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Story: While short is very original. The concept and execution is remarkable. It's not anything fancy like Death Note or Code Geass. But you have to really appreciate how well the captured the essence of each character as a real person. Honestly the only thing keeping this at an 8 and not a 10 is length. Had they gone to at least 24 eps I'd hand a 10 right over. 
Animation: While of course nothing fancy again you can tell they did try. Nothing's out of place or poorly done. But it's nothing groundbreaking either, above average maybe but definitely not the focus. 
Sound: Very befitting theme for the opening...well you know what I had this at a 7 but let's bump it up to an 8 because they changed the ending up quite a bit. Since it's not a long anime I appreciate they went the extra mile to change songs and sequence. 
Characters: This is the main hook to the entire thing! Your atypical protagonist who isn't a hero, they're not super hot/cute chick, they're nothing that out of place at all. In fact that's what makes her atypical. Her very average real-life plausibility. She's a recluse because her interests aren't necessarily the things other people like. But she has a very human struggle. At the beginning she's determined to be the popular girl. As time goes on, just popular. But by the end all she wants is to be noticed. Excellent portrayal and character development. 
Overall: Well this is a solid 8. But you really must watch it. It's an emotional ride. Odds are if you watch this you also watch anime on a regular basis. That being said you will identify strongly with at least a quarter of what Tomoko does. Honestly I grew to be very attached to her, watching her struggle. But another thing that makes this story shine is that they don't just kick her to the ground constantly as the driving force for the whole show. They just utilize it to highlight the inner struggle. The factory scene actually made me wanna die though...that hit home all too well. Except instead of decorating cakes I was sorting through chicken evisceration. But enough about me... point is it's worth a watch and it's short so get to it!

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
8/10 overall

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