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Story- The story was very engaging and kept me coming back waiting to see what would happen next.  The growing romance between Nodame and Sinichi begins reach its final destination in this third season as Sinichi realises his true feelings for Nodame.  The major issue comes in that the finale is not very far off from that of the first season where Sinichi searches tirelessly for Nodame and eventually invites her to Paris.  Overall the love Sinichi expresses in this third installment is fundamentally the same as that in the first and second season and therefore was frustrating at times.  

Animation- Nothing really special about the animation although I much prefered the stills of the orchestra playing to the CG'd movements that are used in the third season.  The movements looked a little weird and they didn't add much depth since the focus was the music and the audiences reactions.

Sound- The sound is beautiful as always, I always look forward to the orchestral pieces they choose and each one just flows well with the emotions of the characters.

Characters- This is where the anime loses its most points and the problem is mainly Sinichi. All three series the characters have the exact same feel which is fine, however the main character should atleast develop his outlooks.  Sinichi does no such thing from the beginning to the end his relationship with Nodame doesn't change and he still places himself and his future before her while at the same time leading her on.  If you invite someone to Paris with you after crossing Japan and embracing her from behind it stands to reason that your slightly more than friends.  Yet in the second season they are barely friends and by the third season their standing remains the same.  It seems too much like Sinichi begins and ends in the same place and it is frustrating to see how he looks down on Nodame at all times.

Overall- Apart from Sinichi I thought the series pulled together all the other elements, story sound and animation, very well and so I ranked the series slightly above average.  As a romance I find the series a little weak because when watching an Anime in this genre I expect the relationships to dominate the screen time and develop very strongly.  As long as you don't expect too much development as far as the relationship between Sinichi and Nodame goes then this is an excellent finale to the series.

PS- The entire series I was hoping the season finale was going to be Nodame playing her debut piano concerto with Sinichi, this is mainly why I was dissapointed.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall
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