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I'm just a random dude that's been watching anime since he was like 4, it's one of my favorite hobbies. I get enthrawled into an anime series more than books or other tv shows, so here I am!

I also can read and write hiragana/katakana (working on kanji, it's hard man e.e) and speak basic Tokyo dialect. I picked it up when I started playing VNs (Visual Novels) to help me with translation. Too bad this site doesn't have a VN list, I'd love to know my time spent and total game amount lol

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SHADOWORZA0 Jul 27, 2009

no problem come to me if u need anything else k

SHADOWORZA0 Jul 27, 2009

well higarashi was originally a game/manga in the game depending on ur actions u played through different story lines and got different endings so to keep this up in the anime they made it so that every time the right characters die that creates one storyline so in the next episode they start the story line as if the characters did something different then what they did in the previous episodes "example" like rena didnt take kenichi to the junkyard but in stead he went home when she offered so he didnt get 2 see her freak out.if everything i said doesnt make sense go to higarashi's wikipage4 more details.

SHADOWORZA0 Jul 27, 2009

umgk thats good 2 no/yep im trying 2 finish 'rei' right now y?

SHADOWORZA0 Jul 27, 2009

so i guess ur a big clannad fan or is it just his character?

SHADOWORZA0 Jul 20, 2009

welcome 2 animeplanet/i dont recognize ur avatar where's it from?