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Hi my name is Yen and I am new to the site. I have been watching anime since my early teens. I believe the first anime I ever watched was Vampire Hunter D but was to young to really appreciate it. The show that opened the door to the wonderful world of japanese animation for me was Sailor Moon. I currently own all 200 episodes, yeah I know weird but in my defense someone gave them to me as a gift.

I love Bleach which is ironic because I used to refuse to watch it. I used to roll my eyes everytime someone mentioned Bleach and one day watched it out of curiosity. I fell in love with the first episode and have been watching it ever since.

I also felt the same way about Naruto, I recently started watching it and have gone from episode 1-85 in 4 days. Yeah, so much for my spring break. hahahah. Haven't really come to a conclusion on how I feel about Naruto yet.

Although most of my top five anime consists of fighting animes, I also love girly animes. After all I am a girl but I still can't say no to a bloody sword. Hahah ok, I am sick and twisted.

I refuse to drop any animes I start watching, even if they suck. lol i learned that sometimes it takes a couple or maybe a few episodes to start liking something. I think I only have 3 anime's that I've watched that I hate with a passion.

1. Akira- I will never get those two hours I wasted on watching this crap, sorry if you are a fan I just felt like I was on a horrible acid trip while watching a huge story summarized into two hours.

2. Karas- The characters looked promising but the story sucked. Two more hours I will never get back.

3. Dragon Ball Z- I don't suffer from ADD but DBZ will do it to me.

Anywho if you have any questions or have any recommendations feel free to stop by and say hello.

Feel free to look me up on myspace www.myspace.com/likeNoother83

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Kari5 Nov 24, 2009

Your favorite anime is random, but it's a great list :P

Nice avatar, why not make a custom signature as well?

zendragon Apr 2, 2008

I must say, I you have an article for your bio.  I do agree with your top 3 anime to hate.  I hope you watch hellsing soon, It is sick and twisted just like you sound.  I beleive you'll love it.  but please, don't watch all 13 episodes at once. 

zendragon Apr 1, 2008

Yea, So Bleach reminds me of my favorite Anime to hate. DBZ. o.K. hate me now.  I know Akira sucks,  what is worse eating a tub of lard and watching Akira or eating a bag of salt rocks and watching Karas.  I don't know but both would tell me I went to hell. lmao

sothis Mar 27, 2008

Hi Yen! Welcome to the site ^_^ Just added you to the site's myspace as well :D

Cici Mar 27, 2008