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I want me Ember they had a great great time it may know bad passport he called me last week in gold all by the way I had got about the little year cholesterol well a lot worse is that Amy okay so remember the old a workout partner morrow you know or star yeah star well you know you’re you couldn’t help Safer Colon help change that Corey by your response could be all eat more tomorrow or the all sit on the couch tomorrow yeah it’s worry about your team the people in your corner that you know if you get into the Debating Society get into that debate in your head whether you know what you want to do what you're going to do right now what yougonna do tomorrow you to lose that debate almost every time but if you had lovely the right coach in your corner your chances go up exponentially and you know that is really what romance story is just yelling out is I can't do this alone so for everyone out there that struggling to do it alone stop doing it alone and it doesn’t matter if you're a former pro football player or a house mother or wherever you're at with your way and if you’re not happy you don't have to struggle alone so you down for G to go.

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