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Some useless stuff about me:

I listen to way too much music to write here, my favourite genres are progressive rock, britpop, post-punk, synthpop and classical music, I also like some metal and electronic music

If I tried to name my top 10 bands, it would proably look like this.
1. Porcupine Tree
2. Depeche Mode
3. R.E.M.
4. The Cure
5. Pulp
6. Sigur Rós
7. Anathema
8. Tie between Oceansize/Riverside
9. The Chameleons
10. Radiohead

If you want to know more, follow me on Rateyourmusic:

Other than anime my favourite TV shows are mostly from Britain, mainly because they don't tend to run for too long, when it comes to music and TV I am a huge Britboo/Anglophile.

Some examples:

Black Adder
Red Dwarf
The Day Today
Father Ted
I'm Alan Partridge
Brass Eye
Black Books
The Office
Peep Show
The Thick of It
IT Crowd
The Inbetweeners
Black Mirror

From American shows I like The Old Simpsons, Chuck, Monk, Friends and Frasier.

Favourite film directors

Directors I respect

My favourite video games:

1. Portal 2 
2. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven
3. Assassin's Creed II 
4. Max Payne 1/2 
5. Beyond Good & Evil 
6. Silent Hill 2 
7. Alan Wake 
8. Hitman: Silent Assassin/Blood Money 
9. Psychonauts 
10. Hidden & Dangerous 2 
11. Age of Empires II/III 
12. Deadly Premonition 
13. Half-Life 2 
14. Driver: San Francisco 
15. Batman: Arkham Asylum/City 
16. Need For Speed: Porsche 2000/Most Wanted
17. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 
18. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
19. Serious Sam: The First/Second Encounter 
20. Call of Duty 1 

I don't have any favourite books as I read only non-fiction literature.

The first anime I've watched were shitty ones like Pokemon, Shaman King and Naruto, and I wasn't interested in anime but then I've seen Soul Eater and Death note and became an anime fan in about 2009.

I think there are basically 3 kinds of anime (or movies and series in general):

1. Sad anime, which appeal to your emotions and really move you and make you feel for the characters.

2. Funny anime which either make you laugh (all stupid moe and ecchi anime which I find unfunny also belong here) or you never get bored watchig them.

3. Smart anime which make you think and contain some more depth than usual.(I consider these the most valuable)

(IMO there shouldn't be more than 2 point difference between story and overall rating, the story is always the most important thing, then characters and entertainment value. I don't care about sound and animation very much as long as it is watchable, but it can still have influence on overall score)

My top anime:

My top 10 Characters right now (Male/Female)

1. L Lawliet/Kurisu Makise

2. Edward Elric/Riza Hawkeye

3. Rintarou Okabe/Hitagi Senjougahara

4. Shizuo Heiwajima/Megumi Noda

5. Death The Kid/Shiki Ryougi

6. Tatsuhiro Satou/Misaki Nakahara

7. Akira Takizawa/Ayumi Yamada

8. Near/Kino

9. Nicholas D. Wolfwood/Winry Rockbell

10. Roy Mustang/Maka Albarn


There is a common misconception among many people's rating scales, and that is that no anime can be scored with a 10 because no anime is perfect, this is wrong because 10/10 score doesn't imply something is absolutely flawless, it implies that it is as close to perfection as possible and therefore essential or something flawed, but revolutionary that managed to stand the test of time.</div> <div>
I also see people who don't rate any Anime with 1 or 2. People who do this can't fully utilize their scales.
10s and rating scales of course do change over time, for example I considered Death Note 10/10 anime when I watched it while now I think it's closer to 8.5, don't be afraid to revisit and reevaluate your scores over time.

Another problem is huge rating inflation, you see tons of people with mean scores above 7.5 on this site who give everything they liked 9 or 10/10 without hesitation. Plus lots of people fall easily into hype, both positive and negative.
I am also guilty of giving too high scores, but that's mainly because if I don't find show at least somewhat enjoyable (6/10) I will either drop it or I won't add it to my list at all.

Now for detailed explaining of my scale:

10 (10.0-9.6): A masterpiece; as good as it gets, might have some small missteps, but they are totally insignificant and don't affect the overall impression.

9 (9.4-8.6): Fantastic; almost there, some insignificant downsides, but still highly recommended.

8 (8.4-7.6): Great; enjoyable series, there were more glaring mistakes and I might have lost attention at times, but still worth your time.

7 (7.4-6.6): Good; has a lot of problems, but still worth watching.

6 (6.4-5.6): Above average; decent, these series either didn't impress me or there were really huge faults but you might still like them.

5 (5.4-5.0): Average; Bland and Boring, I didn't enjoy these series very much, but they weren't bad.

4 (4.9-3.6) Below average; Bad things are starting to outweigh the good things, it's hard for me to recommend this show to anyone.

3 (3.4-2.6) Bad; Lots of bad stuff, but it could still have been worse.

2 (2.4-1.6) Awful; little to no value, recommended only to masochists.

1 (1.4-1.0) Abomination; Worst of the worst, absolutely no redeeming factors whatsoever, avoid like plague.

0 (0.9-0.0) Most sites don't allow this kind of rating, if this rating was applicable, it would go to anime that is basically unfinished and completely unwatchable.

The inbetween points (9.5, 8.5 7.5, etc...) are a difficult case, whether I give sow lower or higher score depends purely on my personal bias.

Life on anime

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137 total

Life on manga

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Manga ratings

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ratchet573 Mar 1, 2015

I have to say that for the most part anime critics on Youtube suck. I like Demo for the comedy but don't agree with him a lot of times because he's into more "hipster-y" kind of stuff and likes style over substance it seems. Myself as a critic, I like a good story and characters. I'm hard pressed to enjoy something solely on the visuals. 

And Rori's favorite anime of last year is pretty lame. I loved the first season of JoJo but Stardust Crusaders is pretty boring. It's just the gang going from one fight to the next with little continuity to the story aside from "Gotta kill Dio!". And everyone knows I think Kill la Kill is overrated garbage. He seems to like shows trying to go for a retro feel. And he constantly complains about ecchi and harem anime yet likes Kill la Kill, what is essentially a soft-core porno? Eh? 

I try not to argue with people about opinions because I know everyone has their own. But I do delete comments sometimes when the fighting is not going anywhere and is unfounded. One guy on my Grisaia review complained that I underrated the show and was trying to convince me that my review is incomplete and too critical because it doesn't take into account the fifty hour visual novel. To which I responded I was reviewing the anime as a singular entity and could care less about whether or not the VN was good. He didn't seem to get it and went off on a rant about me being uninformed and not understanding the 10/10 characters. That's when I'll delete a comment. You can disagree with my opinion and provide why you liked the show or tell me an error in my review; that's all cool. But when you start calling me out and name calling based on things that don't matter while not understanding my explanation for why things are why they are, then I'll just delete the comments rather than let a pointless argument go on. 

And you know what, I bashed SAO to get views on my website initially because it's an easy target, but I also pointed out good things about it. That's what I hate about the "easy" target. I even reviewed SAO II slightly higher than you'd think and said a lot of good things about the Mother's Rosario arc because it was actually good. That's what I don't understand about being a snob. I consider myself somewhat of a snob, at least as far as how I like my anime and my own personal tastes compared to others. But I don't set out to say a show is shit from the beginning. I also try my best to watch the shows all the way through if I can. If I end up quitting it, I don't write a full review but a "Why I Quit" column that does give an arbitrary score since I can't post a review without one on this site, but also describes why I quit and what was wrong rather than reviewing the entire show overall. That's what I hate about Rori and other critics who try to put themselves on pedestals and it's my biggest pet peeve in reviews as a whole. If you don't watch the whole thing, don't review as if you have. 

I have a hard time dealing with anime critics and fans for the most part. I try to walk a middleground that doesn't seem to exist. You're either so full of yourself and an elitist about subs vs dubs and what types of anime are good and how shitty shounen is, or you're a casual fan who tries to tell me Kill la Kill or Tokyo Ghoul are fucking awesome while never having seen some of the more intelligent and smarter picks. 

That's kind of why I want to start a Youtube channel and do reviews there. I don't think that there is a middle ground critic on the site. There are casuals like the ponytail idiot who gets views because he overrates everything and basically agrees with every popular opinion, then there are guys like Rori who are so elitist it's painful. Then there's Douchebag Chocolate who is somewhat elitist and reviews shows that nobody's ever heard of and tends to overrate based on style. 

I just wanna do something in the middle ground. I know those opinions aren't well liked since it's not taking sides but I think some casual anime is good and some elitist anime is good. I don't tend to agree with the casual side as much but I think there needs to be a critic willing to watch and enjoy certain anime from both sides. 

ratchet573 Feb 27, 2015

I like Gigguk for his style of comedy. Same with Demolition D. Demo is actually somewhat informative and enjoyable. Then there's that dude who dresses up and has the ponytail that has a ton of subscribers despite being a crap critic. And then there's that list one you mentioned that steals footage from streaming sites...the guy said he's seen thousands of anime and puts Hunter x Hunter and High School DxD and SAO on a best of all time list. 

I hate his attitude toward newer anime because it's all unfounded and the majority of old stuff is crap. Seriously, I love nineties style animation and anime and I will overrate shows that are from the nineties because they're cheesy and personally enjoyable but I say that in my reviews instead of calling anime fans of this generation a bunch of losers. Seriously, my fucking dad is ten years older than this guy and he'll sit down and watch newer anime with less complaints; and he's a total oldfag. In fact, it was once I got into anime that he finally sat down and started watching some of the good stuff from this generation. It's not that older stuff is better, I think it's mostly that the sci-fi genre has died out and been replaced with slice-of-life and ecchi and comedy, some of which I enjoy. I'm hardpressed to find a really good modern anime but I find some enjoyment out of some of them. I even kind of liked SAO II, even if it was a giant wreck. But a lot of newer shows like Tokyo Ghoul and Akame ga Kill and even Kill la Kill I found to be lacking in nearly every department. So I can understand certain complaints about the most popular anime tending to be bad, but saying newer anime in general are bad is unwarranted and just begging to be ridiculed. 

And going on 4chan and Reddit with that attitude is fucking stupid. They'll eat you alive. I tend to stay away from those sort of boards specifically because the discussions get too heated and finding a general consensus on anything is never going to happen, meaning the bulk of intelligent discussion is usually torn apart by someone who doesn't like something. Yeah, I can see Rori going on 4chan. That's hilarious. 

I want to know what he does with his life to have seen as many anime as he has at his age. Like, I'm sure he only watches a few episodes of most of the shows her reviews and says he's watched the whole thing. Either that or he's never seen the sun in his life. Like, I understand being passionate about anime because it's my hobby and what I enjoy, but his passion seems to be in telling everyone how shit they are, making fun of the culture, and being as huge a prick as possible in the interest of generating views and getting attention. 

Personally I've been working on doing my own Youtube series for reviews of anime. I don't know how to format it yet but I'm trying to get together the most informative anime review show I can that doesn't give in to the fandoms nor popular opinion. I like to think of myself as a snob but when something is entertaining, I'm sorry but even if it is universally considered garbage, you have to say it. 

ratchet573 Feb 27, 2015

Welcome back! As far as good recent anime, good luck. Fate/Unlimited Blade Works was excellent to me but that's about all I can recommend from last year. 

As far as Rori I could care less. I used to talk to him back in the day but he's too strong a personality for me. I could care less how much anime you watch or how many reviews you write or how much you say you know anime, there's a thing called humility and just because you're a snob doesn't mean you need to write unwarranted rants about things you don't understand as well as complain about the people who watch certain anime. It's unprofessional and kind of rude. It's why he was banned from commenting on the site, he treats everyone with a dissenting opinion as a "pleb" and can't seem to understand that the amount of anime you've watched and reviewed does not make your taste better than anyone elses. 

Sorry, I've gotten to be more involved in anime critique and discussion and I hate people who can't accept "plebs" as they're called. Everyone has different tastes and reviews, to me, are meant to be a helpful opinion to help someone figure out if a show is right for them or not. Not vitriole about how awful the person who likes it is. 

Sianeka Jun 28, 2014

Hello!  sothis is redesigning the anime-planet site, and plans to roll out an awesome new site design in July, we believe. The blog feature is not part of the new design, and it is going away.  More information about this here:  Announcement: the blog feature is being deprecated topic link.  (Be sure to check out the new site design when it goes live!)

The blog pages are going away, and will be gone when the site redesign goes live. Your blog here will be removed from the site.

So, if want to keep the information posted in your blog, you will need to copy this information someplace else on the site. If you have any questions how or where to do this, please feel free to get back to me, and I will try to assist.

Th3Laugh1ngMan Apr 14, 2014

Great lists you have there. :)