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Mostly spend all my time playing Video Games and watching anime

Current Games:

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (beat the game with True Demon Ending...I Killed Lucifer ^_^)

Suikoden V (already beat I and IV)

Grandia (Again! one of the greatest RPGs ever!)

Legend of Legaia (Again! Another of the best)

Burnout Revenge (Must get 5 stars on all courses)

Tomb Raider Anniversery (Remake of TR1, just beat it)

Fable (for the 3rd time)

Thief: Deadly Shadows (I never get too far in -_-)

Star Wars: Republic Commando (half way through)

Yes i put alot of games on the plate at one time, yes i intend on playing em all till i am satisfied!




I got a there are quite a few more games to play...

Phantasy Star Online - (i am a force...she is so awsome)

Tales of Symphonia - (why is it so hard! the characters are cute then they throw you into boss battles that is almost impossible to beat XD)

Skies or Arcadia: Legends

F-Zero GX - (hardest Racing Game Ever!)

Super Smash Brothers Melee - (i have to start over and get all the items, levels and characters -_-)

Mario Kart, Tennis, and Strikers - (i play them when i dont intend on playing for longer than few min...just enough time to get though a match/race)

and Zelda Twilight Princess & Wind Waker (this is gonna be after i beat Taes of Symphonia, ive already seen the story line for both of these)

Also got 2 new games for the PS2

Nightshade - (i loved Shinobi ihave high hopes for this one too)

Wild Arms: Alter Code-F (remake of the first one)

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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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tsunia Oct 6, 2008

Ya studio Ghibli does it well actuall getting like good known actors etc.

and your welcome for the tip! only thing is I think that side has been having problems recently :( I forgot. I also use that has anime, movies, everything.

tsunia Oct 6, 2008

NEW :O no waaay... I'll look it up... and I prefer Japanese voiceover with English subtitles personnaly, cuz it maintains the original feel of the script that the director wanted, so if thats the version that's available online, I will find it; I google stuff usually or use

and even if it's just a list of games it's still more coherent then what I had... :P

tsunia Oct 6, 2008

hahahaha not online, sorry :P my nephew actually got it as a gift and I borrowed it. It's really good, reminds me of the animatrix, just kind of expands the universe that Batman Begins established.

tsunia Oct 6, 2008

hahah sorry unfinished. $25 x 11 DVDs = ouch my wallet >.<

tsunia Oct 6, 2008

Hahaha, ya you've pretty much watched all the series I've watch, and then some :P

And yes Hayao Miyazaki is a GENIUS. I bought almost all the Studio Ghilbi movies... like $25 x 11