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Uh... I like anime and manga, am completely and totally simple.... Which makes me fairly complex. And I think a lot, about so many things, that no human ever would.... So yeah... Got a Problem?

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kieiPL says...

Well Inukami sounds like something you don't watch every day I might look into it. Since both of us like fantasy maybe there are some animes we can recommend to each other.=]

Oh yea I just wanted to respond to your previous comment so I guess I'll talk to you some other time xD


Jan 25, 2011
kieiPL says...

I really like Pandora Hearts too. I havn't watched Inukami how is it? what's it about? Right now I'm watching a couple new shows but I just finished Aria recently. It's kind of solw paced but I like fantasy so that's why I watched it xD

Jan 25, 2011
kieiPL says...

You are welcome xD So I noticed you are watching Pandora Hearts? Just out of curiosity how do you like it?? or maybe a more general question are you watching any animes now that you really like xD

Jan 25, 2011
kieiPL says...

Hey! Welcome to Anime-Planet

Interesting bio xD

Jan 23, 2011