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Some useless stuff about me:

I listen to way too much music to write here, my favourite genres are progressive rock, britpop, post-punk, synthpop and classical music, I also like some metal and electronic music

If I tried to name my top 10 bands, it would proably look like this.
1. Porcupine Tree
2. Depeche Mode
3. R.E.M.
4. The Cure
5. Pulp
6. Marillion
7. Anathema
8. Tie between Oceansize/Riverside
9. The Chameleons
10. Radiohead

If you want to know more, follow me on Rateyourmusic:

Other than anime my favourite TV shows are The Old Simpsons, Chuck, Sherlock, IT Crowd, Monk, Peep Show, Inbetweeners, Father Ted, Black Adder and Black Books, basically all British comedies.

My favourite video games:

1. Portal 2 
2. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
3. Assassin's Creed II 
4. Max Payne 1/2 
5. Beyond Good & Evil 
6. Silent Hill 2 
7. Alan Wake 
8. Hitman: Silent Assassin/Blood Money 
9. Psychonauts 
10. Hidden & Dangerous 2 
11. Age of Empires II/III 
12. Deadly Premonition 
13. Half-Life 2 
14. Driver: San Francisco 
15. Batman: Arkham Asylum/City 
16. Need For Speed: Porsche 2000/Most Wanted
17. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 
18. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
19. Serious Sam: The First/Second Encounter 
20. Call of Duty 1 

I don't have any favourite books as I read only non-fiction literature and I don't read manga.

The first anime I've watched were shitty ones like Pokemon, Shaman King and Naruto, and I wasn't interested in anime but then I've seen Soul Eater and Death note and became an anime fan in about 2009.

My top anime reviewers:
1. Mr. Anime Everyone from The Nihon review, their reviews are simple and fairly short, but spot on 90% of the time.
2. Archaeon, his reviews might sound pretentious, but they're very well written and he's a very nice guy.
3. Roriconfan/ThatAnimeSnob, he might be an asshole, but he knows his shit, isn't afraid to have different opinions and his reviews are more analytic than everyone else.
4. VivisQueen and VivaFruit (from Anime-Planet)
6. Riyoga
7. GoatJesus
8. Hollow of Dawn
9. BakaShift
10. BennettTheSage

11. Digibro

12. BobSamurai

13. ShadowACS

14. Demolition D+
1024. JadedOtakuMedia, has some of fair points, but most of his videos are stupid angry rants.
2147483647. A guy who I don't even want to mention, he became famous by hating a mediocre show and he's an arrogant twat, hypocrite, attention whore and a Nazi who blocks everyone who disagrees with him. Simply a stupid elitist wannabe who thinks that giving low scores to everything makes him a serious critic. (Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.)

I think there are basically 3 kinds of anime (or movies and series in general):

1. Sad anime, which appeal to your emotions and really move you and make you feel for the characters.

2. Funny anime which either make you laugh (all stupid moe and ecchi anime which I find unfunny also belong here) or you never get bored watchig them.

3. Smart anime which make you think and contain some more depth than usual.(I consider these the most valuable)

(IMO there shouldn't be more than 2 point difference between story and overall rating, the story is always the most important thing, then characters and entertainment value. I don't care about sound and animation very much as long as it is watchable, but it can still have influence on overall score)

My top anime:

My top 10 Characters right now (Male/Female)

1. L Lawliet/Kurisu Makise

2. Edward Elric/Riza Hawkeye

3. Rintarou Okabe/Hitagi Senjougahara

4. Shizuo Heiwajima/Megumi Noda

5. Death The Kid/Shiki Ryougi

6. Tatsuhiro Satou/Misaki Nakahara

7. Akira Takizawa/Ayumi Yamada

8. Near/Kino

9. Nicholas D. Wolfwood/Winry Rockbell

10. Roy Mustang/Maka Albarn

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Funkgun says...

Kickin' the flip man.

Dig the music selection. Much cred for being a Elbow, Kasabian,Smith Porc.Tree fan. I pretty much spin much of those bands on my headphones/CD's and Records.

Keep it groovy.

Aug 6, 2012
ratchet573 says...

Oh, and thank you for enjoying my reviews :)

Jul 23, 2012
ratchet573 says...

Thank you for pointing that out. I changed the ratings for most of my reviews to fit with my new rating scale and I have noticed that in my older reviews I put the score in the text for whatever reason :/ I haven't done that for months so I never paid attention, but thanks for that anyway :)

Jul 23, 2012
roriconfan says...

I forgot I had added a review for the first season of Zombie so I deleted the old one.

As for K-On, better production values and more significant characters do that to the scores. Plus it has a higher value.

Jul 20, 2012
sothis says...

thanks for the heads up, man i hate those guys :|

Jul 18, 2012