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Guilty Crown

Dec 31, 2013

I watched this anime because I expected the same feel as Mirai Nikki. It's a a tragic anime about love and loss, the the same shitty ending as Mirai Nikki. I hate this anime for making me cry. The minus was the fanservice, it was not HOTD but I would take it more seruosly if there were no bouncing boobs during serious moments. Or how every time a charcater got their void taken out (mostly girls) they looked as if they were having an orgasm. 

Story: the first half was... meh... in the end of episode 12 is where things were getting good, a sudden twist of events made me continue watching it. GC is kind of confusing, I needed a guide to understand what hell was I watching with all the terrorist crap. I think some viewers would need a guide while watching. But maybe it's just me that's stupid. The plot was very creative, it becomes more exciting and interesting as it goes on. It becomes more than a fight between terrorists and the government, it becomes about the characters and their development. The action scenes were good. I'm not a fan of mecha but I was happy that the anime wasn't really focused on that. However, because of the not so interesting first half, I give this score.

Characters: the character development was very well done in this anime. My favorite would be Shu and Inori. I tough Shu would be one of those annoying, weak and whiny male leads fully depending on the girl (ex: Yukkitero and Ghanta). But he becomes a worthy character, able to kick ass on his own, protect his friends and save Inori. Inori changes too, she becomes more emotional, and you can't help but feel attached to her. Other character developments I enjoyed were Yashiro and Daryl. While other characters started out well but started to piss me off (Arisa, Gai). Also, there were bipolar charactes that were bad once and become kind of good, but tured bad again and so forth. You would not really know whom is on who's side anymore. There were good characters who deserved much more screen time and have their story better explained. Other characters were just thrown out there, they were not given much screen time before but became important at one point and it was as if we had to feel bad for them or cheer them on.

Animation: simply amazing! So clean and detailed! The character design was interesting and beautiful. The scenes with the Void or the giant robot fight was nicely animated. The art is really flawless and impressive. The action scenes were well done, and you can really see the progress of modern animation and technology.

Sound: another big plus of this anime. The first opening and ending were amazing. The second, however, weren't as impressive. I saw no reason to changing opening and ending half was though a 22 episode anime. Because of that it's 9. The ost are very fitting according to the mood of the scene which makes it even more alive and emotional. Inori's songs were AMAZING, her voice is magical. Listening them in the end of the anime made me cry.

Overall: it was a good anime. However, I forced my self too watch it. I almost dropped it of boredom and confusion. I'm happy that I forced myself because in the end I enjoyed it. So if you get bored, I advise you to push yourself until the good part comes. If your in a mood for a romance tragedy this an anime to watch. In my personal taste this anime is good to watch when you feel like watching a tragic, dark romance anime. However it was just the type to pass time by. It didn't drag me in where I could not stop watching it. I'm more in to shonen, action, friendship, happy ending, comedy with a lesson on the end of an episode (ex: bleach, fairy tail, blue exorcist, sould eater). This anime is compared to Mirai Nikki and recommended by FD viewers, because they are in some ways similar. I enjoyed FD a lot, but GC wasn't much compared to it despite some similarities. Personally I would not re-watch it. If you really wanna watch prepare a tissue box because it's depressing.

This epic and emotional scene in the last episode is what made this episode so good.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall

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