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Some useless stuff about me:

I listen to way too much music to write here, my favourite genres are progressive rock, britpop, post-punk, synthpop and classical music, I also like some metal and electronic music

If I tried to name my top 10 bands, it would proably look like this.
1. Porcupine Tree
2. Depeche Mode
3. R.E.M.
4. The Cure
5. Pulp
6. Sigur Rós
7. Anathema
8. Tie between Oceansize/Riverside
9. The Chameleons
10. Radiohead

If you want to know more, follow me on Rateyourmusic:

Other than anime my favourite TV shows are mostly from Britain, mainly because they don't tend to run for too long, when it comes to music and TV I am a huge Britboo/Anglophile.

Some examples:

Black Adder
Red Dwarf
The Day Today
Father Ted
I'm Alan Partridge
Brass Eye
Black Books
The Office
Peep Show
The Thick of It
IT Crowd
The Inbetweeners
Black Mirror

From American shows I like The Old Simpsons, Chuck, Monk, Friends and Frasier.

Favourite film directors

Directors I respect

My favourite video games:

1. Portal 2 
2. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
3. Assassin's Creed II 
4. Max Payne 1/2 
5. Beyond Good & Evil 
6. Silent Hill 2 
7. Alan Wake 
8. Hitman: Silent Assassin/Blood Money 
9. Psychonauts 
10. Hidden & Dangerous 2 
11. Age of Empires II/III 
12. Deadly Premonition 
13. Half-Life 2 
14. Driver: San Francisco 
15. Batman: Arkham Asylum/City 
16. Need For Speed: Porsche 2000/Most Wanted
17. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 
18. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
19. Serious Sam: The First/Second Encounter 
20. Call of Duty 1 

I don't have any favourite books as I read only non-fiction literature.

The first anime I've watched were shitty ones like Pokemon, Shaman King and Naruto, and I wasn't interested in anime but then I've seen Soul Eater and Death note and became an anime fan in about 2009.

I think there are basically 3 kinds of anime (or movies and series in general):

1. Sad anime, which appeal to your emotions and really move you and make you feel for the characters.

2. Funny anime which either make you laugh (all stupid moe and ecchi anime which I find unfunny also belong here) or you never get bored watchig them.

3. Smart anime which make you think and contain some more depth than usual.(I consider these the most valuable)

(IMO there shouldn't be more than 2 point difference between story and overall rating, the story is always the most important thing, then characters and entertainment value. I don't care about sound and animation very much as long as it is watchable, but it can still have influence on overall score)

My top anime:

My top 10 Characters right now (Male/Female)

1. L Lawliet/Kurisu Makise

2. Edward Elric/Riza Hawkeye

3. Rintarou Okabe/Hitagi Senjougahara

4. Shizuo Heiwajima/Megumi Noda

5. Death The Kid/Shiki Ryougi

6. Tatsuhiro Satou/Misaki Nakahara

7. Akira Takizawa/Ayumi Yamada

8. Near/Kino

9. Nicholas D. Wolfwood/Winry Rockbell

10. Roy Mustang/Maka Albarn


There is a common misconception among many people's rating scales, and that is that no anime can be scored with a 10 because no anime is perfect, this is wrong because 10/10 score doesn't imply something is absolutely flawless, it implies that it is as close to perfection as possible and therefore essential or something flawed, but revolutionary that managed to stand the test of time.</div> <div>
I also see people who don't rate any Anime with 1 or 2. People who do this can't fully utilize their scales.
10s and rating scales of course do change over time, for example I considered Death Note 10/10 anime when I watched it while now I think it's closer to 8.5, don't be afraid to revisit and reevaluate your scores over time.

Another problem is huge rating inflation, you see tons of people with mean scores above 7.5 on this site who give everything they liked 9 or 10/10 without hesitation. Plus lots of people fall easily into hype, both positive and negative.
I am also guilty of giving too high scores, but that's mainly because if I don't find show at least somewhat enjoyable (6/10) I will either drop it or I won't add it to my list at all.

Now for detailed explaining of my scale:

10 (10.0-9.6): A masterpiece; as good as it gets, might have some small missteps, but they are totally insignificant and don't affect the overall impression.

9 (9.4-8.6): Fantastic; almost there, some insignificant downsides, but still highly recommended.

8 (8.4-7.6): Great; enjoyable series, there were more glaring mistakes and I might have lost attention at times, but still worth your time.

7 (7.4-6.6): Good; has a lot of problems, but still worth watching.

6 (6.4-5.6): Above average; decent, these series either didn't impress me or there were really huge faults but you might still like them.

5 (5.4-5.0): Average; Bland and Boring, I didn't enjoy these series very much, but they weren't bad.

4 (4.9-3.6) Below average; Bad things are starting to outweigh the good things, it's hard for me to recommend this show to anyone.

3 (3.4-2.6) Bad; Lots of bad stuff, but it could still have been worse.

2 (2.4-1.6) Awful; little to no value, recommended only to masochists.

1 (1.4-1.0) Abomination; Worst of the worst, absolutely no redeeming factors whatsoever, avoid like plague.

0 (0.9-0.0) Most sites don't allow this kind of rating, if this rating was applicable, it would go to anime that is basically unfinished and completely unwatchable.

The inbetween points (9.5, 8.5 7.5, etc...) are a difficult case, whether I give sow lower or higher score depends purely on my personal bias.

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Osiummaster Aug 23, 2012

lolwut comp autopost prev comment 0.o

-I will start plaingy League of Legends again meaning there shall be no time for anime, nor animeplanet.

Osiummaster Aug 23, 2012

Ehhhh what do you mean I dont want to argue :( dont be boring

If you found something that I said that isnt true I'd love to hear it. I make mistakes in things pretty often because my memory is really really bad.

If you're worried about getting in a fight with me or something, which I doubt will happen unless you're gonna Vivis me (mah new verb :D ) it's still k because I will be back in holland in 5 days and

Osiummaster Aug 21, 2012

Now really, lets just face the main problem here. That dude gotta change his avatar that's pretty much all there is to it. First time I saw his profile I tought he was a total douchebag cuz I find it rather impossible to read anything he wrote without reading it in a bitch please voice because that motherfuckin white dude with golden necklaces and shit is sittin on a throne and has his chin lifted and is looking down on me makes half a duckface.

If he changes it to something more happeyh I'm sure that suddenly alot of conversations will start to take a nicer turn.

Becauze im lazy as fuck, can anyone tell me how SK's profile ended up as hatemail for roricon anyways? I'm guessing that it's because everyone has a grudge against him or something but they can't tell him himself so they go complain to SK. But then again I have no evidence for that, or rather I don't want to do all the profile searching to find it.

And so one last thing for Sothis who maybe reads this profile. I know we kinda got off on wrong foot but can you do something about this chat system? It's really annoying to skip to all kinds of profiles, It'd be much easier if something like a seperate place was created to place the comments (kind of like a forum but with this layout and no complicated threads) Probably the worst thing on this site is that I have to switch to EVERYONE's profile to read dafaq is going on. I've even seen someone reply on someone else's profile to a question by another dude asked on his own. hard to get whats goin on

sothis Aug 21, 2012

The link doesn't work for me.

Regardless, we may have different opinions on what makes a community 'suck'. Since 2001 I've worked hard to build an excellent community here on Anime-Planet - what makes excellence for me is that people feel welcome, and that it's a friendly place where people are free to post opinions about anime and manga, in their own personal space, without feeling like they'll be belittled or called names. Having lively debates about a review is cool, I could very well go to someone else's profile and discuss points that I personally disagree with in a respectful way, and that still maintains the same sense of community that Anime-Planet has always had.

I could care less how much someone 'knows his shit' about the anime community - I could also care less how many reviews someone posts on the site. What I do care about is preserving the community, so that everyone, including you, feels welcome and has a positive place where they can interact with other anime fans, respectfully. If someone contributes a lot of reviews, that doesn't negate toxic statements that alienate people from the community here. There's a big difference between "I disagree, I think that..." and "troll much?" or your own unacceptable "Your review is bad and you should feel bad". One is respectful and leads to an awesome community. The other is trolling, rude and is toxic. I know quite a bit about the anime industry too - I work with some of them. But you don't see me going to others profiles, acting like I'm better than them and that my opinion is clearly the right one because of the knowledge I have. I manage to stay respectful, so it's definitely possible for others too.

It's unfortunate that you think the only merits AP has over other sites is a single person - I have no idea why another site banned him, but if it was to help cut down on the amount of toxicity and to try to help keep the community a respectful place for everyone, I applaud that.

Bear in mind in 11 years I've banned only about 5 people ever (not counting spammers). It takes a LOT, as I really try my best to make AP a place for everyone. Where I draw the line is people who actively disrupt the respectful community we have going on here - someone can rant all they want in their own reviews, and they can respectfully discuss opinions in someone else's. What they can't do here is call someone names, start conversations by pointing out how wrong someone is (as opposed to 'my opinion is'), be aggressive and then act like you're doing someone a favor by being a jackass, or anything else in that vein. I am sorry if you think that's a bad thing and that a community sucks for enforcing it. It's one of the reasons so many people stick with AP over other sites. This is why the next step for situations like this is removing the ability to leave any comments, as opposed to banning. And this will be the first time I've ever had to use it, in 11 years.  

Making the review feature better is a totally separate issue, and is something that's being planned. Still, it has nothing to do with users behaving badly and tarnishing the community for everyone else.

AirCommodore Aug 21, 2012

Um, what? I never said he wasn't knowledgeable. But knowledge is largely useless if you don't have the appropriate social skills to share it and explain yourself (especially if your little niche is a form of entertainment like anime, and therefore very socially-oriented). So my opinion still stands.