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Been watching anime for god knows how long...

First started out with Dragon Ball at the age of 12 and from there i began watching and reading anime/manga ever since. However when i was around 18-19 years old i stopped watching anime because it got to the point where anime started to become boring. Only recently a friend of mine got me back into anime and we started to have indeph conversations about anime in general.

So far im still not impressed with the kinda of anime that is being produced now a days, although some are very appealing and interesting... they still can not compare to series like Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis. The reason why im stating this is because these two particular anime was done 10-12 years ago... What really annoys the hell outta me is that animes such as Naruto and Bleach has a huge fan base... but these two are way below average and is far from being anywhere good yet it attracts a such a ridicules amount of attention.

Well enough about my rants... I'm a 21 year old male attending college for a business degree. I love martial arts and break dancing, at the moment im training in martial arts or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), making plans to learn Japanese for my trip to Japan and i want to learn how to break dance. Funny thing about anime is.... if its done right it can influence you to do anything... i dont know if people ever got inspired like i did but when i watched " Hajame no Ippo" i became obsessed with boxing and decided to train in it. After i finished my 1 year of intense training i decided to try other forms of martial arts and from there i jumped from one style to the other. So anime is very much a big part of my life and it will continue to be.

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OneiChan Aug 28, 2007

I think that anime can be very influential as well ^_^ Though sounds like it was much more of a push for you than me. Watching anime always inspires great cooking expeditions for myself, haha. I'm on a journey to learn the art of making classic Japanese bento, like the school age kids in anime always have at lunch. It's so pretty, and it gives me something to do. 

Sokol Aug 28, 2007

Excellent top 5 list my friend!