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Hello Everyone! Welcome to My Pro! My Top 5 are listed and Karin is my fave now! My name's actually Ichigo Karin Maaka really cool because my name has Ichigo From TMM and Bleach and Karin Maaka from Karin! Any Q about anything contact me at my myspace or aim. My Myspace is: http://myspace.com/churchrvb666 and this is link is for my ccs account myspace.com/syaoranli231

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freyachan avatar freyachan

Cool Top 5 Anime!

Feb 7, 2009

Hi there!

Japan!? Cool! Is it said, Nippon, or like that in Japanese? I would love to go to there. It sounds brilliant! I love, Tokyo Mew Mew, its cute! Is is in your top five because Ichigo Momoya-san has the same first name as you!?

From, Freya :)

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