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My name is Christopher but you can call me kouhei-kun ^^ I live in Oklahoma. I am straight and I'm 22yo. I love anime, and cosplaying.I am a very serious person.I am outgoing. I am also a very shy person.I am super random at times. I love to have fun and be my self. I love to dance.. I love to be with my friends...I love music, music motivates me. and it can be my escape...

Wanna know more about me then feel free the message me ;)

Ask for facebook,skype, msn or yahoo if you wanna chat ^_^

~bye bye

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AlexK51 says...


Jan 6, 2011
HikaruTenshi says...

I haven't really been up to much. Just my volunteer work and my community service. ^_^

Oh and of course watching anime.

Are you watching anything interesting?


Jan 5, 2011
NoCheerios says...

How's Ouran Host Club? A friend recommended it to me but I want a second opinion :P

Jan 4, 2011
HikaruTenshi says...

It's all good. We can chat through here. ^_^

What have you been up to?


Jan 4, 2011
ElTrio1 says...

Nah my profile has all the info it needs. It's perfectly fine. :)

Jan 4, 2011