today. Was time for a social event ;)


26th, Saturday:

--> BLEACH, chapter 387: Shinji's bankai only landed one hit? Seriously? His sword looks very interesting, but all this build-up just for one hit? Sure, it makes Aizen seem more stronger, but what the hell. Where's Gin during all of this? And I wanna see more Wonderweiss, although he should be just about to fight Kensei's bankai. Hopefully that won't be a letdown, too. And it's an amazing co-incidence that Ichigo exited the Garganta exactly whereabouts Aizen is!

--> SEITOKAICHOU NI CHUUKOKU, episode 1: Take the characters and emotional investment from Kirepapa (which is a bad thing), and mix it with the humour and fun of Junjou Romantica (which is a great thing)... and you've got this little OVA!

--> DARKER THAN BLACK - RYUUSEI NO GEMINI, episode 12: The ending to Darker than Black's first season was better, but at the same time, this season ending made me more happy because it finally answered some questions, whilst at the last minute giving us a sort of mini-teaser trailer for the next season. I'm so excited! For next season; things to look forward to are - who is the new person who has been 'born' inside the Gate? Is there a reason they have similar eyes to Yin? Is there a new Gate somewhere? What will Hei do now? Where's Mou? How will the Syndicate's plans play out? Why is there a massive monolith in the center of Hell's Gate, and what is it's purpose? I can't wait to find all of this out for next season! :D


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